Hongkong Post Shipping – All You Need To Know

Hongkong Post is a government-owned and operated mail courier service in the special administrative region of Hong Kong. It’s been known as such since 1997, being priorly known as simply the Postal Department before the handover.


Why Choose Hongkong Post Over Its Competitors?

Hongkong Post is likely the best option when shipping domestically as it is the official postal service of Hong Kong and has a wide staff that can reach every business and residential destination in a short period of time for the lowest and most affordable prices.

Access to the online platform, My Speedpost, and the Hongkong Post smartphone application makes it easy to quickly buy postage and schedule pickups and delivery with one click or tap.


Hongkong Post Domestic Shipping Rates

Almost all of Hongkong Post’s shipments sent and received locally are completed within 3 business days, depending on the type of shipping rate chosen. The lowest costs will be associated with bulk mail, letter mail, periodicals, ands pre-paid envelopes.

Prices increase with the requirement of parcels of up to 20kg, Registered packets, and increase with courier collections and other local courier services.

If you’re a business, you can save by choosing to partner with ec-Get, which is outlined in more detail below. 

You can estimate the cost of shipping locally on the Hongkong Post website here. 

Hongkong Post also offers Smart Post, which according to their website is “Smart Post is a lower cost alternative for sending small package items (e.g. e-commerce merchandise) that requires delivery/collection notification and basic tracking information. It provides choices of Delivery Service, Counter or iPostal Station Collection Service.” Learn more here.


International Shipments & Documents to Speed Up Delivery with Hongkong Post

When sending parcels internationally from Hong Kong, you must submit specific customs documents if the destination country is one of 32 designated destinations. As of January 1, 2021, these documents are required to be submitted electronically.

The requirements had been priorly put into place for the USA but have thus been extended. These include goods sent to Mainland China, the 27 countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Brazil. 

Hongkong Post has created multiple videos and resources to help businesses and individuals understand the customs process, including step-by-step instructions for the Easy PreCustoms online platform.

Shipping internationally from Hongkong Post offers two options, using Vantage courier services to ship to Europe and the USA or Vantage Packet which utilizes international delivery services to reach Europe and Australia/New Zealand for affordable prices.

The difference is that Vantage courier delivers in 4 to 7 days to major cities and is still in the process of putting Australia and New Zealand on their roster. Vantage courier services also allow for SMS texting at destination and provide recipients with the option to schedule a pickup time and location. 

Learn more about both options as well as costs, restrictions, and delivery times here.


Does Hongkong Post Deliver on Weekends?

Hongkong Post only delivers mail and parcels from Monday to Saturday. No mail is delivered on Sundays or holidays unless otherwise announced. If a recipient needs to pick up their package on Sunday or after hours, they can choose to pick it up from a post office or iPostal Station during working hours.

It is possible to change the delivery date or choose to pick up from another location through the web platform or SMS. 

International shipments which may be picked up and delivered by other shipping companies across the globe may deliver their parcels depending on their own schedules, which may or may not work Saturday or Sundays.


Hongkong Post Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Hongkong Post customers can easily benefit from the many excellent features offered to businesses or anyone who ships frequently. Some of these features include the Easy PreCustoms application, Ec-Ship, and My Speedpost. There is also a Hongkong Post mobile app that comes with its own set of features. 

eCommerce customers can also benefit from EC-Get, which, According to Hongkong Post is “an economical local mail service providing simple posting method and flexible mail collection arrangement.” 

All shipments sent with ec-Get come with features such as a two-day delivery standard, a simple and single posting method done online with the click of a button, a flexible mail collection arrangement, and lower costs.

The flexibility to have package delivery time and dates chosen or changed via SMS or online is a huge advantage for customers and businesses alike. You can benefit as well from iPostal Stations located across Hong Kong that often run on a 24 hours schedule as well.


Using Hongkong Post to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

The ec-Ship API provides integrated features for its partners to utilize on their eCommerce websites with the help of a developer or an official partner. Some of the features include automatic entry and printing of shipping labels, scheduling of pickups and deliveries, and some discounts. Find out more on their website here.

Business owners can partner with an authorised Shopify shipping app or WooCommerce shipping plugin to streamline the shipping process and maximize customer satisfaction by offering multiple shipping options.

Your business can also benefit from offering multi-carrier options so customers can choose their preferred carrier or choose one that provides the time and cost that matches their needs. Find out more by reaching out to the PluginHive support team.  


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