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A Glimpse into WooCommerce FedEx LTL Freight Shipments

This article will help you ship Freight shipment using the FedEx freight services. You’d also find some of the most useful options within the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin that’ll help you with your freight shipments.

When you are running a WooCommerce store, you have plenty of things to worry about besides shipping. You have to optimize your FedEx shipments to save costs. When you think of providing less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments to your customers, nothing makes a better choice than FedEx freight services. These services offer various types of shipping methods that are favorable for both customers as well as the WooCommerce store owners. These services include shipping methods for both international and domestic locations along with faster delivery options as well.

The WooCommerce Shipping FedEx plugin plays an important role in order to bring these services into your WooCommerce store. This plugin beautifully integrates your FedEx account to your WooCommerce and allows store owners to configure the necessary shipping method accordingly. And if you are a WooCommerce store owner who deals with FedEx orders, then this article will help you understand the various features that come along with this plugin. It will also guide you through the various processes that come along with it.

So, without any further wait, let us quickly begin with the article.

What is FedEx Freight shipping?

FedEx offers Less-than-truckload freight shipping (LTL) to their customers. It is used for the transportation of small freight. This service is also used when the complete shipment doesn’t require to occupy the entire space available in the delivery vehicles. This shipping method can be used when the overall orders weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds. This shipment method saves both cost and space, which is in accordance with the principles of small business.

For example, the FedEx Freight Priority is a shipping service that saves your time and delivers your orders at a faster pace. As the name suggests, the priority orders are given more preference as compared to other non-priority orders. This ensures the delivery of the order within the given time frame. Moreover, the FedEx Freight services are available for international shipping as well.

What are the benefits?

When you combine the FedEx shipping capabilities with the FedEx Freight services, you get a reliable delivery system. If you offer your customers this service, there would be a definite increase in the customer perception on your reliability. You can expand your geographic reach and customer base by delivering products wherever they are. Moreover, you would be able to cut costs in the shipment as well.

Features offered by WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin in terms of Freight?

By using this plugin you can offer the following FedEx Freight services to your customers.

  1. FedEx 1 Day Freight
  2. FedEx 2 Day Freight
  3. FedEx 3 Day Freight
  4. International FedEx Economy Freight
  5. International FedEx Priority Freight
  6. FedEx First Freight
  7. FedEx Freight Economy
  8. FedEx Freight Priority
  9. FedEx Next Day Freight

You can choose the international FedEx shipping services to cover various international and offshore locations including Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

This plugin will also help you select the Freight class for the deliveries of your orders. Following is the screenshot of the classes available for you.

freight shipping

By looking at the various classes you can get the commonly standardized freight pricing for your shipment when working with FedEx shipping, warehouses, and brokers. These classes are defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and are made available through the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). These classes are important to deliver the products across the U.S.

How to enable the FedEx Freight option?

It is very easy to configure your FedEx Freight account on using this plugin. Just go to your WooCommerce Dashboard and click on the WooCommerce option on the left side of the screen. Under the drop menu, click on the Settings option which opens a new page. In this page, drag your mouse on the top right side of the page and then click on the FedEx option. In this new page, scroll down below until you find the FedEx Freight option as shown in the image below.

freight ltl

Note – If you have a FedEx Freight account then you can proceed further. But, if you don’t have one, you would have to create it. You can follow this link to create an account for yourself.

Now that you have your account number and credentials with you, you can click on the Enable option. After doing this, you have to enter your credentials as shown in the image above. Remember to enter the right credentials. If you don’t do it, there won’t be any Freight option in the Cart page. Then, you would have to select your Freight class and then scroll down the page to click on the Save changes option.

How does it work?

As soon as you set up your FedEx Freight account in the plugin, you can go back to the FedEx settings page. Here, you would have to scroll down and go to the Services section. You will find the list of various FedEx shipping methods available for your WooCommerce store. You can select the type of Freight service you want to offer to your customers. You can refer the following image below.

fedex shipping services

Just to show the process, we have enabled the FedEx 2 Day Freight and the FedEx Next Day Freight options. After doing this, scroll to the end of the page and again click on the Save change option. By the end of this step, you have successfully set up your FedEx Freight for your WooCommerce store.

Now to check the complete process, you can order a product from your WooCommerce store and see for yourself. Please refer to the following sample image.

Note – This will be activated only when your Freight credentials are correctly entered. So, please make sure that you have entered the right Account number and the address.

flat rate

Concluding thoughts…

It doesn’t matter whether you sell your products in bulk or individually. Choosing FedEx Freight for your LTL shipments is the best way to deliver items. The seamless integration of FedEx into your WooCommerce is just fantastic. This WooCommerce FedEx plugin is an amazing tool that fetches the Freight rates directly from the FedEx servers and provides the live rates to the customers. If you are a WooCommerce store owner who deals with FedEx Freight orders, then this plugin will help you a lot in this case.

We hope this article would have helped you understand the basic working of the shipping rate calculation. Let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on this.

Last Updated On September 16, 2018