Delhivery Shipping – All You Need To Know

Delhivery is an India-based delivery and e-commerce logistics company that was founded in 2011. The company prides itself on being faster and more dedicated than other logistics companies, stating, “We use a distributed model where every branch can function like the hub and is a processing centre by itself. They can route packages directly to the customer, avoiding parking it in the hub.” 

With over 20 automated soft centers, and almost 40,000 team members, Delhivery has quickly become one of the busiest shipping couriers in India and the countries to which it delivers – in fact, it delivers over 1.5 million packages a day. 


Why Choose Delhivery Over Its Competitors?

Delhivery is dedicated to businesses and the customers they serve. Through unparalleled features dedicated to the eCommerce industry, you receive a little something extra by choosing to ship with Delhivery. Although they have received some complaints about customer service in the past, they have grown to become one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods of getting your parcels delivered. 

Delhivery continues to grow rapidly, and with a plethora of online delivery services available, they are one of the number one choices for small businesses and their many shipping requirements.


Delhivery Domestic Shipping Rates

Delhivery aims to become one of the best domestic shipping providers in India. Not only do they offer low-cost delivery and plenty of added services, but they also have online live trackers that allow you to find where your delivery is in real-time. Delhivery also claims to be an expert in navigating the many seasons and terrains found across the country while providing customers with the flexibility to schedule pick up or delivery, as well as locations, based on what is convenient for them.

The cost of shipping domestically differs depending on the location and size of the parcel being shipped. Delhivery offers same-day or next-day express shipping with on-demand delivery options.


Delhivery International Shipments & Documents to Speed Up Delivery

Delivery provides one of the best turnaround times (TAT) available for Indian shipments going internationally. With the instant real-time shipment updates that can be sent via email or SMS, you’ll always know where your shipments are. Delhivery also offers ocean or air freight for those larger shipments.  

The cost of shipping internationally works in a zone-style schedule. The size of the parcel as well as the amount of time you require to get the parcel to its destination will also come into play. There are options such as air express, air or sea cargo, and more. To find out more on the cost of shipping internationally or to generate an estimate, visit the Delhivery website.

Delhivery International Shipping Labels and Customs Documents

When shipping internationally with Delhivery, they will guide you through the customs process. Most documents are generated automatically and all information or documents you need to ship will be filled out automatically or directions will be provided.

It is beneficial to look up the customs and tariff info on the destination country to ensure that your parcels coincide with their requirements as well.

Although Delhivery strives to provide everything an eCommerce business will need to get their packages to the customer, it is best to do your own due diligence prior to shipping to a new country.

Does Delhivery Deliver on Weekends?

What Delhivery is often praised for is its active delivery network that works 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

When sending a shipment with Delhivery, the client or their customer will need to choose a delivery window. This window can include Saturday or Sunday but must be chosen either at the time of shipping or changed prior to delivery. 


Delhivery Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Delhivery is almost completely dedicated to serving small to large eCommerce businesses. They offer many features that make it easier for online stores to reach their many customers.

You do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee with Delhivery. Instead, you are charged a pay-as-you-go rate where the cost of shipping gets deducted from your Delhivery wallet. Your wallet will need to be refreshed with funds to continue this service. 

According to Delhivery, here are two of the many features and services that benefit the eCommerce stores working with Delhivery. 


  • 24/7 customer support
  • High on-time performance
  • Real-time shipment tracking visibility
  • Free Setup, Smooth COD Remittance


  • Flag invalid addresses
  • Minimize logistics cost
  • Reduce returns through RTO Predictor
  • Proactively identify at-risk customers

Running a business from your home? No problem. Delhivery offers an in-house managed transportation platform that allows you to pre-scheduled or on-demand pickups of packages.


Using Delhivery to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

Delhivery allows for easy integration with your eCommerce website platform using a certified partner. Whether it’s Shopify, WooCommerce, or another shopping platform, Delhivery offers a user-friendly API that brings shipping automation using Delhivery right into your website.

Youe business can benefit from partnering with a certified Shopify app or a WooCommerce plugin that can utilize the benefits of Delhivery while allowing you to offer multi-carrier shipping that gives your customers even more options.

You can make it possible to meet the needs of all your customers by providing them with the options that work best for them.


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I give this app a thumbs up as it takes care of the most important part of my business shipping. It links varies shippers & makes life easy. The setting up part is tricky but the support team was able to take care of my issues and are pretty fast & resolved my issues. I definitely recommend this app


Customer service is excellent!

The app is just what we were looking for for our store shipping needs, and the customer service is excellent. We had an issue the customer service representative was so very helpful and guided us until we had the issue solved. Thanks.

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Excellent products!

Outstanding WordPress plugin company! Excellent products and professional support. Any issues I’ve ever had, which many of the times has nothing to do with their plugins, is followed up on quickly. I build and manage 100’s of WP sites, and PluginHive is one of the best plugin companies I’ve used. Keep up the great work.

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