Can I add in shipping page of WCMP "activate or not" for a different vendor?

In this small guide, we will tell you if you can add the shipping page of WCMP plugin for a different vendor onto your WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin. Read more.

Customer :
I use WooCommerce with the plugin WCMP. I want to use your plugin: La Poste Colissimo WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Can I add in shipping page of WCMP “activate or not” for a different vendor? Before I make setting in the WooCommerce general.

Support :
Once you install the plugin, the plugin settings will come under the shipping tab of Woocommerce. However, unfortunately, our La Poste Colissimo WooCommerce Shipping Plugin does not support multi-vendor scenario using WCMP.

Last Updated On September 21, 2018