Canada Post Estimated Delivery for WooCommerce Users


This article will talk about Canada Post Estimated Delivery and the various delivery standards followed by Canada Post. We will also take you through the steps required in the Canada Post Shipping plugin for WooCommerce when it comes to displaying estimated delivery dates in your store.

What do you mean by Canada Post Estimated Delivery?

The estimated delivery while shipping generally refers to the delivery date by which Canada Post delivers the shipment from your warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. Canada Post has specific rules and methods to calculate shipping delivery estimates. Based on these rules, they can determine the estimated delivery of the package. Many e-commerce solutions allow users to display Canada Post delivery estimates to their customers. In the case of WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin provides the user with the ability to display the estimated delivery date along with the feature to add delay days to the shipment if the package won’t be shipped on the same day.Canada Post Estimated Delivery standards do not apply to those shipments that are forwarded or returned to the sender.The estimated delivery for packages via Canada Post varies based on the destination. These are broken down into

  • Within Canada
  • Mail to the U.S.A
  • To an International Destination

Mail within Canada

Canada Post classifies their areas of delivery into Local, Regional and Provincial.  Delivery standards are based on available transportation and, therefore, are subject to change without notice. They are based on the following:
  • Local – Where the destination city/town is the same as the originating city/town.
  • Provincial – Where the destination city/town is in the same province as the originating city/town.
  • Regional – Where the destination city/town is in the same region as the originating city/town

The delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is:

  • Two business days for local mail
  • Three business days within the province
  • Four days for national mail
There are no guarantees, as weather and mail volume can affect delivery.

Mail to the U.S.A.

Canada Post covers all areas of the U.S and has a delivery standard in place for Regular Mail that is sent from Canada to the U.S.A. For these shipments, Canada Post will take between 4-6 business days.

Mail to an International Destination

Canada Post ships to various International destinations and will take anywhere between 4-7 business days to deliver the shipment. If you are sending letters internationally, delivery time varies by country.

 Why an accurate Estimated Delivery is absolutely necessary?

Users tend to refrain from purchasing items online solely because of there being no estimated delivery time. This hampers the customers trust in the service as they are unable to quite figure out by when they can expect their shipment. On a broader scale, it is a good practice to have an estimated delivery time mentioned on the store for each shipping service. This allows users to purchase items without worrying much and this helps improve the business owners sales. Canada Post Estimated delivery is the first thing your customer encounters, the estimated times are specified beneath the service names on the cart/checkout page because each service has a different level of priority for which the estimated delivery times change.

How does Canada Post calculate its Estimated Delivery?

Canada Post has a wide range of shipping services under its name. These services have been developed to satisfy every kind of business requirement/need. The services and estimated delivery vary based on:
  • Origin and Destination addresses
  • Type of service selected upon checkout
  • Country restrictions (International Shipments)
  • Customs and other procedures while shipping Internationally

As you can imagine, these factors are really important for the calculation of Canada Posts Estimated Delivery

Canada Post Estimated Delivery based on Services

With Canada Post, the estimated delivery times vary based on the destination they’re being shipped to. The list of services is broken down into the following:

  • Canada deliveries (Regions, provinces within Canada)
  • U.S deliveries (To all the states in the U.S)
  • International deliveries
Canadian Shipments

Service Name

Domestic (Within Canada)

Priority Domestic

Next business dayNext business day

Next business day


Next business day

Next business day

2 days

Regular ParcelUp to 2 daysUp to 5 days

Up to 9 days

Shipments to the U.S

Service Name



4 – 7 business days

Expedited Parcel

4 – 7 business days

Tracked Packet U.S.A

4 – 7 business days

Small Packet U.S.A

2–3 business days

XpressPost U.S.A

2-3 business days

International Shipments

Service Name


Asia-Pacific and Australia


South America

Other International destinations


Tracked Packed International

6–10 business days
XpressPost International

4–7 business days

Small Packet International Air

approx 12+ days

12+ days

approx 12+ days12+ days
Small Packet International Surface

1–2 months

2–3 months

2–3 months1–2 months
Priority Worldwide Air6–10 days6–10 days6–10 days

6–10 days

Priority Worldwide Surface
1–2 months
2–3 months
2–3 months
1–2 months

Canada Post On-Time Delivery Guarantee

On-Time Delivery Guarantee – Canada Post holds itself accountable for any delay in shipments. The delay can result in an equivalent replacement service or a refund of the shipping charges. The refund of the shipping charges would include the base shipping fees, cubing adjustments, credit for over-declared weight where detected, and a fuel surcharge, but would exclude charges for options (Signature, Signature Hard Copy, Proof of Age, Proof of Identity, Liability Coverage, Collect on Delivery [COD] and Pickup Services). Canada Post has the authority to cancel, suspend or modify the On-Time Delivery Guarantee for all services without prior notice. Canada Post reserves the right to cancel the On-Time Delivery Guarantee without notice in the event that a customer repeatedly fails to meet shipping documentation requirements. Pricing, payment, and general terms and conditions – Should the customer fail to purchase Products and Services under this Agreement for a period of more than twelve consecutive months, Canada Post may terminate the Agreement or amend the list of Authorized Users without notice. 

You may qualify for a postage refund if:

  • You are the sender of the parcel and you have a copy of the mailing receipt.
  • You’ve used one of our On-Time Delivery Guarantee services.

Postage refunds for parcels delivered within Canada if you meet the following criteria:

  • You sent the parcel and you have a copy of the mailing receipt. (If you are the parcel’s recipient, ask the sender to start the refund claim.)
  • The parcel was shipped using Priority or Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel (commercial only) service.
  • The parcel arrived after the guaranteed delivery date. 
  • You submit your claim within 30 business days of the guaranteed delivery date.
You can use Track to ensure that the due date for the delivery has passed. Upon meeting these conditions, you can proceed to request for a refund.

Postage refunds for parcels delivered to the U.S. or international destinations

Parcels sent outside Canada must clear customs. Before requesting a refund, confirm that:
  • You sent the parcel and you have a copy of the mailing receipt. (If you are the parcel’s recipient, ask the sender to start the refund claim.)
  • The parcel was shipped using Priority Worldwide, Xpresspost USA or Xpresspost International service.
  • Your parcel was delivered later than the guaranteed time for its destination.
  • Your parcel didn’t have restrictions that may have caused delays in customs.
  • The parcel wasn’t delayed by U.S. or international customs

Canada Post Estimated Delivery in your WooCommerce store

Canada Post Estimated Delivery in your WooCommerce store

When it comes to WooCommerce, there are numerous plugins available in the market that can solve generic shipping concerns. The WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin has been developed to take care of more than just the generic requirements. The plugin provides real-time rates, allows users to track their shipments, configure rules and adjust shipping costs, generate commercial invoices and manifests, print shipping labels, and even provides you with the estimated delivery for each service that is displayed on the Cart/Checkout page. In order to have the estimated delivery appear on the Cart/Checkout page, you will have to enable one option within the plugins setting page and once done the estimated delivery will reflect in the store. Canada Post’s estimated delivery date will change based on the destination address entered in the shipping calculator. So if the service selected is a domestic (within Canada) service then the estimated delivery for that particular service in Canada will reflect. To enable the estimated delivery in the WooCommerce Canada Post shipping plugin, you must first finish the setup of the plugin and then navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Canada Post > Enable Delivery Time (shown below)

Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Enable the Delivery Time

  • Upon enabling the Delivery Time, you will be able to see the estimated delivery mentioned on the cart page for each service, based on the destination address.
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Estimated Delivery for a Canadian address

  • Once you enable the Delivery Time option, you will be given a secondary field called Delivery Delay this results in adding an extra day or 2 to the estimated delivery date thus providing a date range in the cart (11 Apr – 13 Apr)
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Specify the Delivery Delay (2 days)

  • Below, you can see the Estimated Delivery date in a Range format (+2 days delay)
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Estimated Delivery dates with delivery delay (range) based on a Canadian address

  • While changing the destination address to an address in the U.S and internationally (India) the Estimated Delivery dates change in the calculator (shown below)
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Estimated Delivery dates based on a U.S address
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Estimated Delivery dates based on an International address (India)

  • With the Canada Post plugin, store owners can view the estimated delivery date for the service selected in the Admin panel (Orders section) as shown below
Canada Post Estimated Delivery
Order Details – Estimated Delivery date


This article covers the Canada Post Estimated Delivery and its integration with WooCommerce while using the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin. The WooCommerce Canada Post shipping plugin is an ideal shipping solution whose sole intent of generating Real-time shipping rates, giving the users the ability to generate shipping labels, provide estimated delivery dates, generate and print a commercial invoice as well as the shipping manifest, and much more…If there are any doubts pertaining to the topic or regarding the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team

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