Print Canada Post Label from your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

If you are a WooCommerce store owner and require a flexible shipping solution that allows you to print official Canada Post shipping labels directly from your website, this article is surely going to help you.


With so many shipping solutions providing world class shipping services, now it is time for WooCommerce store owners to integrate shipping features within their store. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin is among those few shipping plugins, which offer a great deal of functionality. Using this plugin, WooCommerce store owners can easily carry out their day to day shipping requirements without any worries. In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin’s ability to print the WooCommerce Canada Post label directly from the store.

But before digging deep into Canada Post shipping labels, let’s take a look at the basic WooCommerce Shipping.

WooCommerce Shipping

Once you set up a WooCommerce store, along with the product weight and dimensions, you need to configure shipping too. The following are some important aspects of WooCommerce shipping:

  • Shipping Zones
    These are the geographic areas that store owners define. Shipping zones usually consist of groups of shipping destinations (countries, cities or states).
  • Shipping Methods
    These are the shipping services that a store owner uses to ship the products to the customers.
  • Shipping Classes
    The shipping classes are used to classify products on the basis of factors like weight, size, shipping address, etc.

By default, WooCommerce provides only two shipping methods, namely Free Shipping and Flat Rate Shipping. Free Shipping, as the name suggests, is free-of-cost shipping and Flat Rate Shipping allows store owners to charge a fixed amount to his customers. Besides these shipping methods, there are other ones that you can configure. But these mainly depend on the shipping service provider. In our case, WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin allows store owners to ship using Canada Post shipping services.

Canada Post Label

Canada Post provides shipping service mainly across Canada (as domestic shipping), and USA and other countries (as international shipping). Just like any other postal service, Canada Post requires a shipping label to be attached to the package that is shipped via Canada Post. The shipping label contains all the key information to move the package from one hand to another. That means the details necessary for every step of the supply chain, from the warehouse to your customer’s doorsteps. It also contains tracking information which both store owner, as well as customers, can use to track their package.

As important as it may seem, the shipping labels are generally printed from the official website of the shipping service provider. Being a WooCommerce store owner, this process can be time-consuming as well as tiring. Entering the shipping details for multiple orders, parcel details and then generating shipping labels for each order is a repetitive task. Hence, WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin allows vendors to print the shipping labels directly from the store’s back-office. This way all the details will be stored and the store owners won’t need to enter all the details to print the shipping label.

Shipping Label using WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin supports all the shipping services provided by Canada Post. If a customer places an order, all the details like the package weight and dimensions, shipping address, as well as the shipping service selected by the customers, is stored in the back-office.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

Some of the things that you need to check before printing shipping label are listed below.

  • Label Print Size
    The shipping label that is generated by the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Label can be printed in two sizes. The size 8.5 x 11 is available for everyone, whereas the size 4 x 6 is only available for the contract users.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

  • Manual Label Printing
    The plugin offers a choice on whether the packaging details will be filled on the orders page automatically or manually. It can be done manually by enabling this setting in the plugin settings page. Otherwise, the package dimensions and weight will be automatically listed.

Manual label printing

Once you are done with these settings, you can easily print Canada Post label from within the WooCommerce store. As soon as the order is placed, you need to select the order for which you want to print shipping label by clicking on the ‘Order Number’.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

After clicking the order, if ‘Manual Label Printing’ is enabled, then you need to create shipment before generating the shipping label. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin has an option to create shipment that is present on the Orders page.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

After generating the package, the following message will be visible on the top of the Orders Page.

shipment tracking

Also, the window on the right side will have the following options.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

The image above clearly shows,

  • Shipping Service
    The shipping service that was selected by the customer on the Cart page. This package will be shipped using this service (USA Xpresspost).
  • Shipment Number
    This is the shipment number (563381514982391471)
  • Package dimensions
    It contains the total billable weight and dimensions of the package. In this case, since the packing was done based only on the product weight, the package dimensions are not mentioned.
  • Print Label
    By clicking this option the Official Canada Post Shipping Label will be downloaded and the store owner will be able to print it within the store.
  • Void Shipment
    This option is used to cancel the shipment if need be. The customer may choose to cancel the order, or if the store owner needs to cancel the shipment due to any other circumstances, the void shipment option can be used for the same.
  • Transmit Package
    This option is used to generate the Official Canada Post Manifest.

Now to print the shipping label, you need to click on Print Label option mentioned in the above section. Based on the shipping service selected, Canada Post shipping labels may be different. For example, the shipping label for the shipping service Canada Post USA Xpresspost can be seen below.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

You can easily find the following details about the Canada Post Shipping Label shown above,

  1. The Shipping Service that is selected for delivery. In our case, the service was Xpresspost USA.
  2. Sender’s address is generally the store address or the location where the store is located. You can find this address in the WooCommerce General Settings.
  3. Shipping Address is the address where the shipment is going. The customer adds this address while placing an order.
  4. Product Name (or description) as mentioned on the website.
  5. Billable Weight is the weight of the product that is charged for shipping. This weight is generally rounded off and may or may not match the original weight of the product.
  6. Value of the package contains the price of the product, excluding the shipping charges.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step video showing how you can print a shipping label using WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin.


This article covers the process of printing WooCommerce Canada Post Label directly from the WooCommerce back-office. As discussed, using WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin, the task of printing shipping label becomes easier and simpler. Since WooCommerce stores all the details necessary for printing the shipping label in the WooCommerce Orders page, this plugin can easily fetch all those details and allow store owners to print shipping labels. And the plugin uses the official Canada Post API to get the shipping labels so that there can never be any discrepancies in terms of shipping details.

If you want to know more about other interesting features of the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin, please visit the official product page here. And for any query regarding the shipping labels feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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