Why does the WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx delay in returning real-time rates?

Are you not able to see the real-time shipping rates from FedEx when using the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx? Don’t worry, this small guide should help you out.


We purchased the WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx and UPS from you and they generally work well. However, this morning the plugin was down and customers could not checkout from our site. Even viewing the cart took 15 seconds to 3 minutes (or just never completed). I had expected that if it is down, it would time out and return. But instead, I don’t get any shipping options – not UPS, not Flat Rate, nothing. It presumably keeps waiting for FedEx plugin to return rates.

PluginHive Support:

This problem usually occurs when there is a restriction on the outgoing request or they are blocked. We request you to contact your hosting service provider.

Our UPS plugin has fallback rates. You can configure fallback rates in the UPS plugin settings. Fallback rates indicate shipping cost which is taken as default cost when UPS does not return any quotes. This allows the customer to checkout even if UPS does not return any quotes.

In case of the WooCommerce shipping plugin for FedEx, we don’t have fallback rates. But we do have a code snippet that would help you display a flat rate when the plugin doesn’t return any rates.

Last Updated On June 09, 2021