MyPost Business Shopify Integration

mypost business account

Australia Post MyPost Business provides customizable options to ship parcels. With this postal service, you save more money on shipping more packages since it provides volume-based discount. The best part is it integrates with eCommerce platform like Shopify.

This article discusses the steps to integrate MyPost Business account in Shopify, get MyPost Business rates, labels & live order tracking with Multi Carrier Shipping Label App.

On this page

  1. Add the MyPost Business Account
  2. MyPost Business Rates at the Shopify checkout
  3. Printing MyPost Shipping Label
  4. Tracking Australia Post MyPost Business orders

1.Add the Australia Post MyPost Business Account

Get the MyPost Business Credentials

mypost business login

  • Enter the email & password to login into your account.

mypost business login

  • Head over to Business details> Platform Partners

mypost business login

mypost business platform partners

  • Choose & connect the Platform partner PluginHive as shown below:

mypost business platform partners

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Continue.

mypost business terms & conditions

  • Add a payment method by entering your card details & click on Add Card


Configure MyPost Business within Multi Carrier Shipping Label App

  • Head back to your Shopify store & install Multi Carrier Shipping Label

  • Under Apps select Multi Carrier Shipping Label
  • Inside the app go to Settings>Carriers>Australia Post My Post Business 

mypost business

australia post mypost business

  • Integrate the Australia Post with the credentials. 
    a. Go back to the Platform Partners & Copy Token & paste it in Merchant Token as shown below:

copy token

b. Choose the payment method as Stored Payment or Charge Payment. If you choose Charge Payment then you have to enter the Charge Account Number.

payment method

2. Australia Post MyPost Business Rates at the checkout

Verify the carrier service list that you want to display at the checkout under Shipping Rates> Rate Automation as shown below:

mypost business rates

After the verification is successfully completed you will be able to see the shipping rates at the checkout:

checkout rates

3. Printing Australia Post MyPost Business Shipping Label

To print MyPost Business labels Select the order(s)> Generate labels as shown below:

mypost business label

Sample Australia Post MyPost Business label attached below:

shipping label

4. Australia Post MyPost Business Tracking

  • Select the order(s) & click on Track your Orders

order tracking

mypost business tracking

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