7 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins in 2024


With this article, we’ll talk about the 7 best WordPress eCommerce plugins for the year 2023 and find out the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your online business. Building an e-commerce website is a delight nowadays. With website maker tools like WordPress, Shopify, and BigCommerce, you can easily plant the seed for your online store and watch it grow. However, for a very long time, WordPress seems to have taken the lead for many obvious reasons. So, it makes sense to know why WordPress has turned out to be the first choice for many new business owners.

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins in 2023

Finding the right WordPress eCommerce plugin for your WordPress website might seem like a tough job but that’s not true. Here are some of the leading WordPress eCommerce plugins in the market that could make the best e-commerce store for your business.

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  1. WooCommerce
  2. Flycart
  3. WebToffee
  4. Easy Digital Downloads
  5. WPLoyalty
  6. WooCommerce Fast Cart 
  7. WooLentor
  8. WP eCommerce
  9. BigCommerce
  10. Jigoshop
  11. Whols
  12. Ecwid E-commerce Shopping Cart
  13. WP EasyCart Shopping Cart
  14. Exclusive Addons
  15. ProductX – WooCommerce Blocks and Builder
  16. SureCart

What’s changing for WordPress eCommerce in 2020?

Lately, SaaS models or SaaS development companies have been working hard to keep up with WordPress’s simplicity and performance, but sadly are in no way close. With WordPress, you can install any e-commerce plugin and turn your WordPress site into a fully functional online store. This very nature makes WordPress so desirable and honestly, nothing beats it. By looking at this trend, it’s apparent that a good WordPress eCommerce plugin can help you create the best online store. So it’s important to know what features make an eCommerce plugin successful and how to choose one. Read along, compare, and find the one that suits you the best.

1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce, without a hint of doubt, tops this list. It is definitely the most popular eCommerce solution even outside of the WordPress ecosystem and for obvious reasons. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that converts your WordPress website into a functional eCommerce website.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce was created as an addition to Jigoshop back in 2011. But it was later acquired by Automattic, one of the core contributors of WordPress, in the year 2015. After the change in ownership, WooCommerce has grown drastically and still continues to win new customers every day. Although WooCommerce is free, there’s no cap on its extensibility. Meaning it will easily support unlimited products, visitors, pages, posts, etc., as long as your web hosting can handle it.

What makes WooCommerce special?

The best thing about WooCommerce is that you can expand its features by installing plugins. There are many premium themes for WordPress that will help you set up a beautiful Shopping Cart and Product Page. You could also install some feature-specific plugins to improve your store’s functionality.  For example, WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments will help you set up bookings and manage appointments on your website. It goes for $99, which is much cheaper than the one offered by WooCommerce at $249. There are many other application-specific plugins like Shipping plugins. WooCommerce FedEx,WooCommerce UPS and WooCommerce Table Rate plugins are a few top plugins in the market. You may check out other WooCommerce Shipping Plugins from the list and expand your store.

Benefits of using WooCommerce

  • Store owners do not have to spend any money in order to own WooCommerce. Most of the themes and plugins offered by WooCommerce are Free or at the least come with a Free version. This shows that WooCommerce is an economical way to start an online shop.
  • Since this plugin is owned by Automattic, one of the core WordPress authors, you can expect almost no issues with it. It also means that you’re going to get regular updates and everything will be taken care of. Probably one of the many reasons why this plugin is quite popular. There are many other big plugin authors like PluginHive, who offer such a level of update facilities and provide top-notch premium support to the customers.
  • There are hundreds of themes available that are specifically designed keeping WooCommerce in mind. This means that you won’t be troubled by any type of integration issues.

You can start your online store with WooCommerce by checking out our Ultimate WooCommerce Tutorial for Beginners.

2. Flycart


Flycart is an amazing platform that provides a wide range of plugins to improve your WooCommerce store. These plugins are designed to simplify e-commerce operations and help businesses achieve impressive results. With Flycart’s plugins, online stores can unlock new opportunities and possibilities. 

What is Flycart?

Flycart is an all-in-all software solution for WordPress. With a focus on WooCommerce, Flycart provides plugins like Discount Rules for WooCommerce, Email Customizer for WooCommerce, and Post Purchase Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce. These plugins are designed to enhance the functionality and performance of online stores. In addition to its plugins, Flycart provides comprehensive documentation and support resources to assist businesses in effectively utilizing their software solutions. Their documentation covers various aspects of their plugins, providing step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and problem-solving guides. This ensures that WooCommerce stores can easily benefit from the full potential of Flycart’s offerings.

What makes Flycart special?

Flycart values customer satisfaction as a top priority. They make an exceptional effort to ensure that WooCommerce stores using their software solutions have all the support they need. They provide extensive documentation, easy-to-follow tutorials, and dedicated support channels to assist businesses in making the most of their products. If businesses encounter any issues or need guidance, Flycart’s customer support team is always ready to provide prompt assistance.

Flycart understands the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving e-commerce industry. They actively keep up with the latest trends and technologies to ensure their offerings remain up-to-date and relevant. By regularly releasing updates and improvements to their plugins, Flycart ensures that businesses have access to all the features that can help them stay competitive and succeed in the ever-changing online marketplace.

Benefits of Flycart

Flycart comes up with a number of plugins to benefit you. 

  • With the “Discount Rules for WooCommerce” plugin, online stores can easily create and implement 100+ discount rules. This enables them to attract customers with interesting offers and promotions, thereby increasing sales and customer loyalty.
  • The “Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce” plugin empowers stores to customize and send visually appealing WooCommerce emails. This helps online stores to deliver customers a personalized and professional communication experience, reinforcing their brand identity and improving customer engagement.
  • The “Post Purchase Upsell and Order Bump for WooCommerce” plugin enables stores to showcase additional upsell products on the checkout page. By strategically offering complementary or upgraded items to customers, you can boost the average order value of customers’ purchases, leading to increased revenue and profitability.
  • WooCommerce stores can create an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. Personalized discounts, visually appealing emails, and relevant upsell suggestions enhance customer satisfaction, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. WebToffee


WebToffee is a complete eCommerce solution provider trusted by over 1.5 million website builders across the globe. Initially, they started building WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and later expanded their solutions to Shopify platforms. You can find more than 25+ plugins in their marketplace. WebToffee primarily thinks from the perspective of eCommerce store builders and creates products that help them build a fully-fledged online store without any hassle.

What makes WebToffee so special?

WebToffee provides over 10 free plugins that support major eCommerce functionalities. The best part is that these free plugins come with optional paid commercial upgrades and support for WordPress. You may find multiple plugins like the WooCommerce PDF invoice generator, smart coupons for WooCommerce, cookie consent plugin, payment gateway plugin for PayPal or Stripe, WooCommerce product import and export plugin, product feed for WooCommerce, related products for WooCommerce, and much more. For Shopify, WebToffee has two distinct products on the App Store, such as StoreRobo product import and export and StoreFrog product recommendation. WebToffee has been recognized for its quality products, and they are on track to build more products that help store owners launch online stores effortlessly. In WebToffee, you’ll find everything you need to improve your store’s functionality and take your eCommerce store to the next level with ease.

Benefits of using WebToffee

  • You can get access to all the top necessary eCommerce functionality plugins in one place. WebToffee offers both free and premium plugins. These plugins are easy to use, cost-effective, and reliable for your online store. They also built plugins for specific functionality like product import and export for WooCommerce, WooCommerce address labels, QR code add-ons for WooCommerce PDF invoices, etc.
  • If you want to create a GDPR cookie banner, offer advanced discounts, set up PDF invoices, customize invoices, request a quote, recommend products, highlight best-selling products, configure a payment gateway, import or export products, or more, WebToffee offers simplified solutions to build robust eCommerce businesses.
  • WebToffee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all premium products. They have tested all their products on the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions, which allow you to configure and run the required site functionality smoothly.
  • WebToffee also provides bundle offers for premium products that compile multiple crucial plugins based on categories. This will save you time and money.

4. Easy Digital Downloads


As the name suggests, this eCommerce plugin is simple to use and is quite intuitive when it comes to managing and selling items. Almost all users who use Easy Digital Downloads(EDD), use it for selling digital items. While you can also digital items and products with plugins like WooCommerce, EDD makes it more personal. And you should seriously consider EDD if you only sell items like eBooks, PDF files, video files, and other digital goods.

What are Easy Digital Downloads?

EDD is free to download. This means that you can immediately download it, set up digital goods, set up coupons, set up store pages, and get going. With this plugin, you can easily set up advanced features like file access control and customer activity tracking. You can also install some famous themes and make your product galleries look more appealing to customers. The overall process is simple as well. As soon as someone makes a purchase, the system automatically sends an email containing the download link to the buyer. And just so you know, EDD comes with a built-in Shopping Cart and Checkout Page, so your visitors don’t have to spend much time and can minimize the number of clicks needed.

What makes EDD special?

You have the option to upgrade to a yearly subscription. The price starts as low as $199/year and goes all the way up to $899/year for complete access. The yearly plan bundles customer support, site licenses, and regular updates. To help you start and get going, you’ll also receive a few extensions for email marketing and payment gateways. You can obviously download other extensions. MailChimp, for example, can be installed for just $49, while there are other free add-ons in the library waiting for you.

Benefits of using EDD

  • As mentioned before, EDD works great with digital downloads and thus, should not be used to sell physical products. It also comes with features that support advanced solutions that’ll help you sell eBooks, music, documents, videos, and other similar items.
  • You can explore the Extension Library in order to find the right add-on(s) for your online store. There are some amazing add-ons that allow you to create a more advanced digital shop. Allowing you to set up things like frontend submissions for digital items and including software licensing to digital products.
  • You can also include some great payment gateways that will make the day easy for your buyers.
  • Since the main plugin(EDD) is free of cost, small business owners, YouTubers, artists, etc., will have no trouble installing, implementing, and generating revenue.
  • Also, advanced users and developers will love this plugin as they have access to the REST API. So say welcome to easier website customizations.

5. WPLoyalty


Looking to transform your E-commerce store into a customer favorite? WPLoyalty – a WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin is your go-to solution! This powerful plugin makes it a breeze to set up and manage a loyalty program, rewarding your customers for their purchases, referrals, and more. And the best part? You don’t need any coding skills to get started. 

What is WPLoyalty?

WPLoyalty is an all-in-one WooCommerce Loyalty Program plugin designed to help you build a strong, rewarding loyalty program within your online store.

With WPLoyalty, you can easily create loyalty programs for various customer actions like purchases, referrals, sign-ups, product reviews, customer birthdays, social shares, achievements, and much more. Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, WPLoyalty fits your needs perfectly.

What makes WPLoyalty so special?

WPLoyalty offers a unique blend of features, ease of use, and adaptability that sets it apart as the go-to solution for loyalty programs.  Moreover, WPLoyalty offers flexible reward options like, 

  • Loyalty points
  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Free product
  • Free shipping

The plugin also integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your customers.

WPLoyalty is also an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. With its tiered pricing structure, you can start with the basics and scale up as your business grows and your loyalty program needs become more complex. 

Benefits of using WPLoyalty

  • WPLoyalty is built with user experience in mind. Its intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor your loyalty program’s performance, track customer engagement, and adjust your rewards and points system as needed. 
  • Another standout benefit of using WPLoyalty is its customization capabilities. You can tailor your loyalty program to match your brand’s unique style and voice.
  • In addition to its powerful features, WPLoyalty offers exceptional support. Whether you need help getting started, troubleshooting issues, or optimizing your loyalty program, the WPLoyalty support team is there to assist you every step of the way.

6. WooCommerce Fast Cart 

woocommerce fast cart plugin

Barn2 Plugins’ WooCommerce Fast Cart is a sleek, powerful plugin that gives your WooCommerce online stores a leg up over the competition. The plugin is designed to improve your customers’ UX, boosting revenue and sales by making it much easier to add products to a cart or go to check out from any page on the site.

What is WooCommerce Fast Cart?

WooCommerce Fast Cart is a premium instant WooCommerce popup cart and checkout plugin. Developed by Barn2 Plugins, WooCommerce Fast Cart allows customers to buy and check out in one easy step, reducing friction and abandoned carts. Visitors have instant access to their cart or checkout from any page on the store. The plugin can also replace the WooCommerce cart page, checkout page, or both – integrating with your theme to match your store’s brand and design.

What makes WooCommerce Fast Cart special?

The plugin’s core features like mini carts and instant check-outs help drive sales and boost conversion rates, while tons of customization options give you total control. Moreover, the plugin was developed with performance in mind and won’t impact your page load times. On top of that, Barn2 Plugins offers extensive support and a massive Knowledge Base.

The WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin integrates seamlessly with your existing WooCommerce store, from themes to payment gateways and more. It’s also broadly compatible with a range of free and premium themes, as well as many popular WooCommerce plugins.

Benefits of using WooCommerce Fast Cart

  • WooCommerce Fast Cart boosts sales & conversion rates while reducing abandoned carts by making it easier for customers to add products to their carts and check out
  • WooCommerce Fast Cart lets easily feature Related Products in your mini cart, potentially increasing cross-sells, upsells, and average order values
  • WooCommerce Fast Cart works with any WordPress translation plugin like WPML, WeGlot, and TranslatePress, making it easy to translate lead time text for multilingual stores.

7.WooLentor WooCommerce page builder for Elementor and Gutenberg


If you want to take your WooCommerce store up a notch, then the WooLentor plugin will come in handy. You can use it to create stunning pages that are also functional, all without having to write any code. Just drag and drop elements into place using either the Elementor page builder or Gutenberg block editor.

What is WooLentor?

WooLentor is a WooCommerce plugin that provides essential widgets, modules, and ready templates for building a successful online store. Here you can have a huge collection of 105+ Elementor widgets, 54+ Gutenberg blocks, 24 modules, and countless preset page templates. The included modules are quite helpful in enhancing functionality without having to install additional plugins- some of these include Wishlist, Quickview, Shopify style checkout, etc.

What makes WooLentor so special?

The best part about WooLentor is that it has a free version available for anyone who wants to try it out. The free version is all you need if you’re just starting out. The free version includes features such as Wishlist For WooCommerce, Product Compare, Quick View, Shopify Style Checkout, Sales Notification, Backorder For WooCommerce, Product Ajax Add To Cart, and Rename Label. WooLentor’s pro version starts at only $39/year and provides more advanced features such as a Product Filter, Order Bump, WooCommerce Email Automation, WooCommerce Email Customizer, Checkout Field Manager, Pre-Order For WooCommerce, Product Size Chart, Partial Payment, Multi-Step Checkout, GTM Conversion Tracking, and much more. Not to mention, it is easy to use so you can begin selling your products sooner than later.

Benefits of using WooLentor

  • WooLentor makes it easy to customize WooCommerce pages with drag-and-drop simplicity. No need to touch any code!
  • WooLentor comes with everything you need to create beautiful WooCommerce pages. With the WooCommerce Product Listing Builder, WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder, and WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Page Builder, you can easily create stunning WooCommerce pages.
  • WooLentor is available for free and premium versions. You can try out the free version and upgrade to the premium version if you find it necessary. 
  • It provides a wide range of features and options that can help you customize your products, manage your inventory, and track your sales. With so many features in a single plugin, you don’t need to install multiple plugins for additional functionalities. 

8. WP eCommerce


What is WP eCommerce?

Many WordPress users consider WP eCommerce as a good alternative to WooCommerce. One of many reasons is WP eCommerce’s setting process is almost similar to that of WooCommerce. This also means that the plugin is easy to use, which is indeed true. Apart from having a similar installation process, the plugin also comes with an almost similar Dashboard interface and has a similar pricing model.

What makes WP eCommerce special?

So you can download the plugin for free, and later choose to install the paid add-ons if you’d like to expand or add features. WP eCommerce comes with a Gold Cart extension which is sort of like the premium version of the plugin. This premium extension is priced at $99 for a single site, and offers features like premium payment gateways, live search, and comes with a Grid view for your products in your gallery. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to focus on functionality then WP eCommerce is a treat, but only in some cases. For instance, Advanced shipping options are given for free with WP eCommerce, while WooCommerce asks you to pay. On the other hand, the Product review is a feature given for free with WooCommerce but not with WP eCommerce. The customer support by WP eCommerce is simply amazing and you can go further with an extra helping hand along with you. The 30-day access to premium support costs $49, and the yearly cost is $499. It might sound costly, but we can see this as more of a solution for beginners who want support, as opposed to the self-research you’ll have to go through with WooCommerce.

Benefits of using WP eCommerce

  • WP eCommerce is a good replacement for WooCommerce. But if you’re someone who can’t imagine going through the setting process and then WP eCommerce is one for you. The premium customer support, although paid, can be much more helpful than what you would find with WooCommerce.
  • You have the ability to expand your online store with the add-ons that WP eCommerce offers. Many WordPress users and business owners enjoy the flexibility these extensions have to offer. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the add-ons as WP eCommerce comes packed with most features that are necessary for an eCommerce store.
  • If you’re someone who is aware of the WooCommerce environment and how the plugin works, then using WP eCommerce should be difficult to start with.

9. BigCommerce


Some of you might be confused as to why BigCommerce is on this list. It’s true that they have been running their own platform for quite some time now. But BigCommerce has now entered the world of WordPress to expand even further. So what’s in it for you?

What is BigCommerce?

Well since they have been serving customers out of WordPress, they bring in new concepts that people might haven’t been aware of up until now. So if you’re one who has been looking for an eCommerce plugin with a different structure compared to the traditional ones, then you can definitely give it a go.

What makes BigCommerce special?

The main motive of BigCommerce is to bring in famous individuals and companies who have built their businesses on WordPress. Many YouTubers, for example, start small and generally open their websites/blogs on WordPress. But as they start getting bigger and more famous, they usually look out to sell their merchandise online. Cue in BigCommerce! And if you have multiple sites, then you can install BigCommerce on those sites. By doing that, your inventory and sales are managed together and can be managed just from one dashboard. There are many such amazing features offered by BigCommerce and you should definitely check it out if you’re interested.

Benefits of using BigCommerce

  • You will experience one of the best content management systems working along with one of the top standalone eCommerce platforms out there.
  • As some of you may know, BigCommerce works sideways with many payment processing companies. This means that you are going to get much better credit card processing rates, which is always a welcoming treat.
  • Since the eCommerce side of your store is managed by BigCommerce, you don’t have to worry about speed. And with WordPress coming in the front end, you can manage your content better and more effectively. All this means that your website is going to run pretty fast and you will save money on web hosting.
  • What might attract some users there is its ability to run multiple sites without a hitch. So, if you’re one of them you can surely opt for it.

10. Jigoshop eCommerce


Jigoshop is one of the first, and oldest, WordPress eCommerce plugins out there. Back in the year 2011, Jigoshop was the brainchild of a UK-based company called Jigowatt. The idea was to develop an open-source e-solution where WordPress user could turn their blog into an online store. So, you could say that all of the WordPress eCommerce plugins on this list have been inspired by Jigoshop. Quite a bit has happened since its inception, but the most recent years have seen some rebranding and extensive development updates. The Jigoshop eCommerce brand states that it’s now one of the fastest and most modern eCommerce plugins on the market.

What is Jigoshop?

Jigoshop eCommerce is still open source and open for free to the public. This is an advantage for several reasons. One, you get it for free. Two, the development is neverending. There’s a significant community of developers behind the Jigoshop product, consistently releasing new updates and fixing problems. Some modern, stunning themes are provided by Jigoshop eCommerce and third-party developers. These run anywhere from $0 to $50. You’ll also find a large extension store–similar to that of WooCommerce–where some are free and others might cost you a bit. Scrolling through the extension library, you’ll find categories for marketing, networking, payment gateways, shipping, and more. It seems like most of the extensions max out at around $50, but there are exceptions.

What makes Jigoshop special?

As for the feature set, Jigoshop eCommerce supports a wide range of product types like digital products, physical goods, variable products, and simple products. The platform has detailed reports, wonderful styling tools, and an area to manage all of your stock. It’s actually quite intuitive and simpler than what WooCommerce and some of its other descendants have. You might save a little money on extensions with Jigoshop over WooCommerce, but that’s only because the extensions seem to be a little cheaper. Regardless, niche shops generally have to turn to add-on stores. Overall, we’d say that developers and some beginners willing to learn might like Jigoshop eCommerce. It’s a completely revamped product, so you’re going to get some amazing features, but you’re weathering the storm of a transition period. That could mean you run into some glaring problems. The user ratings are mixed, but I can see some people loving the themes and the interface–not to mention, it’s supposed to be rather fast.

Benefits of using BigCommerce

  • Jigoshop eCommerce has been around for a long time. It started the wave of WordPress eCommerce plugins, so there’s something to be said about that. The older plugin has been completely replaced by a cleaner, faster version, which is definitely worth at least checking out.
  • The theme store offers affordable, beautiful templates for many industries and businesses.
  • Most of the Jigoshop eCommerce extensions seem to be cheaper than what you would have to pay with WooCommerce.
  • Although you can’t get direct support for free, there’s an active forum for chatting with moderators and users. You can also pay for premium support, it starts at $40 for support through email. This pricing goes up to $800+ but you receive full website management.

11. Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin


Take your wholesale store to the next level with the Whols Plugin – an effortless way of managing and streamlining your wholesale pricing structure. With this plugin, shop owners can effortlessly manage their wholesale prices as well as make their approval process smoother.

What is Whols?

Whols is an exceptional WooCommerce plugin that allows store owners to set wholesale prices for their online products. It provides the ability to display special wholesale prices to wholesalers, streamlining the process for both consumers and wholesalers. With Whols, you can manage both consumer and wholesale customers from a single store, eliminating the need for multiple-store setups. 

The plugin also offers a simple registration form for wholesalers, making it convenient for them to request wholesale status. Store owners can easily review and approve these requests, either manually or automatically. Whols simplifies the management of wholesale pricing and enhances the overall user experience.

What makes Whols so special?

Whols Plugin stands out for several reasons, making it a special and valuable tool for managing wholesale pricing in your WooCommerce store. With Whols, you can effortlessly assign different pricing to various wholesaler roles, allowing you to attract and cater to a diverse range of clients. 

The Registration Fields Manager offers a reliable solution for customizing your wholesaler registration form, enabling you to tailor it to your specific needs. Additionally, Whols Plugin allows you to redirect users to a designated page after registration, providing a personalized experience and enhancing user satisfaction. Gain precise control over your pricing strategy by setting different prices for products based on different categories. 

Furthermore, it offers the capability to enable or disable free shipping for various Wholesale customer roles.

Benefits of using Whols

  • Simplified Wholesale Pricing: Easily set and manage wholesale prices for products within your WooCommerce store.
  • Customized Wholesaler Experience: Assign different pricing to different wholesaler roles, catering to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Streamlined Registration Process: Customize and manage registration fields for wholesalers, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Access Control: Restrict access to different areas of your website, providing exclusive content and pricing to wholesalers.
  • Category-Based Pricing: Set different pricing for products based on their categories, enabling targeted pricing strategies.
  • Efficient Wholesaler Request Management: Approve or reject wholesale customer requests seamlessly within the plugin.
  • Flexibility in Payment Methods: Control the payment methods available to wholesalers, aligning with your business requirements.
  • Enhanced User Roles Management: Create and manage unlimited user roles, offering greater flexibility in user management.

12. Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart


What is Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart?

The Ecwid eCommerce Shopping cart boasts excellent ratings and a setup that looks like WooCommerce but is actually quite different. One of the main differences is that Ecwid can be used on any website you’d like. If you have a Drupal site, you can use Ecwid to launch an online store. The same goes for Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, and many more. Alternatively, WooCommerce is only a WordPress plugin. It’s a good one, but you’re limited to that one content management system.

What makes Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart special?

You would also argue that Ecwid might end up being less expensive than WooCommerce, and other WordPress eCommerce plugins, because of the simple fact that it sticks to a reasonable monthly payment plan. Not only that, but the core plugin is completely free and you’re getting more built-in features as opposed to a library of add-ons. For that reason, we figure many users would prefer Ecwid if looking for more built-in tools. It’s similar to Cart66, where the features are already there and not scattered around a library or from third-party developers. The free plan is powerful in terms of the general online store. You get a mobile responsive shopping cart, support for up to 10 products, and the ability to sell on multiple sites. Obviously, that 10-product limit will turn some users away, but that’s only the Free plan. After that, you receive support for 100 products at $15 per month, 2,500 products for $35 per month, or unlimited products for $99 per month. At first glance, you might think that Ecwid is clearly more expensive than the likes of WooCommerce. But I often see it the opposite way, depending on your store.

Benefits of using Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart

  • Ecwid provides a free plan for up to 10 products. After that, it offers a beautiful installation process, interface, and feature set for reasonable monthly fees.
  • Although this is a WordPress-based article, Ecwid is known for being able to integrate with most website builders and content management systems. This includes everything from WordPress to Squarespace and Adobe Muse to Wix.
  • Both phone and chat support are provided for some plans, along with free customizations and priority support in some plans.
  • All plugin upgrades happen automatically with Ecwid, whereas most other WordPress plugins require a manual upgrade.
  • When you install Ecwid on one site all of your store data can be transferred to a different website and synced so that the selling happens on multiple fronts.

13. WP EasyCart


What is WP EasyCart?

The WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store is one of the WordPress eCommerce plugins you don’t hear about much in blog posts like these. However, it’s starting to gain attention–and for good reason. Sometimes it seems like even basic plugins such as WooCommerce, Cart66, or Easy Digital Downloads still aren’t the right levels for small business owners. They most definitely have the knowledge to learn about those eCommerce building tools, but having the time to do so is a different story. WP EasyCart is built for small business owners who want to create a beautiful online store without needing to train at all. The store would still run on WordPress, but it provides a stunningly fast configuration process and understandable tools meant only for those non-developers out there.

What makes WP EasyCart special?

The WP EasyCart developers know that small businesses already work with other software, so there’s the easy sync with Quickbooks along with an email marketing integration for MailChimp. TaxCloud and ShipStation also integrate into the WP EasyCart system, making for a small business owner’s dream. What’s more, is that you’re able to sell anything from classic retail items to downloads, and subscriptions to gift cards. You also have options for sending out invoices, selling video content, posting eBooks, and asking for donations. The basic features like coupons, promotions, B2B, and subscriptions are enough to make WP EasyCart look like a viable WooCommerce competitor. Add on the wide variety of common small business integrations and you have a powerhouse eCommerce plugin for entrepreneurs and small retailers. The plans start with a 14-day free trial, so you’re able to test out WP EasyCart beforehand. Furthermore, free customer support is provided through a support center, online documentation, video tutorials, forums, and more. Paid customer support is available as well.

Why EasyCart?

  • A free plan is available with unlimited products and several tools for things like taxes, product variants, and selling videos.
  • The premium plans offer quite a bit for small businesses, and they won’t bust your budget. A $99 per year plan is far from excessive with all of the extensions curated just for small businesses.
  • Each of the extensions is clearly made for small businesses. You get options like AffiliateWP, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Stamps.com, and a Groupon Importer.
  • This is some of the best free customer support I’ve seen from any of these plugins. You shouldn’t expect to speak with someone on the phone or through email for free, but the forums are active and the video tutorials are helpful.
  • WP EasyCart supports the selling of several types of unique products like donations, invoices, eBooks, and video content.
  • Many of the advanced add-ons from WooCommerce are extremely expensive compared to the $69 or $99 per year plans from WP EasyCart.
  • WP EasyCart has one of the simplest interfaces for small business owners who want to get the site launched and spend more time with their day-to-day.

14. Exclusive Addons WooBuilder for Elementor

This one has a more diverse range of applications than others on this list. Exclusive Addons for Elementor come with elements for eCommerce as well as other functionalities of websites. It is a freemium plugin that has both free and premium features that add flexibility to your WordPress site-building experience.


What are Exclusive Addons?

Exclusive Addons is an Elementor addon that has a basket full of features to build fully functional sites. Among the leading Add-on functions for fast loading, responsive, and above all 108+ functioning elements having a range of capabilities has been the Exclusive Addons plugin. This Best Elementor Addon lets you build WordPress web pages with the maximum variety of opportunities. With Exclusive Addons, you can get access to 40  ready-made templates, 800  pre-built blocks, and a thousand elements. Besides, this comes with WooBuilder for Elementor which lets you design product pages, single product pages, and thank you pages for your eCommerce site. The plugin gives access to a collection of 24+ WooCommerce widgets, all exceedingly effective, lightweight, and functionally highlighted.

What makes Exclusive Addons special?

Exclusive Addon is a compact plugin that helps to build websites of all kinds. While it allows you to design e-commerce sites with their Woo-Builder using a couple of dozens of Woo-commerce widgets, it also lets you create other website functionalities. You can design single product pages for eCommerce sites with widgets like Product Titles, Product Images, Product Prices, Product Add to Cart, Product Short descriptions, Breadcrumbs, Cross-sell products, and more. Meanwhile, you can add regular website functionalities with elements like a header footer, menus, background animations, dynamic posts, forms, and so on. As mentioned earlier, this Elementor addon has a rich design scheme with an ample number of readymade templates, blocks, and custom icons.

Benefits of using Exclusive Addons

  • It is a compact plugin with WooCommerce elements. So you don’t have to install individual plugins for every task. You can build it all using this plugin.
  • Comes with a WooBuilder feature. You can build eCommerce pages like single product pages and shop pages with the highest flexibility.
  • Create complete website designs with features like Header-Footer builder, background gradient animation, cross-site copy-paste, and more.
  • Design menus, forms, multiple carousels, maps, reviews, testimonials, and so on with the same plugin you are using to design the eCommerce pages.
  • The plugin is loaded with pre-made templates, blocks, and icons, that let you design the website with more ease.
  • Exclusive Addons is a well-optimized, lightweight plugin that seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support, with professional and expert solutions to any issues you face

15. ProductX – WooCommerce Blocks and Builder

ProductX can help you create a visually stunning eCommerce site on WooCommerce. It is an all-in-one plugin for WooCommerce Gutenberg that allows you to create beautiful layout designs for your WooCommerce product page. This will help grab your customers’ attention and enhance their shopping experience.


What is ProductX?

ProductX is a feature-rich WooCommerce plugin that enhances the design and functionality of your online store. It is an all-in-one solution and offers a range of features such as the WooCommerce Builder, starter packs and ready block designs, advanced query builder for product sorting, AJAX-powered product filter, pagination options, variation swatches, wishlist, comparison, call for price, pre-order and backorder, Quickview, partial payment, image flipper, saved templates, and stock progress bar.

Benefits of ProductX

  • ProductX provides extensive customization options to create amazing product pages.
  • It has a vast library of starter packs, premade and block designs, which you can import with one 1-click.
  • ProductX’s main attraction is the versatile WooCommerce Builder. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily create all types of product pages without any hassle.
  • It has an advanced product query builder to help you with product sorting.
  • ProductX also offers powerful add-ons like a wishlist, saved templates, partial payment, image flipper, pre-order and backorder, call for price, product comparison, Quickview, and stock progress bar to help you create the perfect WooCommerce store.

16. Ultimate Store Kit

You might not know but Ultimate Store Kit is a massive but one of the least popular addons for Elementor. Not because the plugin has any issues but because the developers have yet to announce it as some awesome features are in the pipeline. Meaning that the plugin hasn’t reached its maximum potential as yet.

ultimate store kit

What is Ultimate Store Kit?

Due to the complexity of platforms, designing an online store or eCommerce website in WordPress is still difficult. Ultimate Store Kit developed by bdthemes is the plugin that simplifies your entire journey of creating outstanding eCommerce websites with ZERO coding knowledge. Because the addon offers a drag-drop page-building experience and is very beginner-friendly, you can supercharge your online stores in no time.

What makes Ultimate Store Kit so special?

The goal is to make the eCommerce web design process simple yet innovative. Ultimate Post Kit does this by offering a number of tools and features to cover the design aspects of your online store. Not only that but the addon also offers a deeper integration with famous eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, EDD, Download Monitor, etc. So, you could easily use advanced features like Theme Builder (integrated) to develop single pages and archive pages. Right now the plugin boosts 68 widgets and the numbers are to increase soon.

Benefits of using it

  • Saves time and resources in designing eCommerce websites or web projects.
  • Comes with 68 customizable widgets that can be used to create limitless unique online store pages.
  • Supports & integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms which makes it a potential All-In-One addon.
  • Easy Learning Curve makes Ultimate Store Kit easier to master by anyone. No coding knowledge is required.

17. SureCart


SureCart is a complete eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It includes everything you need to build an online store and is incredibly easy to use. You could install the plugin and have your store up and running in less than an hour!

What is SureCart?

SureCart makes it easy to set up a store, add products, set prices, offer discounts, and even accept subscriptions. It has been designed specifically for ease of use and uses intuitive menus to create and update products and engage with customers.

It supports popular payment gateways and has a complete setup wizard that takes care of all the basics, including payments and tax. SureCart has tax assistance built-in so there’s no need to buy extra plugins or use third-party tools.

What makes SureCart so special?

A signature benefit of SureCart is that it’s headless. Your storefront is hosted on WordPress as usual, but the transactions and heavy lifting are taken care of by dedicated SureCart servers. This means your store won’t slow down at busy times and you have limitless potential to expand without changing web hosts.

It supports multiple payment types, making it ideal for all kinds of businesses. SureCart supports one-time payments, recurring subscriptions, installments, donations, invoicing and even set your price.

SureCart is also special because it’s so easy to use. It was created to address many of the usability challenges of other eCommerce plugins. Anyone, with any level of experience, could build a store and manage it in just a few hours. It is that easy!

Benefits of using SureCart

  • The comprehensive setup wizard that walks you through the entire setup process including products, payments and tax.
  • Includes all the modules you need to build an eCommerce store. There’s no need to buy extra add-ons as everything is included with the core product.
  • Headless eCommerce is the new way of running an online store. Manage your storefront on WordPress while secure servers handle the rest.
  • Optimized and customizable checkout forms. You have full control over the look and feel of checkout and can customize as you see fit.

Supports automation. Want to automatically send a thank you email or license key to customers? SureCart works with SureTriggers and other automation platforms to do just that.

What is the best WordPress eCommerce Plugin for you?

It’s difficult to select the best eCommerce plugin. But most WordPress users typically install WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads before they realize they’ve made a mistake. They usually don’t spend time comparing the plugins and as a result, end up wasting a ton of time figuring out each and every plugin. Instead, you can start by figuring out your business case first and then choose the most suitable plugin. Let’s go through some of the common business cases.

  • Developers who need development tools– WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or Jigoshop
  • Beginners – WooCommerce or WP eCommerce
  • Small-sized businesses – WooCommerce or BigCommerce
  • Free eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce or WP eCommerce
  • Looking to keep your costs in check – WooCommerce or WP EasyCart
  • Tons of add-ons to choose from – WooCommerce, Jigoshop, or WP eCommerce
  • Sell digital products – Easy Digital Downloads
  • Sell on multiple channels – Ecwid
  • For those who prefer BigCommerce – BigCommerce


We hope this article has helped you choose the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your online business. If you’re new to e-commerce and have trouble planning and choosing the best product/website promotional strategies then check out these Best e-commerce Marketing Strategies. It should help you get going. If you need any help setting up WooCommerce shipping on your WooCommerce store, then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support.

Happy selling!

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