How do I see the boxes selected for an order?

For testing purposes, if you want to see the boxes selected for an order, the following steps should be followed:

1. Enable debug mode in the settings tab
2. Place the order from front end
Due to the debug option, we see 3 Code blocks on the front end(cart page/checkout page).

Package – This provides information about the items’ individual dimensions and the box dimension(if the custom box is selected).
UPS Request – This provides information regarding the request sent to UPS from our plugin which includes the box dimensions.
UPS Response – This provides information regarding the Response that has come from the UPS side.
By analyzing these 3 Code Blocks, we come to know about the boxes selected.

Let us take an example:
We have placed an order for 2 products that are packed inside a single box. The debug option was enabled and the following snapshots came up.

Package : This shows the dimensions of the 2 products marked by points 1 & 2 in the snapshot and also dimensions of the box in which packing will be done (marked by point 3 in the snapshot).

Package Dimensions
Package Dimensions

UPS Request :

This shows the request sent from plugin side to UPS. We can see the final box dimensions and weight of the total package as shown below :

UPS Request
UPS Request

UPS Response :

The Response that comes from the UPS side shows the total shipping price charged and also the total billable weight as shown in snapshot.

UPS Response
UPS Response

Bottomline : We can see the boxes selected in the order before any money deducts from our account for postage.We can also check the dimensions, Shipping rates charged, Shipping Service involved with the debug information. This feature has especially been incorporated so that it becomes easy for the shop owner or IT team of shop owner to figure out problems.

Last Updated On September 21, 2018