Best Shopify Shipping Apps Certified By Australia Post


Shopify is the best and most popular eCommerce platform in the world and continues to grow in the number of businesses benefiting from their many features and tools each day. In fact, over 500,000 global businesses trust Shopify. One of the major reasons for this is the seemingly unended availability of apps that businesses can optimize within their website to provide the best experience to their customers and employees. 

Australia Post is probably the best shipping carrier to integrate into your Australian-based eCommerce business. We show you why and compare Australia Post to other top carriers in Australia in our recent article. Many Shopify apps offer tools and integrations that make shipping with Australia Post even easier. You can streamline the entire buying and shipping process by making use of even one as part of your Shopify website. 

We’ve gathered some excellent information on the top and best apps which have been certified by Australia Post: 

PluginHive’s Australia Post Rates & Labels App

Unlike many of PluginHive’s competitors, the Australia Post Rates & Labels app is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify. This app provides you with real-time shipping rates at checkout so your customers can decide which one to use within their budget. From there, you can automatically generate and print shipping labels and provide customers with live delivery tracking information every step of the way. The entire Shopify shipping process becomes completely automated with PluginHive.

You can also schedule pick up simply through the app. You save time and money because everything is reachable right from your store dashboard.


Starting at $9 a month, ShipStation is a popular app on Shopify for comparing real-time costs and delivery times for all your chosen carriers in one place. You also receive a branded tracking page that customers can view at any time to get an update on their orders. 


Easyship is free to install, however, you can end up paying quite a bit in other charges. Like those mentioned elsewhere in this article, Easyship provides a dashboard that allows you to use and offer multiple shipping options to your customers. It also comes with a label printing option as well as free tracking for all shipments. 


Shippo provides the option to choose from multi-carriers for your eCommerce business. While others offer more than 200 options, Shippo says they provide the options for 85+ different shipping companies. If you’re only using Australia Post, you won’t need to worry. You can also sync your orders with your Shopify account to make the shipping process even easier. It’s free to install but extra fees will apply. 

MyPost Shipping from Australia Post

The official Shopify app for Australia Post, MyPost, offers a 7-day free trial and then $9.99 per month afterwards. You can process all of your Australia Post orders right from the app instead of needing to copy and paste the information. You can Pay and Print your MyPost labels right from the app as well, as well as book pickups. If you’re choosing to go with Australia Post as your only choice for shipping domestically and internationally, MyPost is a great option. It’s also great as your major shipment company while utilizing a multi-carrier app for international shipping. 

If you are planning on mostly using Australia Post, you may also benefit from integrating Australia Post eParcel Rates into your Shopify website as well. The app allows customers to see calculated Australia Post shipping rates right from checkout. It will also automatically tell customers if their addresses aren’t inputted correctly, saving your business time on fixing errors later. 

Shopify offers so many other Australia Post certified apps and plugins that make eCommerce a streamlined dream. Other options that you may want to consider if the above aren’t within your price range or you don’t require the same amount of customer service could be Starshipit, Postmen, Shippit Connect, ShipperHQ, ReadytoShip, ShipandCo, and more.

Why should you choose PluginHive’s Australia Post Rates & Labels app for your Shopify store?

Works Within Shopify Dashboard

The Australia Post Rates & Label app is designed to work within Shopify seamlessly. Merchants get complete control over the whole shipping process without logging into multiple websites or using multiple tabs for different tasks. Your customers are satisfied because they can choose what shipping service they want and get real-time tracking and shipment information before purchasing. 

The best part about using PluginHive’s Australia Post Rates & Labels app with Shopify

You can integrate Australia Post with Shopify to completely automate the order fulfilment process including displaying Australia Post rates at checkout, printing Australia Post shipping labels in bulk from the merchant dashboard, and automatically fulfil the Shopify orders along with Australia Post tracking number. The most affordable shipping solution price starts at only $9 per month, 14 days free trial, and No External charges at all. Instead, any charges will appear on your Shopify invoice. It’s simple and completely transparent. 

Interested in finding out how PluginHive can integrate Australia Post shipping services right into your Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or other commerce-based web platforms? Reach out for a conversation with our customer support team.