Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays?

Does Australia Post Deliver on Saturdays?

Australia Post has built quite a reputation for providing reliable, fast, and affordable parcel delivery services within Australia, as well as internationally. Many eCommerce businesses rely on their shipping options to reach their customers. 

Integrating Australia Post into your website via a certified shipping application or shipping plugin, such as PluginHive, is one way to enhance the shipping experience even further. Not only do these solutions allow you to utilize Australia Post’s web services right from your website, but you can also provide instant delivery costs, time estimates, and live tracking. What happens when the items your customer wants to buy need to be delivered within hours? 

Australia Post Saturday Delivery

Australia Post Express Post Saturday Delivery is a newer service in which Saturday delivery can be added to almost all Express Post deliveries at no extra cost. Your customers can choose this option right from checkout, ensuring they don’t abandon their cart because they can’t be home on a weekday to accept delivery. 

Deliveries are generally made between 9 AM and 1 PM on Saturdays and, to make the cut-off for next-day delivery must be received prior to the end of the business day on the previous Friday. Parcels can be delivered to residential and business addresses, 24/7 parcel lockers are accessible on Saturdays, or post office and business hubs open on Saturdays. 

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Send an Australia Post Express Post Parcel for Saturday Delivery

First, the customer or whoever is completing the ordering process must ensure the destination address is within a state eligible for Saturday delivery. If the address is eligible for Saturday delivery, you must attach a “Saturday delivery” to the parcel prior to lodging. You can get free stickers from your local post office or via the online store. Finally, be sure to ship the parcel or have it picked up prior to the cut-off date on the previous Friday to ensure it arrives on time. 

Learn more about Express Post Parcel Saturday Delivery from Australia Post here.

Does Australia Post Deliver on Sundays?

Except for some rare cases, such as during busy holiday times, Australia Post does not deliver on Sundays. Due to it being a federally-owned corporation, it’s only natural that its service workers don’t work on weekends. Australia Post also does not deliver on Saturdays, unless shipping via Express Post and affixing the proper sticker to the package.

Does Australia Post Deliver on Holidays?

Australia Post does not deliver mail or parcel deliveries, including express post items, on state, regional, or local public holidays, even if some post offices remain open. For express post items posted prior to closing time the day before, deliveries will be made on the next normal business day after the holiday. This also includes deliveries made for Saturday delivery. For example, a parcel lodged on Christmas Eve will not be delivered until December 27th, as both Christmas and Boxing Day are recognized as national holidays. 

What are the Advantages of Providing Weekend Delivery to Your Customers?

Offering shipping options that include Saturday delivery will ensure you meet your customer’s needs, as many are not home during the week to accept delivery.

Additionally, some items purchased on a Friday are so important that waiting until Monday is out of the question. Buyers may choose another competitor’s site instead if they offer a weekend delivery and you don’t. Partnering with a shipping and delivery company that has this added value can set you apart from the competition and keep customer satisfaction high. 

Advantages of providing weekend delivery to your customers

Offering to ship from multiple carriers integrated via PluginHive to your website platform will provide your customers with more options and flexibility to meet their needs. For example, if Australia Post is unable to deliver on a Sunday and another courier can, having that option will make a difference in a potential customer’s buying decision. 

Are There any Disadvantages to Offering Weekend Delivery?

There are no real disadvantages to offering weekend delivery for your eCommerce business. Australia Post offers it for its express post parcels free of charge, as long as a sticker is affixed to the parcel and it’s lodged before the cut-off time. This may impact your operational costs in some small way.

Giving your customers as many options as possible is important to stand out and scale your business. Saturday delivery can mean the difference between a customer choosing your business or going elsewhere, so it’s a great idea to order some Saturday stickers!

If you’re offering Saturday delivery from another carrier, there may be added costs involved. 

Wrapping Up…

In conclusion, Australia Post’s Express Post Saturday Delivery is a game-changer, definitively answering whether AusPost delivers on weekends. This no-cost service offers customers flexibility, addressing their weekend delivery demands. Seamless integration with PluginHive’s Shipping Solutions, such as the Shopify Australia Post app and WooCommerce Australia Post plugin, enhances the eCommerce experience. Providing weekend delivery options emerges as a strategic advantage, satisfying customer needs and fostering loyalty in the fiercely competitive market.

Interested in finding out how PluginHive can integrate Australia Post shipping services into your Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or another e-commerce platform? Reach out for a conversation with our customer support team.