Does the FedEx plugin have shipment tracking, shipment with COD and schedule pickup options?

This article is about WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx and whether it supports shipment tracking, Cash-On-Delivery and pick up requests from FedEx.


I will be happy to purchase WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx, if I could find the following features:

1) Shipment tracking option
2) Creating shipment with COD option
3) Scheduling Pickup option

We choose priority overnight or standard overnight as per the weight slab, I am not able to find details if the product has COD option. We create shipment that requires scheduling a product with pickup location address, which gives us pickup confirmation number. This pickup number is sent automatically to the local area manager, according to area code and address. This helps them to pick up that product to deliver it.

Also, when we create a shipment from our website and schedule it from our panel, it will provide us AWB code to track product status and pickup confirmation number to inform area manager to pick up that product.

Can all these information be seen from our FedEx account directly without account login details as well?
As we are based in India, is INR currency supported?

PluginHive Support :

Here are the solutions for your queries:

  • Shipment tracking option – Our plugin sends the tracking information along with the order completion email. Hence, customers can track their orders from the given tracking link.
  • Creating shipment with COD option – You can easily create a shipment using the COD option. This option can be found in FedEx box in the individual order page.
    You can check our demo site to try and test it yourself.
  • Schedule a pickup – You can schedule a pickup by enabling pickup option from plugin settings page and create bulk pickups in the order page.

We do have many customers from India and the plugin definitely works well with INR.

Last Updated On June 09, 2021