Purolator Tracking for WooCommerce & Shopify


The number of people choosing to complete their purchases online rather than brick and mortar storefronts continues to increase each year. Online shopping doubled during the pandemic, however, Canadians and Americans have gotten comfortable with shopping virtually. In 2021, well over 28 million Canadians made online purchases. That’s almost 75% of all Canadians. 

One of the reasons, we expect, that Canadians have become so comfortable with online shopping are the increasingly quick delivery times and the convenience and trust that comes with live-tracking. In Canada, Purolator is one of the major shipping companies that residents and businesses choose to meet their e-commerce transportation needs. 

It has become vital for online businesses to provide real-time tracking information as part of their on-demand deliveries. Not only have consumers begun to expect this, but in order to match and beat the competition, live tracking is a must. If your business uses Shopify or WooCommerce and Purolator is one of your main shipping providers, real-time tracking is an easy integration to your website. 

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What is Purolator?

Purolator Inc. is a Canadian-based package delivery company. 91% of the company is owned by Canada Post and the rest is owned by other private companies. Canada Post is the country’s official mail courier which serves over 15 million addresses each day. Utilizing the resources available to them, Purolator provides an inexpensive and cost-effective method for parcel delivery.

Both Shopify and WooCommerce are considered two of Purolator’s top eCommerce platforms. Shopify especially is a leading partner with Purolator for small businesses in Canada. 

Purolator Tracking for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Purolator Shipping Method allows online businesses to utilize the Purolator API to calculate shipping rates as well as other services to enhance customer satisfaction. One option that Purolator’s APIs provide is the ability to live-track shipments. In order to utilize Purolator’s APIs, you will require a dedicated Purolator shipping plugin.

Purolator Tracking for WooCommerce

Customers can benefit from the Purolator tracking app plugin. Easily implement order tracking into your WooCommerce website that works with Purolator and other major shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL Express, and many others. 

The use of the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro plugin from PluginHive provides an advantage to businesses because it provides extra services and features that may not be as easily available when using the APIs alone. A web developer is more likely to set up an individual shipping company’s APIs in a standard method without the added benefit that a plugin provides. 

Features of the app include the ability to integrate real-time tracking into your customer’s membership page, define your own tracking messages branded to your business, use Bulk Import WooCommerce tracking details using CSV, FTP & SFTP upload, and more. You’re also able to see the history of sales and shipment dates for any customer, which allows you to better understand their buying habits so you can provide a more personalized experience. 

For a complete Purolator shipping solution for WooCommerce with rates, labels & tracking, learn more about the Purolator label generation plugin here.

Purolator Tracking for Shopify

Shopify Purolator allows you to integrate the Purolator APIs into your Shopify website with only a few steps. These integrations make it easy to automate shipping rates, print shipping labels, and track and manage your shipments. As noted above, in order to use Purolator’s APIs in your Shopify website, you need a dedicated Purolator shipping solution

Purolator Tracking for Shopify

Choosing to work with PluginHive to ensure your online business is maximizing its ability to benefit from all of the shipping carriers you use is the best option. For a much lower price than a hired web developer, you will gain the knowledge and experience of an entire team. Not only can you instantly begin using Purolator’s live tracking on Shopify, but also the entire selection of features and more from all the top shipping companies. 

If live tracking and notifications are your top priority, the Shopify Shipment Tracking and Notifications App is a preferred option. For only 9$, your online business gains access to live tracking email notifications, amazing customer support, an integrated tracking lookup page within your Shopify store, and the ability to monitor shipments from your Personal Tracking Dashboard. These services are typically more extensive than those offered from Purolator’s API alone. 

For a complete Purolator shipping solution for Shopify with rates, labels & tracking, learn more about the Purolator label generation plugin here. 

Purolator Live Tracking Is an Essential Feature For Your Website

By providing your customers with live tracking, not only are you maximizing your ability to stand out from your competitors, but you’re providing trust and dependability. Retaining your customers and keeping them coming back is vital to keeping your costs low over time, so by providing them with the services consumers expect, you’re nurturing a valuable relationship. Live tracking also minimizes buyer remorse because customers continuously get reminded about how quickly their packages are coming, which also limits overall anxiety for them as well as you. 

To learn more about the requirements from Purolator to use APIs within your WooCommerce or Shopify website, such as getting your Purolator Activation Key and registering for Web Services, you can visit the Purolator website. Our trusted team of experts in almost every shipping company across the globe can also help answer any questions and ensure your business is set up for success with Purolator.

If you have any other questions about PluginHive or want to start a conversation about how we can meet your unique business needs, our customer support team is here and ready to help. Let’s chat.