How does the Price Adjustment option work?

Customer :

I need help troubleshooting an issue with your plugin. Under services and packaging, price adjustment doesn’t work. I need to offer Free Shipping to customers who choose SurePost as their shipping option. I see that there are two fields in the dashboard that offer to modify the cost for the customer. I made that field $0 and 0% and still when looking at the shipping cost, the charge is still there.

PluginHive Support :

The Price adjustment field adds or subtracts the amount or % from the shipping service. So let’s say your Sure Post service was returning a rate of $10, then in the price adjustment section, you need to enter -$10 or -100%. This way you can get SurePost as Free Shipping.

This should resolve your issue. If need further help, do not hesitate to Contact us.

Last Updated On September 24, 2018