Top Shopify Themes for 2022 – Free and Premium

Shopify Themes

Thousands of eCommerce business owners will spend hours attempting to make the most attractive website possible for their customers. Because, well, the better the website the more likely visitors will convert into customers. Your website’s quality and reputation will depend – at least in some part – on the design. 

It takes about 0.05 seconds for visitors to a website to form an opinion that will determine whether they like your site or not. That fast opinion will also determine whether they stay or leave.

Remember, most themes allow you to add your own design flair, change settings and formatting, etc., so it matches your needs. And, of course, you can integrate your favorite third-party application to ensure your entire website is streamlined for your customers, from browsing, checkout, and shipping.

Shopify offers about 76 themes to purchase or use right from the platform and there are many more available through other third-party sources. Picking a theme can be daunting, especially when there are so many to choose from. We’ve gathered the top Shopify themes, both free and paid, that are currently trending with the eCommerce site. Depending on the style and goals of your business, you may find one will work perfectly for your business.

Top Free Shopify Themes

Shopify offers multiple free themes that businesses of all sizes and purposes can use to build their website. While many free themes can lack somewhat in design and functionality, for those businesses on a budget, they can provide the right amount of customization to set themselves up for some sales. In fact, some of the best Shopify themes are free. 

Here are the top free Shopify themes of 2022:

  • Debut Theme
  • Narrative Theme
  • Simple Theme

Debut Theme

Debut is a free Shopify theme designed with a simplistic showcase in mind. It provides all the basics eCommerce sites need to get started and scale their business. Tools include slideshows, predictive search, and product filtering. It’s designed for smaller catalogs. 

Narrative Theme

Designed by Shopify, Narrative is optimal for brands with a focus on storytelling. It’s great for small catalogs and provides features such as hero video, fixed navigation, and wider layout options. 

Simple Theme

Simple is just that – a minimal theme for Shopify businesses wanting to just focus on their product. It’s clean and showcases catalogs well with great image outlines. It comes with a sidebar menu, product image zoom, product recommendations, and more. 

Top Premium Shopify Themes

Shopify themes

Premium themes are for businesses that need a little more than the broader themes available for free. They often need to manage multiple areas with an abundance of tasks or perform more than what a free template can be used to create. Or, they might just prefer a paid theme because it’s less likely to be found across hundreds of other websites. 

Here are some of the top premium Shopify themes:

  • Responsive Theme
  • Testament Theme
  • Handy Theme
  • Flow Theme
  • Loft Theme
  • Boost Theme
  • Story Theme
  • Mobilia Theme
  • Galleria Theme
  • Split Theme

Responsive Theme

Likely the most popular and most recognizable theme from Shopify, the Responsive theme by Out of the Sandbox is $220 USD and looks incredible on any screen, from a tiny iPhone 6s to a desktop and beyond. The themes are highly customizable and provide a variety of layouts to choose from. It’s designed for stores that also do in-person selling and want to tell a story with their content. 

Testament Theme

The Testament theme is another widely popular theme and for good reason. For $260 USD, it’s best for stores selling apparel, household items, and beauty products as it is mostly image-based but of high-def quality. It’s optimized to provide a streamlined customer experience and fast online shopping. There’s also an unlimited free trial – you pay when you publish. 

Handy Theme

Great for arts and entertainment and clothing and accessories, the Handy theme by Red Plug Design Co. is meant for mobile-first browsing and smaller screens. For $180 USD, online shipping is simplified and quick with many selling options available as well as a wide variety of marketing tools. There’s also an unlimited free trial – you pay when you publish. 

Flow Theme

A more expensive theme option at $350 USD, Flow by Eight provides a minimalistic design that still provides sophistication to the shopping experience. It’s intended for high-volume stores with smaller catalogs. Visual pages are high-quality and appealing without being distracting. An unlimited free trial is available. 

Loft Theme

Designed by Trailblaze Media,  Loft is geared toward businesses that value a promotion-first brand. It allows for great long-form content and storytelling and comes with many marketing and promotional tools to sell your products and your brand. There’s also an unlimited free trial – you pay when you publish. 

Boost Theme

Boost by Clean Canvas is a colorful theme that brightens up a shop for products such as children’s toys and accessories, pet items, and games. It’s set up for higher volume shops as it provides a large catalog ability but works well for any sized eCommerce store. It’s available for $280USD and also comes with a free unlimited trial. 

Story Theme

As its name implies, Story by the Groupthought provides a platform for brands wanting to focus on storytelling. For $280 USD and a free unlimited trial, users gain access to customizable and powerful filtering for catalogs, multiple sections, and a mobile-first optimization. 

Mobilia Theme

Another popular theme by Out of the Sandbox, Mobilia allows you to showcase your brand with smooth content integration, custom promotion lists, and quick buy options. It is designed and built for medium-sized catalogs and is available with a free trial or $180USD.

Galleria Theme

Galleria by Mile High Themes is $250 USD and is an image-focused theme intended for large inventories, and any size of the catalog. As its name suggests, Galleria comes with stunning gallery options and slideshow capabilities so you can provide a strong image for your brand and products. 

Split Theme

Intended for very visual brands who still want to include an aspect of storytelling, Split by Krown Themes suits ant catalog size and provides options for quick sales and a split-screen layout. It comes with many promotional tools to help boost conversions. 

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