How to solve improper shipping rates problem in FedEx?

How do you solve the improper or different FedEx shipping rates problem when using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label? In this article, we will help you solve it.


My shipping rates are much higher than they should be. I have my account setup correctly. But I am getting unreasonable shipping rates.

PluginHive Support:

You are getting the following error in the debug response:

stdClass Object
[HighestSeverity] => ERROR
[Notifications] => stdClass Object
[Severity] => ERROR
[Source] => prof
[Code] => 1000
[Message] => Authentication Failed

This is an authentication error. The reason the shipping rates returned by the plugin are higher is because the account may not be yours, and hence you are getting higher rates in comparison to your rates on your FedEx calculator.

Last Updated On September 20, 2018