FedEx SameDay Shipping in WooCommerce

The support for the FedEx SameDay shipping service has been incorporated into the latest version of the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label. Store owners can now choose this service in order to ship items on the same day. FedEx SameDay is the fastest shipping option offered by FedEx and it is very reliable. This service is chosen for time-sensitive deliveries like the shipment of freshly-prepared food items.

One of our customers had a similar business requirement where the FedEx SameDay service was necessary. Let us check out the query.

Customer: We ship frozen pierogi under The website is still under development we plan on going live next week. The use of FedEx Same day will allow us to deliver our products to the customer in time for dinner the very same day. We plan on expanding our services to offer other polish food under a different .com later down the road. FedEx same day pricing seems very reasonable and has a wide Chicago land service area.

In order to use this service, you should have a FedEx SameDay account. For that, you need to create a user ID that is specific to FedEx SameDay. Then you can go ahead and choose the service in the FedEx Shipping Plugin. You can refer the following image for that as well.

fedex same city

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