Best Shopify Apps in 2021

Best Shopify Apps

As one of the best platforms for e-commerce, Shopify has created a place for anyone to sell online. It is a ready-to-use platform and provides most of the features within it. However, if you want your shop to stand out and provide the best customer experience, you will have to make use of the best Shopify apps that provide more features than what the default Shopify setup provides.

We’ve done research on the best Shopify Apps based on the most important features required for a Shopify store. Here are the categories that we have considered to list the Best Shopify Apps.

So, let’s get into the categories one by one and explore the best Shopify apps in each category!

Best Shopify Apps to Handle Store Design

In this section, we’ve put together a list of apps that will help you customize your Shopify store. These are the apps that improve your visitor’s experience and thereby optimizing the conversion rate. You can create and edit different pages, customize your product images and make your store look more professional.

PageFly Advanced Page Builder: Build a landing page, product page, blog, FAQ page & Funnel


PageFly is a page builder app with a drag-and-drop system designed for conversion rate optimization of your store. With this app, you can build a home page, product page, landing page, about us page, contact us page, and other pages.

You will get 50 ready-to-use Shopify templates and this app can solve the problem with conversion rate optimization (CRO) by allowing you to customize your Shopify store.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: Free – $29.99/month

Photo Resize: Automatically resize and replace all your product photos


Photo Resize app by Pixc will automatically resize and replace all of your product photos to the perfect square ratio. You don’t have to manually go to each product image and resize it. 

This way everything is consistent on your website and will give your website a professional look. The app will detect newly uploaded images and update them as well.

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $19.99/month Reviews & UGCs: Collect product reviews, site reviews, photos/video, and Q&A

The Reviews & UGCs app is built specifically for Shopify retailers of all sizes. With the app, you can build trust by collecting and using multiple user-generated content like product reviews, photo & video reviews, community questions & answers, Checkout reviews, etc. 

You can import and collect reviews from Facebook, FB Messenger, AliExpress, Etsy, Amazon, etc and the app has partnerships with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other major apps. Indirectly, the app also helps in increasing sales and conversion.

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $199/month

Best Apps to Automate Shopify Shipping and Tracking

The nature of online shopping is such that a small unpleasant experience can make the visitor abandon your store. One of the most crucial processes of an online store is order fulfillment. Although Shopify handles the basic shipping and tracking process, there are many other features that cannot be handled in Shopify. 

Here are some apps that can help you with such features and also automate the Shopify shipping and tracking process.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Label: Live Shipping Rates, Bulk Label Printing & Order Tracking


Multi Carrier Shipping Label app is an end-to-end Shopify shipping solution. The app will integrate with multiple carriers and completely automate the order fulfillment process. You can display real-time shipping rates from multiple carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc at the checkout page.

The app also helps you print shipping labels for all your orders in bulk, schedule pickup for multiple orders, and provide shipment tracking details to your customers via email.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: $9/month – $99/month

Shipment Tracking & Notify: Live Tracking Email Notifications & Tracking Lookup Page


Shopify Shipment Tracking and Notify app acts as a complete tracking solution for your store. Using the app, you can;

  • Automatically send email notifications to your customers, every time there is a change in the tracking status.
  • Make order tracking a part of your online store with an integrated Tracking Lookup Page, resulting in more customer engagement.
  • Get live tracking updates on the Tracking Dashboard and monitor all your shipments from various integrated carriers.

Free Trial: Yes, 7 days
Pricing: $9/month – $99/month

FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking: Live FedEx Shipping Rates, Batch Label Printing & Order Tracking


FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app allows you to completely automate FedEx shipping for your Shopify store. The app helps you to;

  • Display real-time FedEx shipping rates on your Shopify Checkout page
  • Print FedEx shipping labels and schedule pickup from within Shopify
  • Identify boxes to pack the items automatically
  • Handle FedEx Tracking

The app automatically classifies the address entered by the customer as Residential or Commercial and displays the FedEx rates accordingly.

Free Trial: Yes, 15 days
Pricing: $19/month

Australia Post Rates & Labels: Live Australia Post Shipping Rates, Batch Label Printing & Order Tracking


Australia Post Rates & Labels app allows you to completely automate Australia Post shipping for your Shopify store. The app helps you to;

  • Display real-time Australia Post shipping rates on your Shopify Checkout page
  • Print Australia Post shipping labels and schedule pickup from within Shopify
  • Handle Australia Post Tracking

Free Trial: Yes, 15 days
Pricing: $19/month

Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales and Conversion

Wouldn’t it be great when the traffic to your store is increasing month-to-month and your sales projections look really good? To achieve this it is really important to ensure that your target audience knows about your store. 

So, here we show you a few Shopify apps that can help you do that. Along with spreading awareness about your store, these Shopify apps will help you gain your visitors’ attention and improve sales and conversion.

Referral Candy: Track customer referrals and payout rewards automatically


Reward your customers for sharing your store with their friends with Referral Candy. You have full control of the referral reward program. Also, you can choose cash rewards, coupon codes, or a special gift.

Referral Candy also integrates with popular tools like MailChimp, ReCharge, Bold, etc., which helps you to generate more referrals.

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days
Pricing: $49/month

Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews: Collect product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews & ratings


Yotpo helps to collect and showcase reviews, photos, and Q&A your homepage, product pages, at checkout, and on your social channels to build buyer trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion. You can drive traffic by displaying ratings in organic search results and Google Ads as well.

Yotpo has official partnerships with Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and other tools like MailChimp,, Zendesk, etc.,

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free (External charges applicable to the premium plan)

FREE Traffic & Easy Ads by sixads: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads that sell faster & FREE ads


Have you ever tried to create ads on social media and lost your will to live? Well, your suffering is over. sixads is a Shopify app that helps you boost sales and traffic to your shop by running optimized ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. To run ads with Sixads, you don’t have to have any experience. The app optimizes your ads to reach the audience that is most likely to buy your product and increases your store’s profit. 

The setup is very easy and only takes around two minutes. All you have to do is choose products you want to advertise and approve ad content!

Free Trial: No, but a forever free plan is available.
Pricing: FREE to $89.99/mo.

Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, +: Grow sales with loyalty, reviews, rewards, wishlist


Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, + by Growave helps to reach your audience, engage users, build customer loyalty and increase conversions with ease. With the app, you get reviews, loyalty & rewards, wishlist, and many other products.

The app helps you build strong customer relationships using branded rewards & loyalty programs and reviews.

Free Trial: Yes, 30 days
Pricing: Free plan available

Findify Search & Discovery: Sell more with A.I. – Search, Recommendations & Collections


Findify personalizes the product experience to dramatically increase sales. The powerful AI engine puts the products shoppers are most likely to buy – right in front of them – when they search, browse collections, and act on product recommendations. 

Findify works just like a Personal Shopper, quickly analyzing each individual shopper and recommending products that shoppers are most likely to buy. Findify’s artificial intelligence learns from each shopper’s individual behavior and adjusts and targets them with the products they are most likely to buy. 

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Price: From $499/month (Enterprise plans available)

Smart Search & Instant Search: Smart Search, Auto Filter, Cross & Upsells to boost conversion


Smart Search & Instant Search app by Searchanise is a multilingual search app for local brands and cross-border sales that supports multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, etc.,

As your customer types in the search box, the app shows relevant products, categories, and pages in a single widget. The app is designed in such a way that it knows all the popular search queries and remembers your search history and uses this information to guess what you’re looking for and suggest the right thing.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: Free – $9/month (Advanced Plans available)

Best Shopify Apps for Marketing Automation

One of the best ways to drive more sales on your Shopify store is to spend more time on marketing. Marketing is essential for growing your business and keeping yourself in the competition. There are a wide variety of ways in which you can handle Marketing. 

You can use these apps to help guide your store in the right direction and handle the marketing automation in the best possible way.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty: Build loyalty with points, referrals, & retention marketing


A loyalty program gives you an easy way to motivate customer engagement which increases the chance of them becoming a true follower of yours. So, to boost this, the Smile: Rewards & Loyalty app offers three types of rewards programs:

  • Loyalty points program
  • Referral program
  • VIP program

These programs increase branded rewards experience that drives repeat purchases and customer engagement.

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $599/month

Omnisend Email Marketing: Top rated email marketing app with SMS, messengers, push


Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that connects your Shopify business with potential and existing customers across multiple channels: email, SMS, Facebook, Google, and others. The app reduces the manual work pain by fully automating emails and SMS messages that help you to win more customers and sell more.

Omnisend integrates with Shopify in a single-click, and automatically imports the products as well.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: Free – $16/month

Reveal: Customer Data Platform: Learn what your customers care about. At scale

Reveal app

Reveal by Omniconvert is a customer data platform that can analyze customer behavior according to different channels. Reveal’s purpose is to help you as an eCommerce to fully understand how to acquire, retain, and delight your customers while reducing CAC and increasing customer lifetime value.

Reveal focuses on 3 main features that reflect:
1. The retention of more valuable customers through an advanced buying behavior segmentation (RFM) of the customer database.
2. The optimization of channel spend by customizing your most valuable customers’ experience across ads, email or on-site using the integration with Klaviyo, for example.
3. The monitoring of the customer’s voice through Net Promoter Score pre and post-delivery surveys.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial
GROW plan:$99/month
SCALE plan: $299/month

SMSBump SMS + MMS Marketing: Fully Compliant Text Marketing, SMS Marketing Flows, Chat, A/B Testing


SMSBump is a text marketing automation app that helps you collect subscribers, segment them, send targeted campaigns, and build custom flows. You can recover lost sales with Abandoned Cart Reminders, reactivate customers with Win-Back Flows, and gain new subscribers with powerful popups and branded SMS keywords. The app also lets customers respond to messages through chat, opening doors to conversational commerce and achieving long-term brand loyalty.

Integrates with major Shopify apps such as ReCharge, PushOwl,, Gorgias, and more.

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $59.99/month

SmartrMail Email Marketing: Easiest email marketing app


SmartrMail is an email marketing app for small-to-medium merchants specifically designed to get you more sales. You can instantly add products to your emails, send an email to your customers based on past purchases, and instantly know how much revenue SmartrMail is driving to your store.

Also, you can fully customize the templates according to your requirements. 

Free Trial: Yes, 15 days
Pricing: Free – $99/month

Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk: Beautiful Exit Popups, Cart Recovery Popup, Upsell Pop up


OptiMonk is a conversion optimization tool trusted by thousands of Shopify stores. It helps you to delight your visitors and personalize their experiences while growing your sales. 

You can launch popups, side messages, and notification bars in minutes, without coding. Whether you want to grow your email list, recover abandoned carts, upsell products with personalized recommendations, or promote special offers, OptiMonk makes it easy.

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $199/month

Best Shopify Apps to Handle Security and Trust

Shopify helps its merchants to provide a secure shopping experience for their customers by keeping their security systems up to date. If you’re a Shopify merchant with a decent business, it’s extremely important to consider the security of your online store. The risks of neglecting the security of your store could directly affect your business which will, in return, hit the trust factor.

So, let’s see the top security apps to help you boost trust, loyalty, and keep your products and your customers’ data safe.

TrustedSite: Build trust and increase conversions, Includes McAfee Secure


The TrustedSite certification assures that your customers can trust your site and your business. You have to pass the security tests from the app to display the TrustedSite Trustmark, which lets visitors know your site secure. The test begins by checking your site for security issues and verifying key contact information.

Once you’ve passed the security test, your site begins displaying the TrustedSite floating Trustmark for up to 500 visits per month in the free plan. With the Pro plans, you can select the visitor limit. 

Free Trial: No, but the 30-day money-back guarantee available on Pro-plans
Pricing: Free – $125/month

Rewind Backups: Automatic, secure backups for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores


Rewind Backups app provides the easiest way to backup your Shopify store and undoes unwanted changes. The app will backup your store every day and send you a weekly summary email.

Rewind app backs up almost every important piece of data. This includes products and product images, orders, collections, inventory, blogs and blog posts, pages, theme files, and much more. Also, you can Rewind an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store.

Free Trial: Yes, 7 days
Pricing: Free – $299/month

Shopify Apps to Provide Best Customer Experience

Having great customer service is a big advantage to your Shopify business since increases your brand value and thereby boosts sales. How good your brand image would be if your customers shop from your store and they come back since the service you provided was so good? 

So, here are the Shopify apps to provide the best customer experience and increase sales. 

Weglot Translate: Translation

The Weglot Translate app allows you to add multiple languages to your store instantly.

Weglot detects, translates, and displays the content of your store under language subdomains, giving you a fully translated store that’s multilingual SEO optimized.

Some of the key features of the app include a simple & fast installation with a no-code solution, automatic and human translations, access to professional translators, automatically added language switcher, and multilingual SEO optimizations.

Apart from this, the app is compatible with all Shopify themes and apps.

Free trial: Yes, 10-days
Pricing: From €9.90 a month

Octane AI for Messenger & SMS: Facebook Messenger + SMS Sales, Marketing Automation & Support


Octane AI is a Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing and retargeting platform that integrates with Shopify to support all types of businesses. You can run and schedule marketing campaigns with push notifications, broadcast messages, Messenger ads, etc.

The app is integrated with Yotpo, Privy, ReCharge,, and more.

You can automatically answer customer questions by training your bot to reply to up to 99% of customer support questions over Messenger and use AI to improve responses over time.

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: $9 – $209/month

Tidio Live Chat: Live chat boosted with Chatbots and Marketing Automation


Tidio Live Chat helps to increase your customer satisfaction and boost sales. It merges live chat, bots, and marketing automation. The bots automatically reply to 43% of the most popular inquiries. After registering, you’ll be able to add bots that will check product availability, inform about delivery status, and also give the estimated delivery time. 

Using the Abandoned Cart Bot, you can ask the customers, the reasons for not going through with a purchase. You can also offer them discounts and save as much as 60% of the transactions. 

Free Trial: No
Pricing: Free – $15/month (with additional charges)


So that’s it! This ends our list of the best Shopify apps for your store. I hope this list would help you choose the right apps in each of these categories. But, it is important that you continue working on Store Design, Sales, Marketing, Security, Shipping, and Customer Experience to make your online store successful.

Did we miss something? Drop a comment below if we missed any of the great apps that help merchants improve the Shopify store.

Good luck! 🙂

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