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Code: 1000 – Error while Creating Shipments using FedEx plugin

In this article, we will help you resolve the Code:1000 error that comes when creating shipment using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label. Refer to this guide in order to solve the issue.

Many WooCommerce store owners use the FedEx Shipping plugin in order to print the shipping labels for their FedEx orders. Whenever an order is placed in your online store, you can simply go to the bottom section of that order and create the shipment for that order. Doing this will refresh the screen and you can see the Print Label option as shown in the screenshot below.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

But there are times when you might not be able to successfully print the labels or create shipments. This can happen because of many reasons. For example, in many cases, store owners enter the wrong dimensions or weight for a particular product. This creates an issue with the FedEx packages selection as FedEx servers respond back with some errors.

But, one of the most common errors that happen while creating the FedEx shipments is when the customers do not have enough privileges to create the labels. Let us take a real-life example from one of our customers.

Valladao: The plugin it is returning an error when it comes the time to create the shipping with FedEx.

FedEx Create Shipment Error: Severity: ERROR
Source: prof
Code: 1000
Message: Authentication Failed

As mentioned above, this error arises when the WooCommerce store owner is not authorized to print the shipping label. Now, in order to do that he or she has to do the following steps.

Advanced Services Authorization to use Print Label feature

  • You need to contact FedEx with the sample label generated using Test Account details.
  • Please follow Certification Guidelines to get Advanced Services for printing the labels.

Note: During Registration for FedEx Web Service Production Access, you have to select the FedEx Web Services for Shipping. You should also select the options like Rates, Tracking, etc. These options are available in the Application Profile window.

There are some other common reasons why this error might come up. One of them happens when the test or live credentials entered in the FedEx plugin are incorrect. You can recheck the keys and try again.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts. You can also contact our customer support if face an issue while creating shipments or printing the shipping labels.


Last Updated On September 16, 2018