PostNord Shipping – All You Need To Know

PostNord is a leader in logistics and communication to, from, and within the Nordic region, including Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. As part of our universal postal service obligation, we distribute mail to consumers and companies in Sweden and Denmark. PostNord has over 28,000 employees delivering mail and parcels to almost every home and business within Northern Europe.


Why Choose PostNord Over Its Competitors

PostNord may be a new player within the logistics industry, however, they have developed a strong strategy for building their eCommerce business offerings. As a clear choice for many businesses located within Northern Europe, PostNord is typically the most recognized and trusted courier brand.

Reasons why PostNord continues to be the first choice for customers of eCommerce businesses:

  • PostNord continues to develop a strong advantage within the market by quickly adapting to offer digitalization to their customers.
    ECommerce customers continue to gain access to benefits and tools that can help them scale their business with the help of PostNord.
  • PostNord understands consumers and the need to have fast, reliable delivery of online orders.

PostNord Live Tracking and Updates

Customers awaiting parcels from PostNord can track their orders through the PostNord app. Messages sent via SMS and email are also available to keep customers updated on the status of their orders. PostNord APIs can easily be downloaded to your eCommerce website via PluginHive’s shipping apps.

Save your business the cost of an expensive web developer and your customers from having to seek support on their orders. One application from PluginHive gives you and your customers peace of mind that every order made is convenient, providing shipping options at checkout, and each parcel carrying their orders will arrive safely at the right time.


Does PostNord Deliver on Weekends?

PostNord delivers most parcels during the day on weekdays. In some areas evening deliveries are possible, and during the peak season also weekend deliveries.


Automate the PostNord shipping process for Shopify

Your business can easily integrate PostNord’s shipping tools and APIs into your Shopify-based business.

The Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App automates the shipping process for PostNord as well as many other popular courier companies. Customers are provided with multiple shipping rates at checkout and can choose the option that works best for their budget and timeline. Labels are generated instantly and automatically printed, which speeds up the shipping process exponentially. And, customers can track their orders at any time right from your website.


Automate the PostNord shipping process for WooCommerce


If your eCommerce business is hosted by WooCommerce, you can quickly begin shipping PostNord from your website with PluginHive’s WooCommerce Shipping Services app. Automate shipping with Live Rates, Once-Click Label Printing & Order Tracking for PostNord as well as many other major carriers.

Automate the PostNord shipping process for your other eCommerce-based platforms

PostNord can also be integrated into your Magento and BigCommerce websites so you can begin offering these features and services to your customers right away. Save your employees time from data entry and order support by easily automating the entire process error-free. PluginHive can provide a way to integrate PostNord’s APIs into your eCommerce website. Our customer support team is ready to help you grow your business.

PluginHive’s support team is an expert in almost every parcel and logistics company in the world. With an app to serve each courier as well as meet the demand of a growing business, PluginHive is there to ensure the order and shipping process is streamlined so you can scale your business. PluginHive offers an app for each courier, depending on the eCommerce platform you use. You can also benefit from their Automated Shipping Label app which provides valuable tools to your business. Reach out to a member of the team for more information.



  • PostNord Parcel(SE, FI)
  • PostNord Pallet (SE, FI)
  • PostNord Groupage (SE, FI)
  • PostNord Express Next Day (SE)
  • PostNord Part/Full Loads (SE)
  • PostNord MyPack Home (SE, FI)
  • PostNord MyPack Collect (SE, FI)
  • PostNord MyPack Home All Consignee (SE, FI)
  • PostNord InNight Reverse (SE)
  • PostNord Return Drop Off (SE, FI)
  • PostNord Parcel Post Home (SE, FI)
  • PostNord Parcel Post Collect (SE, FI)
  • PostNord Part/Full (SE)
  • PostNord InNight (SE)
  • PostNord MyPack Home Small (Parcel Letter) (SE)
  • PostNord DPD (SE)
  • Home Small
  • Tompall Distribution
  • Varubrev Retur
  • Rek
  • Varde
  • DPD Foretagspaket Special
  • Foretagspaket Comeback
  • International tracked letter
  • Brevpostforskott
  • Retail Delivery
  • Export Letter Sweden
  • Varubrev 1:a Klass
  • International Parcel
  • Expressbrev
  • MyPack Home / HomeDelivery Domestic only
  • Varubrev Ekonomi
  • Rek Retur

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