sirpa mastall

Sirpa Mastall

If you look for pricely nice solution with great team behind who are very open to find solutions. If you might have a specific scenario please go ahead with PluginHive.

bob morgan

Bob Morgan

Very simple, very easy, great company to work with. Great support.

elizabith manning

Elizabeth Manning

Great plugin! Easy to set up and yet so powerful, with so many useful features. And the support has been just wonderful: very helpful, friendly and effective.

angel dence

Ángel Denche

I wanted to recommend a plugin from PluginHive, in this case, WooCommerce Bookings. We have used it in some of our latest projects and we are very happy, especially with the technical service. They have developed specific plugins that we needed (very specific) for our clients. All this, in a super-fast way and at a very reasonable price. 5 stars for PluginHive guys!.



PluginHive WooCommerce and Appointments plugin is a very powerful Add-on to WooCommerce. If you install the Dokan integration module, your vendors will be able to sell services and bookable items. The other point to note is that PluginHive support team is very professional and responsive and they are always there to help you. I am fully confident in PluginHive.

guy plouffe

Guy Plouffe

PluginHive has been very responsive, not only in the creation of this plugin a couple of years ago, but also if there is any problem. I would highly recommend this plugin and PluginHive as a company.

WC Bookings testimonial icon

Bookings and Appointments Plugin


Susanne Wenke
After a long research we discovered this plugin and where so happy to see that we can cover both rental bookings for the yoga studio as well as personal coaching appointments.


Sebastian Von der becke
The Calendar has all the great features of the ones that are super expensive for less money. Great product, great quality, Great price. If there is any problem, the support respond quickly.


Alyssa Little
Fantastic plugin, easy to setup and use, support have been amazing very helpful, sorted my issue and release an update in speedy time. Both my client and I are very happy with the booking plugin.

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UPS Shipping Plugin

WC UPS testimonial icon

Rex Stevens
Great plugin and great customer service. We have been using this plugin for years with no problems and when we needed some help with some customizations they were very helpful and prompt. We will be using this for a long time to come.


Becky Tibbets
Best plugin support I have ever received. FAST! Really folks – within minutes and multiple times same day. Unheard of support. Nothing complicated about this company – highly recommend! Could not be happier! P.S. Plugin works very well also.


John Briney
Great plugin, does exactly what we needed. Had a quick hiccup on first install but the support was fast to diagnose and solved it. Definitely recommend for WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin.

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FedEx Shipping Plugin

WC UPS testimonial icon

Justin Allen
WOW, what an amazing plugin. Comes packed with tons of features and the control you need over your shipments in detail. Support is top-notch. I had some config issues, on my end and they’re support implemented a solution. These guys are great, thank you so much.


Joseph Schubert
Outstanding WordPress plugin company! Excellent products and professional support. Any issues I’ve ever had, which many of the times has nothing to do with their plugins, is followed up on quickly. I build and manage 100’s of WP sites, and PluginHive is one of the best plugin companies I’ve used. Keep up the great work.


Michael Tidmore
I’ve never had better support from any WordPress plugin author. I’ve had some quirky issues that were mainly my fault (user error) and they were very generous in helping me out! Thanks again!

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Canada Post Shipping Plugin

WC UPS testimonial icon

Casper Vision
Great product, does exactly what it says it will do. We use it mostly for saving time with printing shipping labels. So fast and easy to do it right from the order page. Would def recommend.


Mélanie Tremblay
The support team was present with me on each step that I was facing issues. Very patient and professional, all of their recommandations did work perfectly. Now this fantastic plugin is a life saver for my client when time come to finalize orders with Canada Post.


Kevin Lee
I did require some minor customization and Support was very helpful. They actually went into the Back-End of my site to do the customization for me. They completed the work really fast, explained exactly what they did and even provided screenshots of what they did.

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WC UPS testimonial icon

Shopify FedEx
Rates, Labels & Tracking App


This app is remarkably good. I’m surprised FedEx shipping integration isn’t part of out-of-the-box Shopify, but this app provides even more functionality and convenience than I would expect from an out-of-the-box solution.


This app had all the functionality that we were looking for! Setting it up and connecting it with our FedEx account was quite technical, though the support team walked us through and were very helpful, responsive, and even communicated with FedEx so that our account would be set up properly. Absolutely recommend it!


FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking has helped us get much more accurate shipping rates for our customers. And the support team is extremely responsive and helpful. They were able to solve a technical issue with Fedex rate calculation that was generating wonky rates. We couldn’t recommend the app more!

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Table Rate Shipping Pro

WC UPS testimonial icon

Arno Lippassaar
All I can say is “WOW” It’s perfect and the support is just over the top!! This is fantastic and will use for all my clients that need a shop page with products. You can’t get it any better than PluginHive. What a great team of individuals ready to help you. Thank you!


Andrew Mckean
Great plugin. Simply does what it should. I have been using this plugin for over 2 years with great success, until I ran into an issue which turned out to be a conflict with another plugin I was using. The amazing support went the extra mile to test and re-test everything.


Danna Rossi
Off the hook amazing support! I have purchased MANY plugins from various places and the customer support here is amazing, it’s doesn’t get much better than this.

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Multi-carrier Shipping Plugin

WC UPS testimonial icon

Wayne Eddy
Very responsive and helpful. Stayed with us until the problem was fixed. Thank you!


Tom Litchfield
Support is fast problems are resolved quickly. This helps me to feel confident in this product.


Jerry Haugen
The programmers were eager to make modifications, particularly around home vs business recipient addresses, to help get the proper options displayed.

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Shipment Tracking Pro

WC Shipment tracking testimonial icon

Floriane Abadie
Great plugin. Support was quick and very efficient. They developped a feature I wanted. I recommend strongly.


Rob Rama
This is a good investment for your WooCommerce website. Tracking capability is de facto today. I would be very put off if a store did not provide tracking. This plugin does exactly that.


Michael Richards
Great plugin, does what you need. Support was excellent and our issue was sorted out quickly. Enjoy the flexibility of the integration as it allows us to use couriers which are often not integrated with other shipping plugins.

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Estimated Delivery Date

WC Estimated Delivery Date testimonial icon

Adam Harris
Brilliant plugin that makes the shopping experience for my customers much more informative! Saves a lot of questions regarding when deliveries can be expected. Their support is also second to none! Highly recommended!


Scott Mansell
This plugin was exactly what we wanted to be more accurate with delivery estimates for our global customers. This better communication regarding delivery date will reduce complaints and give a better service on our side.


Abhishek Srivastava
The plugin does what it says. I wanted few modification and the tech team was there to support. Within no time they developed it and incorporated in the plugin. Good to see such a quick response time.

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WC UPS testimonial icon

Multi Carrier Shipping Label App


Believe Athletics
A truly time saver, thanks to this app I have 2 hours of extra time every day day. The team behind this app is amazing, they are extremely helpful and supportive. They respond immediately, even on weekends, so you are always covered. They have gone the extra mile to adapt the app to all my specific needs, and have been very patient with all my questions. Will definitely recommend.


British Snacks
I got this app because my previous one was not very helpful when it came to connecting couriers and other little niggles. This app is great. I can request pickups from the carriers easily, its easy to navigate, and the support is fantastic. I have had a few issues setting everything up and the team get back to me with a solution within a few hours – once within about 15 minutes. Having a good time with it so far!


Diphy Wellness
I can honestly say that multi carrier shipping labels customer service is just about the best I have every receive. I had an issue adding a shipping carrier to my account and after emailing them, not ever 24 hrs later it was resolved. They kindly contacted Canada Post for me and were able to resolve my issues seamlessly. They are kind, professional and very helpful!. In addition the app is very user friendly and the membership is worth it! Absolutely love it!

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WC UPS testimonial icon

Australia Post Rates & Labels App


Future Folk Designs
This is a great, useful plugin, but the best value-add is the expert, patient and helpful support from the helpdesk!


Amazing app! It is so easy to use and most importantly it saves a huge amount of time to generate and print labels! The support team are always responsive and timely too.


Code Black Coffee
These guys are legends. Best support. Thanks, team. It was a bit complicated to setup but these guys will help you like it’s their own website.

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WC UPS testimonial icon

Shipment Tracking & Notify App


Suede Fox
Great app! It shows me all my shipments at once and it’s so affordable too! I can now conveniently check all my shipments at one go, and see how many orders have been delivered.


Godson Dealz
I had a painful experience trying to figure out how to set this add up, no good tutorials, no good youtube videos explaining how. After spending almost 3 hours on it, I found out that it was not worth it. I’m out of this trouble. My tracking page will do the job.


My Righteous Apparel
This is a great app. I was manually entering tracking numbers into other programs like 17 Track and Package Mapper just to save money. This app is affordable and the customer service is awesome. I asked for two features to be added to the App and they added them. Give this app a try!

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Facebook Recommendations


Tina Lee
We’re using their Bookings service with WooCommerce – their service is so quick and friendly. They are also so helpful so we can actually use their product. The excellent service is much appreciated. Thank you!


Ján Svitana
Amazing plugin and even better support. They helped me many times and always it was fast and precise. I definitely recommend this author and their plugins. 🙂 Thanks a lot.


Debi Athos
Super awesome support team. Detailed support responses, super fast … actually the fastest support that I have experienced in all my 10 years of web work!! Much appreciation to the Plugin Hive support team.

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Trustpilot Reviews


Gina Giambalvo
Customer service and plugin support have been amazing. They have been very patient with me and helped in every way possible, even updating the plugin 2 different times to adapt to my client’s needs. I am very grateful for their help and professionalism and patience!!!


Krunal Ravalji
It was great interacting with the team & they helped to solve our issues instantly with the plugins & even take one step further to explain things related to the plugin & WooCommerce.
I’d surely recommend purchasing their plugins.


Carla Scholz
The support team for the UPS plugin was great, answered me very quickly, and pointed me in the right direction to complete the setup of the plugin. This plugin is fairly priced and works like a dream with my WooCommerce application.

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