Why can’t I see UPS Freight rates on cart page?

Are you not able to see the UPS Freight shipping rates on your Cart/Checkout page when using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label? Read this guide.

One of our customers was facing issues regarding the Freight Shipping options. According to the customer:

Hello, I have UPS plugins, but I can’t work. When I finished address it can’t calculate the freight. Hope you reply thanks

So basically, while on the cart page, he was not able to check the Freight Rates for shipping as the UPS Freight services were not showing there.

Enabling Freight Services

While wanting the shipping rates for UPS Freight, one thing needs to be kept in mind is that the UPS Shipping plugin serves Freight as an optional service. In other words, UPS Shipping plugin doesn’t provide Freight services by default. To get freight rates, store owners need to enable the Freight option on the settings page. The image below shows the settings to enable freight:

enable freight services

After enabling and saving the settings, you will see some additional Freight Shipping services will be there along with other UPS Shipping services. To be able to see freight rates on the cart page, store owners must enable these services. The image below shows enabled freight services:

supported freight services

Apart from these settings, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while dealing with freight shipping. Some of them are:

  • Only the UPS Freight Services support the packages with weight exceeding 150 lbs.
  • UPS Freight charges are generally more than that of normal shipping charges.
  • Freight shipment can contain one product or a number of products.

Once these services are enabled you will be able to see freight rates on the cart page easily.

freight rates on the cart page

Freight Production Access Requirement

One of the other reasons why some WooCommerce store owners are not able to view freight rates on the cart page is due to lack of production access. As discussed earlier, the freight shipping services are not enabled by default in the plugin. Similarly, to enable freight services, the store owner should have a valid access key with production access enabled on it.

As sometimes the store owners may have test access available for their access keys when it comes to UPS Freight services. To get production access, the store owner needs to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • Log on to www.ups.com with the API User ID and password.
  • Now click on Help Center at the very bottom of the screen under Customer Service.
  • Select Technology Support and click on Tools and Resources.
  • From here select Developer Resource Center click on Access UPS Developer Kit.
  • Here you will need to click on Manage Access Keys.
  • Enter in your access key under the Request Production Access to obtain production access for Freight.

access key for ups freight

Once you get the Production Access successfully, the freight services, as well as rates, will be visible to the customers on the cart page. Hence these are some of the possible reasons you may not be getting freight rates on your online store’s website.

Last Updated On February 15, 2021