WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin [4.1.7] – Now with Hold At FedEx Location

With this article, we have got you a new version of the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin with some really useful features, along with various improvements. To know what all changes are there in the plugin’s functionality check out the complete changelog.

In this article, we will check out all the new features that we have introduced in the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin version 4.1.7, and how these new features will help you make your WooCommerce shipping better. So, the latest version of FedEx shipping plugin now gets you the following new features.

  • Hold at FedEx Location
  • Dry Ice Weight
  • Once-click FedEx Label & Custom Invoice printing from the Order List page

Now, let’s check out how these features can make WooCommerce shipping easier for you.

1. Hold At FedEx Location – The Perfect Combination of Security, Control, Flexibility & Convenience for your customers

For those who can not get time from their busy schedule to wait and take deliveries, FedEx has a built-in feature of Hold At FedEx Location. Not only it allows your customers to make sure the product will be delivered securely, but it also allows them to pick up the orders based on their convenience.

Here are some examples when Hold at FedEx Location is a practical option for you or your customers:

  • Busy schedule
    The convenient hours at FedEx Office locations offer the flexibility demanded by busy schedules. In many cases, your customers can pick up their packages before the scheduled delivery time.
  • Security
    Customers concerned about leaving packages unattended at their residence will appreciate the security of having them held at a nearby FedEx Office location. And with the holidays arriving, this is a great service to promote to your customers.
  • Sensitive items
    If the contents are susceptible to outside conditions, use Hold at FedEx Location to keep the package safe from the elements.
  • ID required
    When the delivery requires a signed proof of identification, a FedEx Office team member can verify it for you.
  • Peace of mind
    Rather than list a home address, your customers can request to have their packages held at a FedEx Office location nearby.
  • Easier traveling
    Does your business cater to tourists? Do you own an antique store or gift shop? Suggest to your vacationing customers that you can send their souvenirs and gifts to their neighborhood FedEx Office so their packages are waiting when they return home. They also might be interested to know they can even send their luggage on ahead instead of struggling in long airport lines.

How to Enable Hold At FedEx option on your WooCommerce store..?

All you need to do is, enable the Hold At FedEx Location option in the plugin settings page, as shown in the image below.

**Note: You need to enable Hold At FedEx Location service for your FedEx Account in order to use this using the plugin.

FedEx Hold At Location

Once enabled, the option to choose from various FedEx Post Office Locations would be available on the checkout page, only after entering the correct address. As shown in the image below, the customers can choose from various FedEx Post Office locations and place the order.

FedEx Hold At location on the cart page

On successfully placing the order, the address of the FedEx Post Office location will be reflected in the Ship To address, as shown in the image below.

Hold at location on orders page

2. Include Dry Ice Weight for Shipping Calculation

There are cases where you are required to ship certain types of perishable products and even chemicals, making sure that they are kept in a cold surrounding. FedEx provides the option to ship their products along with dry ice.

However, now you can add the weight of the dry ice you would be used to ship the product. This way this weight will be used to calculate the shipping rates and will be displayed to the customers.

You can set the weight of the dry ice used, in the product page, as shown in the image below.

FedEx Dry Ice Weight

3. Easy One-Click Label & Custom Invoice Printing from the Orders page

It becomes a very tedious task to manually open each order and then generate and print the shipping label for each order. Especially, when you are shipping internationally, you are also required to print custom invoice slips along with the shipping label for the orders.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin now allows you to print both the shipping label as well as the commercial invoice directly from the orders page, as shown in the image below.

Invoice and label

Final Thoughts…

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin with Print Labels helps customers display live shipping rates from FedEx, generate and print shipping labels from within their online store, track their shipments worldwide and much more. Besides this, with every new release, we thrive to provide more convenient ways that will help you manage your store better, as well as, provide your customers with a great experience.

This new version is no exception to that. With all the customer feedback and the market research, the plugin is now more complete than ever. So before getting your hands onto the plugin, check out WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin and other cool features this plugin provides.

Or, if you are already using this plugin, make sure you update to the latest version to continue enjoying the amazing features this plugin provides.

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