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Xpressbees calls itself the first mile and last mile of eCommerce deliveries. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Xpressbees is a logistics company providing parcel delivery solutions for eCommerce businesses. Of its many services geared towards businesses, including vendor management, drop shipping, and reverse logistics, Xpressbees offers tailored solutions to its business customers.

Founded in 2015, Xpressbees delivers over 50,000 shipments each day to addresses across India. With over 100 hubs and 500 customer care executives across the region, customers can rest assured that their business needs are taken care of efficiently.


Xpressbees Shipping for your eCommerce store


Why Choose Xpressbees Over its Competitors?

Xpressbees is one of the most reliable shipping companies based in India, especially when it comes to the quick and efficient delivery of orders from eCommerce businesses. Most customers using Xpressbees can expect delivery within 24-48 hours if based locally in major cities. For international shipments, customers can expect their orders in an average of three to seven days. Xpressbees main competitors in the express market are Delhivery, Flipkart, and Amazon India.

eCommerce businesses shipping internationally can also depend on Xpressbees as the logistics firm has expanded its professional network and partnerships worldwide. Xpressbees continues to grow as one of the fastest courier services in India. In fact, their innovative development has allowed it to double its annual revenue each year.


Shipping Services Offered By Xpressbees

Xpressbees offers multiple services to meet the needs of its business customers depending on the type of business and the tools and benefits they require.

B2C Xpress

For the business-to-customer eCommerce brands, customers can gain an advantage from over 100 years of collective experience in eCommerce and technology.
According to Xpressbees, features of B2C Xpress include:

  • Tested and robust end-to-end operations
  • Same Day Delivery (SDD)
  • Next Day Delivery (NDD)
  • SMART transportation planning and delivery framework
  • Seamless Reverse Logistics
  • Bespoke offerings designed to suit each unique client need

B2B Xpress

For business-to-business eCommerce brands. Customers can benefit from the offerings provided, as well as multi-modal transport solutions, and Delivery Partners of choice for new products, launches and trial phases.

Xpressbees Shipping Rates

The cost of shipping depends on the size of the parcel being shipped, its weight, the destination location and its location of origin. For deliveries within the same city, Xpressbees is one of the cheaper options available. For a 0.5kg parcel an approximate cost of ₹23 or ₹39 with Cash On Delivery.

You can estimate the cost of shipping a parcel from the Xpressbees website or from the third-party app integrated into your website from PluginHive.


Domestic Xpressbees SHIPPING SERVICES SUPPORTED by pluginhive

  • Xpressbees – Express
  • Xpressbees – 2 KG
  • Xpressbees – 5 KG
  • Xpressbees – 10 KG
  • Xpressbees – Express Reverse

Does Xpressbees Deliver on Weekends?

If you’re searching for a parcel delivery company that delivers seven days a week, then Xpressbees is an excellent option. Xpressbees deliver on weekends, but operating hours differ from those on weekdays. From Monday to Friday, deliveries are made between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm; on weekends these hours are decreased to 9 am to 7 pm.

Although it is easy to ship end to end within India and surrounding regions with Xpressbees, the logistics company works with many international partners. Because the company often works as a first mile or last-mile courier, it can be difficult to track international shipments directly through Xpressbees.

This should not dissuade you from using Xpressbees, however, as you can easily track shipments completely through PluginHive’s applications.


Automate Xpressbees shipping process for Shopify

If your eCommerce business is hosted by Shopify, you can easily integrate Xpressbees’s services and more into your website with the PluginHive’s Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App. Not only does this app from PluginHive allow you to offer Xpressbees rates to your customers right from your website, but it also provides multiple courier options to suit your customer needs. Customers can also stay updated on the status of their orders right from your website.

xpressbess shipping

Xpressbees shipping directly from
Shopify dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your Shopify dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

xpressbees shipping label

Print 100s of Xpressbees
Shipping Labels

Seamlessly generate and print Xpressbees shipping labels directly from the Shopify dashboard for more convenience.


Send Xpressbees Delivery Tracking Updates via email

Send live order tracking updates to Shopify customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

To simplify the shipping process for your business, you can quickly and automatically download and print shipping labels that are error-free and don’t require tedious data entry.

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Automate Xpressbees shipping process for WooCommerce


Xpressbees shipping directly from WooCommerce dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your WooCommerce dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

xpressbees shipping label

Print Xpressbees Shipping

Seamlessly generate and print Xpressbees shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce dashboard for more convenience.


Send Xpressbees Delivery Tracking

Send live order tracking updates to customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

You can benefit from the services provided above from your WooCommerce hosted website as well. With the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin, your customers receive live rates and order tracking for Xpressbees as well as all other major shipping companies. Your business benefits by receiving one-click shipping label generation and the ability to pay for shipping right from the app.

You will also be able to limit the amount of time orders remain in processing, so orders get to customers faster. You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction when using the WooCommerce Xpressbees application.


Automate Xpressbees shipping process for Magento and BigCommerce

If your business is hosted by other eCommerce platforms, such as Magento or BigCommerce, PluginHive can provide you with the right application to suit your shipping needs. For a low cost, you can save time and money you would otherwise have to spend on an expensive web development company.

No matter what special tasks your business must perform, the PluginHive team is always available to work with you to find the best application or service that will quickly help you to scale your business and streamline your shipping process.

PluginHive is there to ensure the order and shipping process is streamlined so you can scale your business. PluginHive offers an app for each courier, depending on the eCommerce platform you use. You can also benefit from their Automated Shipping Label app which provides valuable tools to your business. Understand how to automate the Xpressbees shipping by
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