EasyPost Shipping – All You Need To Know

EasyPost is a reliable, low-cost shipping company designed to provide multiple features and discounts to eCommerce businesses. It’s essentially an API that can be integrated with your website through a web developer or an authorised plugin to allow access to multiple carriers’ services without the need to register or download separate data/code for each.

It’s important to distinguish that EasyPost is not an application that can be downloaded. It is a service that provides the APIs you need for multiple shipping companies that you can download as a single company using PluginHive’s applications. More details on these applications are provided further in this article.


EasyPost Shipping for your eCommerce store


Why Choose EasyPost Over Its Competitors?

There’s a reason why EasyPost continues to grow within the market. Downloading the APIs into your website directly through an expensive developer or one application at a time is time-consuming. EasyPost keeps the solution simple: unmated integration into your website and easy access to every service you need to grow your business. It’s important to stay ahead of the competition in this booming market and EasyPost helps you do just that.

EasyPost isn’t just a great option for eCommerce brands sending millions of parcels each year. Small businesses can also greatly benefit from EasyPost with shipping rates and discounts geared directly towards them. Businesses have access to USPS Commercial Plus Pricing for both domestic and international shipping.


Services Offered By EasyPost

There are two types of flexible registration options available for EasyPost users. Remember, these fees are in addition to the cost of shipping from the carrier itself. Find out more about pricing on the EasyPost website.


Free membership for up to 120,000 packages per year. This option is perfect for small businesses that don’t expect to send more than 120,000 parcels per year but want to benefit from all that EasyPost has to offer.

  • Tracking for each package
  • Free address verification with each label
  • Shipping insurance for 0.5% of the value


Custom pricing depends on your unique business requirements. This option is preferable for larger eCommerce brands expecting to ship more than 120,000 parcels per year.

  • Unlimited shipments
  • Unlimited tracking
  • Unlimited address verification (domestic and international)
  • Shipping insurance for 0.4% or less
  • SmartRate API for enterprise rate shopping

  • Enterprise delivery analytics

  • Custom carrier integrations

  • Dedicated support

EasyPost SHIPPING carriers SUPPORTED by pluginhive

  • Amazon MWS
  • APC
  • Asendia USA (Legacy)
  • Asendia USA
  • Australia Post
  • AxlehireV3
  • Better Trucks
  • Bond
  • Canada Post
  • Canpar
  • CDL Last Mile Solutions
  • Courier Express
  • CouriersPlease
  • Dai Post
  • DHL Parcel
  • DPD
  • DPD UK
  • Estafeta
  • Fastway
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Cross Border
  • FedEx MailView
  • FedEx SameDay City
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • Globegistics
  • GSO
  • Hermes
  • Interlink Express
  • Newgistics
  • OmniParcel
  • OnTrac
  • OSM Worldwide
  • Parcelforce
  • Passport Global
  • PCF Final Mile
  • Purolator
  • Royal Mail
  • ePost Global
  • SF Express
  • Spee-Dee
  • StarTrack
  • TForce
  • Deutsche Post UK
  • DHL Ecommerce Asia
  • DHL eCommerce Solutions
  • DHL Express
  • UPS
  • LaserShipV2
  • Loomis Express
  • LSO
  • UPS i-Parcel
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UDS
  • USPS
  • Veho

Other Features and Benefits of EasyPost

According to EasyPost, by registering with them instead of with each shipping company directly, your eCommerce business gets:

Custom pricing depends on your unique business requirements. This option is preferable for larger eCommerce brands expecting to ship more than 120,000 parcels per year.

  • Insurance
  • Tracking webhooks
  • Built-in address verification
  • Monitoring and status updates
  • Support and domain expertise
  • An architecture that scales with you

EasyPost is also completely customizable, which means you never have to worry about outgrowing their services or needing to pay more money just because you earn more.

  • Shipping API: Purchase labels for more than 100 different carriers from a single menu.
  • Tracking API: Monitor package movements from the warehouse to the front door.
  • Shipping Insurance: Automatic insurance for all packages.
  • Address Verification: Automated address verification for fewer delivery errors.
  • Logistics (formerly referred to as “Fulfillment”): Fully optimized delivery via cutting-edge shipping and sorting technology.
  • Freight Shipping: Move mass orders via freight for deep discounts.
  • International & Customs: Handle international shipping with ease.

Shipping Labels from EasyPost

EasyPost also has a simple shipping label service. The first $250 worth of shipments is free upon registration. This tool allows you to generate shipping labels immediately for USPS, FedEx, and other major carriers. This tool also comes with added discounts for your business and can be printed right from home or your business.

Downloading PluginHive’s application provides you with automated shipping label generation. Your business gains the ability to pay for all your invoices directly from your website using the Direct Label Interface provided by EasyPost.


Does EasyPost Deliver on Weekends?

The delivery day of a parcel using EasyPost depends on the shipping company you choose to use to send customer orders. This decision may also be made by your customers and can be made depending on whether the shipper has Saturday delivery. Major shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS offer Saturday delivery as part of their standard business hours or as an additional fee.


Automate the EasyPost shipping process for Shopify


EasyPost shipping directly from
Shopify dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your Shopify dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

Easypost label

Print 100s of EasyPost
Shipping Labels

Seamlessly generate and print EasyPost shipping labels directly from the Shopify dashboard for more convenience.


Send EasyPost Delivery Tracking Updates via email

Send live order tracking updates to Shopify customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

The best app for maximizing all of the services available from EasyPost is those offered by PluginHive. Shopify-based eCommerce brands can automate the shipping process with the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App. Customers can choose the best rate at checkout from multiple carriers depending on their own preferences. They can then track their orders live from your website instead of needing to call your customer support for an update.

Pay for invoices right from your website and generate and print shipping labels individually or in bulk. Labels will be error-free and the chance of returns will be minimized because addresses are verified as part of the APIs integrated from EasyPost.

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Automate the EasyPost Shipping Process for WooCommerce


EasyPost shipping directly from WooCommerce dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your WooCommerce dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

Easypost label

Print EasyPost Shipping

Seamlessly generate and print EasyPost shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce dashboard for more convenience.


Send EasyPost Delivery Tracking

Send live order tracking updates to customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

WooCommerce customers using EasyPost can easily integrate the APIs into their website using the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin. Benefit from live tracking, real-time rates for multiple carriers provided to customers at checkout, address verification, and so much more. Your business can quickly generate and print multiple shipping labels and shorten the processing time dramatically.


Automate the EasyPost shipping process for your other eCommerce-based platforms

Is your eCommerce business hosted by another platform such as Magento or BigCommerce?

PluginHive’s dedicated team of experts on almost every shipping company can provide you with an app or service to meet any of your business’ shipping needs. Whether you want to optimize the services offered by EasyPost or any other shipping company, our support team is here and ready to discuss your needs even if you don’t think you see what you need from your eCommerce platform app catalog.Learn more about the shipping service apps available from PluginHive by reaching out to our shipping experts now!


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