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When starting an online business, you want to minimize the costs of overall operations, particularly shipping. But businesses that do not ship in bulk or meet the minimum package amount are often excluded from any discounts from almost all major shipping carriers. 

However, Australia Post MyPost Business is an economical option for businesses that are at the initial stage and deliver under 2,000 parcels per year. This article will discuss why MyPost Business is a straightforward option for small to medium size online store owners. Also, the steps to integrate your MyPost Business account in Shopify, get MyPost Business rates, labels & live order tracking with PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App and Australia Post Rates & Labels App.

On this page

  1. How MyPost Business helps eCommerce merchants
  2. Get the MyPost Business Credentials
  3. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App
  4. Australia Post Rates & Labels App

1. How MyPost Business helps eCommerce merchants

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a business shipping account must only be available to large-scale companies shipping a large number of parcels. MyPost Business accounts are actually created for businesses of all sizes. You don’t have to ship a minimum number of packages to open an account, although the more you ship, the more significant discounts you will qualify for.

Discounts on the shipping costs

One of the main advantages of opening a MyPost Business account is that you get discounts on your shipment costs. Whether you are shipping 100 orders or 1000 orders you will get discounted rates. There are no minimum order numbers or order amount to enjoy the MyPost Business discounts. However, there are volume-based discounts, which means you’ll save more as soon as your delivery volume increases. 

No minimum or maximum number of orders

To use a MyPost Business account there is no minimum or maximum shipping criteria. Even if you are shipping 50 orders or more in a month you can use MyPost Business. 

Supports Domestic and International Shipping

For new Australian online merchants who are looking to expand their businesses, MyPost Business helps them achieve that by offering domestic and international shipping services.

MyPost Business Domestic Services: Express Post, Parcel Post

MyPost Business International Services: International Economy Air, International Post Standard, International Post Express

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Every MyPost Business delivery is carbon neutral. Also, the plastic satchels and parcel boxes are recyclable and made with recycled materials. So, MyPost is not just cost-effective but environment friendly as well.

Prompt Local Support

Get help from MyPost Business Post Office or lodge an inquiry through the MyPost Business online portal. You can also access online chat Monday to Friday from 8 am-6 pm AEST, or request a call-back.

2. Get the MyPost Business Credentials

mypost business login

  • Enter the email & password to login into your account.

mypost business login

  • Head over to Business details> Platform Partners

mypost business login

mypost business platform partners

  • Choose & connect the Platform partner PluginHive as shown below:

mypost business platform partners

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Continue.

mypost business terms & conditions

  • Add a payment method by entering your card details & click on Add Card


3. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App

Add the MyPost Business Account

  • Head back to your Shopify store & install the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App

  • Under Apps select Multi Carrier Shipping Label
  • Inside the app go to Settings>Carriers>Australia Post My Post Business 

mypost business

australia post mypost business

  • Integrate the Australia Post with the credentials. 
    a. Go back to the Platform Partners & Copy Token & paste it in Merchant Token as shown below:

copy token

b. Choose the payment method as Stored Payment or Charge Payment. If you choose Charge Payment then you have to enter the Charge Account Number.

payment method

Australia Post MyPost Business Rates at the checkout

  • Verify the carrier service list that you want to display at the checkout under Shipping Rates> Rate Automation as shown below:

mypost business rates

  • After the verification is successfully completed you will be able to see the shipping rates at the checkout:

checkout rates

Printing Australia Post MyPost Business Shipping Label

  • To print MyPost Business labels Select the order(s)> Generate labels as shown below:

mypost business label

Sample Australia Post MyPost Business label attached below:

shipping label

Australia Post MyPost Business Tracking

  • Select the order(s) & click on Track your Orders

order tracking

mypost business tracking

4. Australia Post Rates & Labels App

Add the MyPost Business Account

  • First, install the Australia Post Rates, Labels & Tracking App in your Shopify Store. Download it from here.
  • Once installed, now on the App Installation page fill up your Email, Phone Number and check the “I agree with the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy“. Once all the details are filled in, click on Get Started:

enter email and phone number

  • In the next step, you have to choose your preferred carrier: Australia Post MyPost Business Account

select the carrier

  • After filling up all the details, your account is ready for shipping with MyPost Business 

mypost business account registered

MyPost Business Rates at the Shopify checkout

  • Verify the carrier service list that you want to display at the checkout under Rates as shown below:

enable mypost business carrier services

  • After the preferred services are enabled, you will be able to see the shipping rates at the checkout:

shopify checkout

For printing labels, you have two options, either you can:

1. Multiple MyPost Business Shipping labels for Shopify orders in a click

In order to print the MyPost Business shipping labels for more than one order, visit the Orders section and select all the orders. Click on Auto-Generate Labels to generate MyPost Business shipping labels for all the selected orders, as shown below:

automatic label printing

track and print mypost business orders

2. Review and Print MyPost Business Shipping labels 

If you sell multiple products and want to cross-check or change the packing options or rates before printing the shipping labels then:

Select the order and then select the Au Post Generate Label under More actions 

manual label printing

mypost business label generation

Ship with MyPost Business Boxes or Custom Boxes

If you are looking to ship with MyPost Business boxes or custom boxes then you can select that under Packaging in the Manual label generation page

mypost business boxes

Add Insurance to MyPost Business Packages

Also, if you are shipping expensive products and want to secure your packages then you can add Insurance by checking the Add Insurance to Packages box & add Delivery Confirmation as well as shown below:


Select a different MyPost Business service

If you want to select a different MyPost Business service, you can change that under Select Rates and then proceed towards printing the label by clicking Generate Label.

mypost business rates

Once your label is generated you can print them under Download Documents

download documents

Scheduling MyPost Business Pickups

You can schedule your Pickups by logging into your MyPost Business account.


Read More – Schedule MyPost Buisness Pickups

Tracking MyPost Business orders

  • You can also track your orders under Track Order

mypost business tracking

  • This will redirect you to the Australia Post website to track your orders at every step. 

mypost business tracking

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