Elle’s Poi Dog’s – An Online Pet Sitting Store using WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin

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Elle and her husband Josh run Poi Dog’s from their home in Seattle. Together, they offer services like Doggy Day Care and Overnight Dog Boarding on their website. In this article, we will showcase Elle’s Poi Dog’s and how she has set up an online pet-sitting WooCommerce store with the help of the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin.

Poi Dog online pet sitting

Setting up an online store in WordPress does not take much time. However, when it comes to providing pet-sitting appointments, you require a robust and intuitive WooCommerce Booking System. This way you will have a reliable solution that makes sure there is no confusion with the appointment timings. This article will cover all the aspects of booking Online Pet Sitting Appointments and how Elle found the right WooCommerce Bookings system to set up Poi Dog’s without any hassle.

Pet Sitting Services by Poi Dog’s

We already mentioned the services Elle provides on her online store. Let us check out in detail how they provide the different services so that you might also get an idea of how to plan for an online pet-sitting WooCommerce store.

Doggy Day Care

Elle provides one-hour dog care appointments which can be extended up to 8 hours based on the customer’s preference. When it comes to booking costs, the doggy daycare appointment ranges from $25 to $40 based on the customer selection.

Doggy Day Care

As seen in the above image, Elle provides hourly bookings from 9:00 am up to 9:00 pm every day with a limitation of 2 bookings every hour. Moreover, she also has the option to enter the number of additional dogs for those customers who want to book a slot for more than one dog. Also, based on the customer selection of date, hourly slots, and the number of dogs, the customers get the booking cost calculated dynamically.

Overnight Dog Boarding

Elle offers another service on her WooCommerce store – Overnight Dog Boarding. Using this service, her customers can book daily slots and enter the number of dogs they want to drop off at Elle’s. The booking can be made at $35 without any additional charges for up to 3 days and at an additional of $10 for up to 8 days.

Dog Boarding

In this image, you can see, how she provides a different booking than Doggy Day Care. Here, Elle provides a daily booking where customers can select the number of days and enter the number of additional dogs. In the case of overnight boarding, Elle can take up to 3 bookings at a time. Hence, once the booking limit reaches a day, that day is no longer available for others to book. One more thing worth noticing is the way Elle has configured the two services on her website. While the Doggy Day Care is an hourly booking, the Overnight Dog Boarding is a daily booking that requires Check-in & Check-out timings. Based on the product page images above, Elle has made great use of the plugin features that allow her to use the check-in and check-out based on the business requirements.

Meet & Greet

Elle provides free-of-cost meet and greets appointments for her new customers. According to her, it is always good to understand and get to know the place and people with whom you are leaving your pets. Apart from that, only after the meet and greet appointment, she confirms the appointments.

meet and greet

Do You Want to Set Up An Online Pet Sitting WooCommerce Website..?

In this article, we discussed Elle’s WooCommerce Pet Sitting Website and how she is planning to take her love for animals to the next level using WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. WooCommerce alone is a great platform for people who want to turn their hobbies into a business. By integrating a platform like WooCommerce with a robust and intuitive Online Booking System like WooCommerce Bookings plugin, even you can set up your own business.

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