WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin – Streamline Your Canada Post Shipping Today!

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping

In this article, we will show you how WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin and its features like automating real-time shipping rates, printing Canada Post shipping labels, support for domestic, international and the US-based shipments, and live tracking for your shipments, help you streamline Canada Post shipping for your store.

An Overview

In search of a complete shipping solution, you might have tried your hands on various shipping solutions available online. However, there are certain aspects of shipping that can be very difficult to achieve even with the help of different shipping solutions. In this article, we will cover all the aspects of WooCommerce shipping and show you how WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin is the best choice for your online store.

Real-time Canada Post Rates – Perfect Balance between Accuracy and Flexibility!

Canada Post rates on the cart page

Flat-rates may be one of the easiest ways to define shipping options for your website. However, there is always a risk of undercharging your customers and bearing the cost of shipping on your own. And since you have full control over the flat rates, you may end up overcharging them for shipping. This may cause you a lot of trouble by pushing your customers away towards a better and cheaper option.

Shipping rates adjustment

Finding the sweet spot where you have both the accuracy and the flexibility of charging shipping from your customers, is what this plugin does. With Real-time Canada Post Shipping Rates, you get the exact shipping rates that Canada Post charges. On top of it, you have the flexibility to have an additional cost (handling fee) added to the shipping rates. Or you can just make your customers happy to provide a 50% off on shipping as a loyalty discount.

Canada Post Lettermail – Deliver Your Envelops Without any Hassle

Canada Post provides its users a convenient and cost-effective way to send personal messages, business correspondence, invoices, and billing statements within Canada.

This can include:

  • Letters, cards (including postcards) or similar communications, self-mailer
  • An annual, semi-annual or quarterly report
  • Receipts or invoices (or similar document containing financial information)
  • Notice of voting for federal, provincial or municipal events
  • A CD or DVD (must be submitted to Canada Post for testing and approval)
  • A flexible magnet
  • Dry biological specimens

Well, it is a great news for you if you prefer Lettermail over other shipping services from Canada Post. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin now supports official Canada Post Lettermail for your WooCommerce store.

Canada Post Lettermails

All you need to do is enable these services from the settings and any parcel which meets the requirements for Lettermails will get Lettermail shipping rates as well as the respective shipping labels directly from your website.

Customize Your Packaging with Box Packing & Weight Based Parcel Packing Methods

Worried about packing your products together..?

Now no more worries about the product packaging or the safety of your products while in-transit. We give you the power to choose how you want to pack your products. Choose from options like,

  • Individual Packing
    A safer packaging option for small businesses.
  • Weight-based packing
    A cheaper and more flexible packing option that allows you to pack items based on the product weight.
  • Box Packing with custom weight and dimensions
    Most desirable packing option if you are having your own packing boxes available. It provides insight into the best possible way to pack your products in your customized boxes.

Custom Boxes with different weight and dimensions

Canada Post Label Printing Made Convenient and Less Time-Consuming!

Do you still visit the Canada Post website or the Post Office to get the shipping labels for your shipments..?

Well, it is about to change now. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin lets you download printable shipping labels directly from your website. What’s more interesting is that you can download shipping labels for your orders with just a single click. No more logging into the Canada Post website and spending hours entering shipment details to get your shipping labels.

Print Canada Post Shipping labels

We do make sure you get all the shipping labels for your shipments, and hence, you can even get the return shipment label generated directly from your WooCommerce store. No more worrying about the shipping labels.

Don’t Let your Customers Wait for their Delivery!
Provide Estimated Delivery Dates and Make Them Happier

We understand that you want your customers to have an amazing shipping experience. As soon as the customers visit your website, you can choose to display an estimated date on which they can expect their delivery. This creates a feeling of trust between the store and the customers.

Estimated Delivery Dates on the cart page

Imagine the excitement of the customers when they get shipping rates on the cart page along with the delivery dates for each shipping option. This way it becomes very easy to turn your potential customers into customers. As many customers don’t really buy a product because they have no idea when it will be delivered and whether they will be there to receive the delivery. Hence, by providing them an exact date of delivery means they can be assured and go on with the purchase. This means, more sales and more customers for your website!

Relax and Track your Shipments – In Real-Time!

Talking about the shipment tracking, we provide you with the ultimate experience with shipment tracking via Canada Post. When it comes to tracking your packages, WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin allows you to track all your orders. This way you can have an idea of the whereabouts of your shipments.


The same goes for your customers too. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin not only lets you track your packages throughout the world but provides your customers the tracking details via an Email. This way your customers won’t have to rely on you to get notified about the whereabouts of their package. Or they can even access the tracking details of their orders by logging in to your website and clicking on Orders in the MyAccounts section.

Get Canada Post Manifests for All Your Shipments!

For Contract users, Canada Post makes it mandatory to print a manifest at the end of the day and list all the shipments and their details in it. If you fail to do so, Canada Post may close the day on your behalf and print a manifest for your shipments. However, to avoid paying additional charges for that, you require a mechanism to get a copy of manifests that will include all the orders that are ready to ship.

With WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin, you can transmit all your shipments at the end of the day and generate a manifest for all the orders that are ready for shipping.

Official Canada Post Manifest

And the best part, you get to download a dedicated manifest based on the shipments. Domestic and International Shipments both have their separate manifests. All this with just a single click.

Shipment Insurance & Security – A Complete Shipping Solution!

A parcel can get damaged at any point before the actual delivery. Whether it is during the transit or while it is in the distribution center. Hence, it is always good to have your shipments insured to avoid any loss to your store.

With WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin, you have got the option to provide coverage (insurance) for your shipments. Once you enable it in the plugin settings, all your shipments are insured and in case of any mishappenings, the carrier will bear the cost instead of you.

There are other options that you can enable in the plugin settings to make sure the shipment is delivered exactly to your customers. These options include,

  • Safe Drop
    Canada Post may attempt to deliver the shipments at your customer’s address. However, if the customer is not available, Canada Post may even leave the package at a safe location at the destination.
    In case the product is valuable and you do not want it to get misplaced, you can opt for “Do Not Safe Drop” option in the plugin settings and make sure the delivery is received by the customer only.
  • Receiver’s Signature Option
    You can mandate the receiver to provide a signature at the time of collecting the package. This way you can be assured that the delivery is received correctly. You can even ask for an age proof in case the shipment contains alcohol or other chemicals. The plugin provides these options,

    • Signature Required
    • Age Proof Required (Above 18 years)
    • Age Proof Required (Above 19 years)

Additional Security options

Extensive Compatibility with WPML

When it comes to multi-lingual capabilities, there is hardly any plugin as good as WPML Multi-Lingual Plugin. It helps you to smoothly run your website in different parts of the world. This way your customers from different countries can place orders and get their shipments delivered to them.

Multi-Lingual Support

Well, fortunately, WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin is fully compatible with WPML and supports the multi-lingual functionality with the help of WPML plugin. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your customers in different countries. The plugin will carry out shipping flawlessly throughout the world.

Business Scenarios Handled by WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin

One of the amazing parts of dealing with so many satisfied customers is the fact that you get to know the business better day after day. Not only we help our customers with their shipping needs, but we also make sure it helps others that are looking for a similar solution.

Hence, here are some business cases, directly from our customers. We hope these will help you with your business.

Want To Charge Free Shipping while Shipping & Tracking your Orders via Canada Post?

There are business cases where a store owner would provide a free shipping to the customers. However, in such a scenario, especially when the products don’t weigh much and can be shipped via Lettermails, there is not much expense in terms of shipping cost.

Using WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin, you can easily ship your orders with Free Shipping via any of the official Canada Post shipping services. Besides, you will get real-time shipping rates in the back-end for comparison, shipping labels and the ability to track your packages.

Returns via Canada Post!

Do you provide free returns for your products..?

Well, now you can provide easy returns to all your customers and even make it more convenient for them by providing a return label.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin not only generates shipping labels for your shipments but also provides pre-paid return labels. Your customers can get these labels by downloading them from their MyAccounts page on your website. Just pack the products, place the return shipping label and it will be delivered to you without any hassle.

Final Thoughts…

Want to know more about the plugin..?

Check out our Knowledgebase and Business Cases in order to learn more about the versatility of WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us and discuss your shipping scenario with our shipping experts. We will definitely get back to you and make your shipping experience better.

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