Display Australia Post Shipping Methods With Real-time Rates on Your Shopify Store

Shipping charges are one of the reasons that contribute to abandoned carts. Customers don’t always like flat shipping rates, and, as a merchant, it is extremely challenging to arrive at flat shipping rates that are both profitable for you and affordable to your customers. Providing real-time shipping rates at cart is one way to ensure you won’t lose money as well as gain customer trust. Real-time rates give customers the feeling that you charge them on an actual basis for shipping your products. This trust turns into conversion. 

While providing the real-time rates, it is very important for you to have a complete understanding of the shipping rates provided by carriers. The shipping rates for all the carriers are calculated on the basis of your package weight, the shipping location, and many other factors. 

This article gives a complete understanding of how the various Australia Post shipping rates are displayed on the Shopify cart page. This process is done by using the Shopify Australia Post App, allowing you to make the most out of it.

What is the Australia Post Shipping Rates?

Real-time shipping rates are nothing but carrier calculated shipping costs for shipping the packages. This cost differs from carrier to carrier as all of them calculate based on different factors. Most of the carriers calculate shipping rates based on factors like destination, weight, and dimensions of a package, etc.

For example, here are the Australia Post shipping rates for shipping a package that weighs 1 kg from Australia to the US.

Australia Post shipping rates

Does Shopify support Australia Post Shipping?

The answer is No

Although Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell your products online and you can handle the shipping process using Shopify using different carriers like USPS and UPS, you need a Shopify shipping app like Australia Post Rates and Labels app to handle the Australia Post shipping.

What does Shopify Australia Post App have to Offer?

Australia Post Rates and Labels app is the best shipping solution for your Shopify store which helps in handling the complete shipping solution using Australia Post services. Here are the main features of the app.

  • Get Real-Time Australia Post and StarTrack Shipping rates for Domestic & International Shipments
  • Generate Australia Post Shipping Labels as soon as the order is placed
  • Supports Australia Post Shipping Rates Adjustment
  • Real-Time Australia Post Shipment Tracking for your Australia post and StarTrack shipments
  • Show delivery estimates for Australia Post and StarTrack shipping Services
  • Handles Pickups for your Australia Post shipments

Since the app automates the real-time shipping rates on your website, the store owner can choose from different services of Australia Post based on their requirements and the app will display the real-time shipping rates on the Shopify checkout page for the customers.

Australia Post real-time shipping rates displayed on checkout

This app lets you enjoy all the benefits Australia Post provides based on your account. It supports the StarTrack account as well. Apart from these, there are many more amazing features that can help you carry out your Shopify shipments easily.

How to Display Australia Post Shipping Methods on your Checkout Page?

Shopify Australia Post Shipping app automates Australia Post shipping methods on your cart based on your choice. Although this app supports all the Australia Post services, displaying the services using this app is totally based on your requirements.

You can enable or disable any of these services and the app will let you display it on the checkout page. Shopify Australia Post app supports the following Australia Post shipping methods, by default.

Australia Post Rates and Labels App supported servicesAustralia Post Rates and Labels App supported shipping methods

Australia Post Rates and Labels App supported shipping services

However, even if you enabled all of them, the app will automatically display the Australia Post shipping services based on the location. Consider the checkout images which shows both domestic and international location to understand better.

Domestic Shipping (Within Australia)

Australia Post real-time domestic shipping rates displayed on checkout
International Shipping (Australia to the US)

Australia Post real-time domestic shipping rates displayed on checkout

So, you can see that the shipping method is automatically updated by the app depending on the location, even if you have enabled all of them.

Setting up Shopify Australia Post App to Display Shipping Rates

Follow the below steps for setting up the Australia Post Rates and Labels app to displaying the rates at the checkout page.

  • Under the “Account” tab, provide the Australia Post account credentials and activate your Australia Post account with the Shopify Australia Post app.

Australia Post account settings

  • Go to the “Address” section and make sure that your store address from which you are shipping is made the Default address. If you have only a single store, the address will be set as default.

Shopify Australia Post Address settings

  • Now, under the “Rates” tab, you can see the different services supported by the Shopify Australia Post app. You can enable all the services or enable according to your preference.

Australia Post rates settings

  • Now, add a product to the cart and checkout. The Australia Post shipping rate for the selected address will be displayed.

Australia Post real-time shipping rates displayed on checkout


In this article, we discussed the Shopify Australia Post app and how this app offers real-time shipping rates for all the Australia Post shipping methods on the Shopify checkout. We hope that this article helps you understand the process in the right way.

If you face any issues or you have any queries regarding the real-time Australia Post rates, please do Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our support team will help you solve any issues that you face.

Good luck 🙂

Last Updated On March 30, 2022