Troubleshoot- Packaging Multiple Items Separately..!

Most of the customers often face problems while shipping two or more products. One such issue regarding multiple product shipping surfaced when a customer explained his case. Let’s take a look at the issue he was facing:

I tried selecting two products for shipping.The two products are not packed together in a box. As a result the two products are shipped individually which is causing the shipping charges to be more expensive.

It is a very common issue regarding the store owners which deliver multiple products. But this issue can be easily resolved using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin.

UPS Parcel Packing Methods

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin provides three UPS Parcel Packing methods. The image below shows UPS Shipping methods:

parcel packing

Considering the scenario, as the packages were being packed independently, this was mainly because the Pack Items Individually parcel packing was enabled. This allows UPS to generate individual boxes for the number of items that are to be shipped. But since the customer wants to ship the packages together in a box, this packaging method is of no use to him.

On the other hand, the image below shows custom boxes with a weight limit and dimensions. This can easily allow multiple items that fall under the dimensions and weight limits, to be packed together.

custom box

Using Packed into boxes with weights and dimensions parcel packing, you can enable multiple items to be shipped together in a single box. Based on the product weight and dimensions when placed together, you can create custom boxes that will accommodate multiple products together.

Since UPS charges more for more packages, using this parcel method you can save on shipping charges as the total packages will be less than that of individual packaging.

Last Updated On September 21, 2018

3 thoughts on “Troubleshoot- Packaging Multiple Items Separately..!

  1. ESTANISLAU says:

    I still not understand how the UPS works…customer adds to cart one item, the shipping is 10 dollars, if he adds ten items, the shipping jump to 100 dollars??? Also, the shipping label will give me ten tracking numbers! I had it working for 30 days back in April 2018.
    I still follow the same instructions and waiting for different results.
    They call it madness…

    • Anindo
      Anindo C says:

      It seems to be a simple settings issue.
      You must have selected the “Parcel packing method” to “Pack items individually”. And hence each item is been packed individually and the label is generated for each package.
      Can you please set the “Parcel packing method” as “Pack into boxes with weights & dimensions” or “Weight Based” and then check with it.
      This should your problem.

      Let us know if you have any query.

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