Delete All UPS Shipment Details for Specific Order with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

[Error Code: 125000] – Missing or invalid shipment digest. One of our customers was repeatedly getting this error message when using our WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. We investigated the issue and found the reason as described below:

While using our UPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin, the process of shipment creation happens in two steps. First, the shipment is created, and then the ‘accept request’ is sent to UPS for approval. Usually, both requests are fired under one process. So you will get the label after the process.

In certain rare cases, the shipment is created, but the ‘accept trigger’ fails under UPS. This results in partial data being filled in order details after shipment creation, which makes the plugin unable to re-create the shipment. The following code snippet enables you to delete all UPS shipment details for specific order with UPS WooCommerce Shipping, in case the ‘accept trigger’ fails under UPS.

Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Functions (functions.php) and insert the code to enable this functionality:

How to use:

– Open the order page.
– Just add ‘&reset’ with URL. (eg: <My website>wp-admin/post.php?post=38&action=edit&reset)
– Press Enter and Confirm Delete.

2 thoughts on “Delete All UPS Shipment Details for Specific Order with UPS WooCommerce Shipping

  1. Anindo says:

    Hi David,

    UPS only gets the order is the label generation is successful hence the shipment order will not get duplicated. In this case, the label generation failed halfway and the only way to redo it is to clear the UPS order meta and it will appear as if no shipping label was ever run, and you’ll have the option to create shipment again.

    Team PluginHive

  2. david
    David says:

    Just had this occur on a clients website. So once I run the above code will the shipping label appear so it can be printed or will it reset the order as if no shipping label was ever run and I need to tell my client to start over with shipping label creation?

    If we are starting over with the shipping label creation, how are we insuring UPS did already create the shipment and that this is not creating a duplicate shipment and charge to my clients UPS account?

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