Why Australia Post? Compare the best shipping companies in Australia


Choosing the right shipping company for your Australia-based eCommerce business is a very important decision to make. Obviously using one that is dependable, cost-effective and provides fast service can definitely have a large impact on your company’s success. Providing a smooth delivery experience to your customers is crucial to maintaining your business’s reputation and ensuring returning customers. To take the worry off your mind it is a good idea to do your research before choosing the right shipping company fit for your business’s needs.

When deciding on which shipper best suits your needs there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  • It is a good idea to consider who your typical customer is and how quickly they may expect the product. What would they be willing to pay for shipping?
  • Keep in mind the average distance you may be shipping to and how many items you most likely will be shipping out on a monthly-basis.
  • Also, give thought to the size, weight and cost of your product as well as checking out the shipping options provided by your competitors.

With these in mind, let’s take a look at the top shipping companies here in Australia and what they have to offer that may provide your eCommerce business with a competitive advantage.

Mypost offer

Australia Post

Australia Post has certainly done their research in order to keep up with modern eCommerce business needs. This is why they are the leading shipping company in Australia. 

With Australia Post, the more parcels you send, the more you will save on shipping. You can save up to 40% on domestic parcels and up to 35% on international shipments. Every Saturday, they calculate your weekly volume based on how many parcels you have sent in the past 8 weeks or 12 months. You choose the duration depending on which gives you the best discount. Every package you send counts towards your sending volume. Your volume will decide the amount you save. 

Another great advantage is that you are able to print off your own shipping labels and send from any of the 4000 post offices and 15000 street boxes or book a pickup. 

You can speed up label generation and shipping with Australia Post through the use of a shipping app or Australia Post plugin integrated through your eCommerce platform. Live tracking as well as real-time shipping rates are also available through the APIs provided by Australia Post, which can be implemented by a developer or through PluginHive’s shipping services.


Is Australia Post the best shipping company in Australia?

Australia Post is considered the top shipping provider in Australia because of their ability to reliably ship domestically and internationally. It’s the security you’d expect from the official mail courier of Australia. Because they reach every residential home and business on a daily basis, they can keep up with demand and offer the fastest delivery times for the lowest costs. Chances are that you will find a delivery option that works with your business and customer needs. 

In case you’re still not fully convinced, there are other options available that provide their own features. Many of these other carriers offer services that are equal to those of Austraila Post. 

DHL vs Australia Post

DHL also offers savings for the volume of parcels you are sending out. Their friendly customer service agents will help you to figure out what those savings can be when you sign up for an account with DHL. A free pickup service is offered instead of needing to drop off shipments at one of their locations. 

If you will be doing a lot of shipping with DHL, they provide quick delivery to 220 countries around the world. Your customers can also use their “On Demand Delivery” service so that they can choose when and where their package is delivered. This service can make deliveries more convenient and worry free for your customers. 

FedEx vs Australia Post

FedEx offers discounts for the amount of shipping you do. They actually offer a rewards program in which you earn points from every package you send. You are able to use these points towards discounts for future shipments. Discounts can be up to 70% and the points are good to use for 18 months. They also offer a service so that your customers can choose where and when their package will be delivered. Like DHL, they offer cost-effective services to most of the world for those who will be doing more shipping with FedEx.

Australia Post, DHL, and FedEx are the top three shipping companies in Australia. However, there are other options available that can still be integrated into your eCommerce platform using the plugins and developer expertise of PluginHive. And, if you choose to offer multi-carrier options to your customers, this can be easily done.

Couriersplease vs Australia Post

Couriersplease is a fully-owned subsidiary of Singapore Post, one of the top eCommerce logistics firms in Asia Pacific. They’ve continued to grow in their offerings and services to its Australian customers. Couriersplease are adding more flexible delivery options to its customers. They continue to grow as a choice delivery service for online shoppers, which makes them a possible contender. However, Australia Post still takes the cake. 

Other shipping carriers such as Startrack, Sendle, Aramex Australia (formerly known as Fastway Couriers), TNT Express and Toll Ipec all have their own rates and eCommerce business offerings that could be of interest to offer your customers. Many have cheap shipping rates and the promise of a quicker delivery. The element of trust and dependability that comes with Australia Post, however, is what makes it the top choice for most Australian businesses.

Interested in finding out how PluginHive can integrate Australia Post shipping services right into your Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or other commerce-based web platforms? Reach out for a conversation with our customer support team.