Fastway Couriers Shipping – All You Need To Know

Established in 1983 in Napier, New Zealand, Fastway Couriers is a courier service providing quick and reliable domestic and international shipping services within New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and Northern Ireland.Fastway Couriers was rebranded as Aramex across Australia and New Zealand in 2016. The shipping process all across Australia and New Zealand is handled using the myFastway tool by Aramex.


Fastway Couriers Shipping for your eCommerce store


Why Choose Fastway Couriers Over Its Competitors?

Fastway Couriers is most likely one of the shipping companies in New Zealand that offers the lowest shipping costs. It is an excellent option if you plan to ship bulk orders or register for a business account on a long-term basis. With over 16 millions parcel deliveries every year, Fastway Couriers is a cost-effective and reliable courier company that uses the latest technologies and parcel track & trace facilities, making it the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses.


Shipping Services Offered by Fastway Couriers

The cost of shipping with Fastway Couriers depends on many factors, including the size and weight of the parcel, the number of parcels being shipped, and the speed at which you want the package delivered.

Fastway Couriers offers regular parcel delivery domestically which is guaranteed to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Other options include express delivery and same-day delivery. Visit the Fastway Courier Services and Rates to learn more.

Fastway Couriers provides Metropolitan, Regional and National freight shipping, with twice-daily local services in all regions across South Africa. In Australia and New Zealand, Fastway Couriers is owned by Aramex and shipping is handled with the myFastway tool from Aramex.

Also, As part of Aramex global network, Fastway Couriers provides reliable international services from Australia and New Zealand. International shipping is charged on a fixed cost basis, or through a flat rate, so you will always know the amount you are paying.


Special Features Offered By Fastway Couriers

Fastway Couriers claims to be one of the fastest couriers for the lowest price available. Their services also come with many added features that make them a particularly attractive option for eCommerce businesses.
Special features offered by Fastway Couriers include:

  • Door to door, real-time tracking
  • Insurance with each shipment
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Online payment option

MyFastway provides a convenient option for shipping items in Australia and New Zealand through their pre-paid, pre-defined satchels that come in specific sizes. These satchels offer a fixed price for a designated weight and size range, making it easy for customers to calculate their shipping costs. Here are some of the popular satchel options available:

  • MyFastway A2 Satchel
  • MyFastway A3 Satchel
  • MyFastway A4 satchel
  • MyFastway A5 Satchel
  • MyFastway 300gm Satchel (Australia Only)
  • MyFastway DL Satchel (New Zealand Only)

Does Fastway Couriers Deliver on Weekends?

Unfortunately, Fastway Couriers fall under freight guidelines, because of which they are unable to deliver on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. This is in alignment with other major courier and mail services. There are some instances where shipments may arrive on a weekend or after hours, but this is completely up to the discretion of the local employees and delivery staff.


How to Ship With Fastway Couriers

Shipments can be scheduled for pickup or drop-off from the Fastway website’s main page or from the Corporate Client log-in portal. As an eCommerce business, it can be more convenient for you to integrate Fastway Couriers’s services (myFastway tool) into your website using their APIs. These can be incorporated through a web development agency or a cheaper option is through PluginHive’s authorized applications.


Automate the Fastway Couriers shipping process for Shopify


Fastway Couriers shipping directly from
Shopify dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your Shopify dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.


Print 100s of Fastway Couriers
Shipping Labels

Seamlessly generate and print Fastway Couriers shipping labels directly from the Shopify dashboard for more convenience.


Send Fastway Couriers Delivery Tracking Updates via email

Send live order tracking updates to Shopify customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

If you want to integrate myFastway into Shopify, PluginHive’s Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App is the best option. By only needing to download one app, your business gains access to a plethora of useful tools and services. Not only will you have access to all of Fastway’s resources right from your website, including payment and rates at checkout, but you will also be able to offer multiple carrier options to your customers.

Added benefits include the ability to generate and print shipping labels automatically and error-free, decreasing the amount of time in which orders require processing.

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Automate the Fastway Couriers shipping process for WooCommerce


Fastway Couriers shipping directly from WooCommerce dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your WooCommerce dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.


Print Fastway Couriers Shipping

Seamlessly generate and print CouriersPlease shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce dashboard for more convenience.


Send Fastway Couriers Delivery Tracking

Send live order tracking updates to customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

The WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin can be downloaded to easily integrate myFastway with WooCommerce. This application allows you to streamline your shipping process as it offers all of the above services as well as real-time live tracking and the ability to customize notifications sent to your customers. You will quickly see that your staff spends less time dealing with customer support issues and data entry and more time focusing on growing your business. Your customer satisfaction will also increase because all of your customers’ needs and expectations will be met.


Automate the Fastway Couriers shipping process for Magento and BigCommerce

If your business is hosted by other eCommerce platforms, such as Magento or BigCommerce, PluginHive has apps that offer all of the 5-star rating tools and services as outlined above. As the growth of online shopping continues, it’s important to offer your customers the most convenient, straightforward, and streamlined shipping experience available. PluginHive proves that shipping doesn’t need to be expensive or frustrating for you or your customers.

PluginHive’s expert team of professionals is knowledgeable about almost every shipping company in the world. If you plan to offer myFastway as part of your multi-carrier strategy, ensuring your shipping labels are error-free and automated should be an essential part of your business’ shipping procedures and a necessary component in growing your business. Learn more about the shipping service apps available from PluginHive by reaching out to our shipping experts now!


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