Check out our tailor-made solutions to some of the complex WooCommerce bookings scenarios. With the help of WooCommerce bookings plugins and add-ons developed by PluginHive, you too can make booking & rentals seamless for your WooCommerce store.

Why do these add-ons come with a fee & are not considered free?

You might be wondering why we have listed these add-ons as paid. 

1. Specific, complex business requirements

These add-ons allow you to add some of the complicated bookings & rental scenarios that are very specific to the business. Most of the WooCommerce store owners generally do not require the functionalities provided by these add-ons and hence these features can not be included in the premium bookings plugins.

2. Easy to manage, install & use plugins with GUI

All these add-ons were a part of “code snippets” in the past. However, we no longer recommend these code snippets as they are difficult to manage and use, especially without a developer. Instead, we provide easy-to-manage add-on plugins that can be installed, activated, and even deactivated in case of any issues.

3. Updated & Compatible with WooCommerce & WordPress

All our premium plugins are updated regularly and made compatible with the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce, and some of the popular plugins like WPML, Multi-currency, Multi-vendor, etc. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to keep all the add-ons updated & compatible with our premium plugin to offer seamless usage.

Search Booking Availability for your WooCommerce Products

While providing bookings, you may want customers to only enter the date and time of their stay and choose from the available options on your website.

Using PluginHive’s WooCommerce Bookings Availability Search Widget addon, you get a widget that you can place on your website. The widget will let your customers input the date they want to book and displays all the available products for that period.

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work

The widget will be displayed on your website’s Home page and Shop page.

bookings search results based on availability
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Provide Multiple Booking Intervals to choose from

Letting customer book a specific duration is a difficult task, as it is not supported by default in WooCommerce. Customers have to manually select the booking slots and then proceed with bookings.

However, PluginHive’s WooCommerce Custom Booking Intervals add-on, lets you create multiple intervals for the customers to choose from while booking. This way you can let customers book a dedicated interval for each one of your WooCommerce products.

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work

custom booking intervals
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Adjust WooCommerce Booking Cost based on different factors

There are times when you may need to tweak the booking cost a little bit based on various factors to gain more customers. PluginHive’s WooCommerce Booking Cost Adjustment addon, allows you to easily adjust the booking cost based on the following factors.

  • WooCommerce Bookable Product Name
  • Bookable Time Range
  • Number of Blocks Booked

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work

cost adjustment per booking season
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Skip WooCommerce Checkout Process for Bookings

The WooCommerce checkout process can be tedious process, especially when it comes to placing a booking. By default, WooCommerce allows you to skip the cart and proceed directly to the checkout process. However, skipping the checkout process is not a built-in functionality in WooCommerce.

With the help of PluginHive’s SkipWooCommerce Checkout Process for Bookings addon, you customers can place the bookings with a single click. The addon prevents customers to go through the checkout process automatically as soon as they click on the Book Now button on the booking calendar.

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work

skip bookings cart page
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Create Booking Participants for Group Booking

WooCommerce store owners providing online booking for tours, travel packages, etc. often take up group bookings where a certain number of people make up a single booking.

Using PluginHive’s WooCommerce Bookings Participant Groups addon, it becomes easy to set up group bookings on your WooCommerce store. The add-on allows you to create groups with a particular size as shown in the image below. Once the customer selects the group and proceeds to book, the addon makes the booking for all the members of the group. 

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work.

Group Members
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Book Appointments Across the Unavailable Days

Although there may be certain days when your booking services are unavailable, it is important that these days do not hinder customers from making reservations.

That’s where PluginHive’s “Book Dates Across Unavailable Days” add-on comes in handy. With this addon, your customers can easily make bookings across the days when your services are unavailable. The addon will let customers place a booking that starts before the unavailable period and extends beyond it.

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work

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Block Product Availability Based on Other Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin allows you to assign an asset to two or more products automatically. The plugin ensures that the asset quantity is reduced from each of these products whenever a booking happens to any of the products for a particular date or time.

Using PluginHive’s Block product availability based on other bookings add-on, it becomes easy to block the availability of all the other products for a particular booking slot when a specific product among them is already booked by the customer and vice versa.

Note – This addon requires the following plugins to work.

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