How to solve improper WooCommerce Shipping options and Increase in Shipping price issue in FedEx?


Can you help me with the below two issues?

  • I have configured six shipping options in the plugin settings, why do I see only four shipping options in the front-end?
  • Why are shipping prices shown double the value during user selection?

Can you please guide me on this!

PluginHive Support:

The four shipping options might be showing because the rest two may not be applicable from the origin to destination addresses. We request you to check the FedEx rate calculator to find out which services are applicable from the origin to destination addresses. Here’s the link to FedEx Rate Calculator.

As far as the change in prices is concerned, you must select parcel packing option as “Pack items individually”. If there are two items in the cart, then those two items will be packed separately. If you want to pack those items in a single box, then you need to select the option “Pack items into boxes with weights and dimensions” and create a box.

You can read through WooCommerce FedEx Packing Methods to understand more in detail. Also, check out WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin to see more plugin features.

Last Updated On January 07, 2021