How to set up a DHL Account?

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can set up DHL Account to use it with PluginHive shipping solutions and get real-time shipping rates from DHL on your WooCommerce store.

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Create a DHL Account

Visit DHL and choose which account you want to open with DHL. You open either,

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

Enter your personal/business details and click on submit, as shown below.

After entering the details above, DHL will review the details and create an account for you.

Create an XML PI account to get the DHL test credentials

In order to have a test DHL account number, visit the DHL Express XML Developer Portal page and get registered, as shown below.

Enter the details shown below along with the DHL Account details that you have created in the first step.

After saving these details you will receive the DHL Test Account credentials via email, as shown below.

You can use the Test credentials to test the shipping solution for getting live shipping rates, generating test/sample shipping labels, and sample tracking numbers.

However, once the testing is completed, you will require DHL Production Credentials to ship your orders with DHL from your WooCommerce store.

Get Production Access for the UK and Rest of the World

After creating the test credentials, you need to contact the DHL account manager. The account manager must request integration via DHL Pre-sales Department. The presales department will then provide you with the DHL production credentials.

Get Production Access for the United States of America

In order to get the DHL production credentials, you need to write to the following email ID along with your full account details like account number, region, address, etc. to get API Access.

Supported DHL Shipping Services

Once you create your DHL account and get production credentials you will get support for the following shipping services based on the availability and destination address.

  • Domestic Express 12:00
  • B2C
  • Jetline
  • Sprintline
  • Express Easy
  • EuroPack
  • BreakBulk Express
  • Medical Express
  • Express Worldwide
  • Express 9:00
  • Freight Worldwide
  • Domestic Economy Select
  • Economy Select
  • Domestic Express 9:00
  • Jumbo Box
  • Express 9:00
  • Express 10:30
  • Domestic Express
  • Domestic Express 10:30
  • GlobalMail Business
  • Same Day
  • Express 12:00
  • Express Envelope
Last Updated On June 25, 2020