How do I integrate the WooCommerce Shipping Services for FedEx into my website?

You can install our WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label and then follow the setting up documentation. That’s how you integrate the FedEx service into your WooCommerce website. Here’s one of our customers who wanted to integrate FedEx into his website.


I have tried so many times, but I am finding difficult to Integrate it.
Please guide me step by step how to integrate the FedEx service into my website. I am very new to this integration process!!


Our plugins are compatible with the sites for woo commerce users.
So if your site is designed for woo commerce,  you can simply go to the PLUGINS, then select ADD NEW and install it using a zip file.

In case, if you need any assistance for setting up the plugin, kindly go through the following link:

Last Updated On June 09, 2021