ShipStation vs PluginHive – Comparison Guide


Shipping is the most crucial part when it comes to eCommerce platforms. A shipping solution that is best for your business must be chosen wisely. To help you with this, here is a detailed comparison between the two most popular shipping solutions, Shipstation & PluginHive.

A complete shipping solution for my eCommerce store

With PluginHive you get to display live shipping rates at checkout for your customers to choose from available shipping services, the ability to print shipping labels automatically, request carrier pickups, generate manifests for the pickup agent and track your orders.

Likewise, with Shipstation you get live shipping rates for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. This feature is not available for other platforms like WooCommerce. It also allows you to print shipping labels and track your orders.

Shipping Process PluginHive ShipStation
Real-Time Shipping Rates At Checkout Page Yes Yes
One-Click Shipping Label Printing Yes Yes
Request Carrier Pickups From Your Store Yes Yes
Live Shipment Tracking With Notifications Yes Yes

If you are looking for a solution with these specific functionalities you can either use PluginHive or ShipStation. Both will do the job for you. However, if you require an end-to-end shipping solution with live rates at checkout,  pickup requests, generating manifests, etc which covers every aspect of shipping, PluginHive is the best option among the two.

Plugin/App or External Application

Plugin/ App or External Application

PluginHive is an integrated shipping solution that works within the eCommerce platform and makes your entire shipping process simple. With this, you get a user-friendly experience that saves you time. You login only to your eCommerce dashboard and you can completely handle the shipping and order fulfillment process from there. It easily integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop.

Shipstation is an external shipping solution, where you need to log in and enter all your store details in the independent app. You need to import orders from your store and may have to switch between multiple windows to complete the shipping process.

Solution with the best value for money

The subscription plan of both the shipping solutions are mentioned below 

  • With a starter subscription of 9$, PluginHive provides 100 labels and ShipStation provides 50 labels. 
  • With a subscription plan of 29$, PluginHive provides 1000 labels and ShipStation provides 500 labels.
  • With a subscription plan of 49$, PluginHive provides 3000 labels and ShipStation provides 1500 labels.
  • With a subscription plan of 99$, PluginHive provides unlimited labels and ShipStation provides 6000 labels

You can see the detailed pricing for both solutions below.

PluginHive's pricing plan

ShipStation's pricing plan

Shipping solution with a committed customer support team

All PluginHive customers get 24×7 customer support via email, telephone, chat support, and zoom call support. 

Shipstation provides 12 hours of customer support via telephone call and chat.

Need for a shipping carrier account

PluginHive lets you add your own shipping carrier account. This way you can take care of your shipping requirements. Since you use your own account for rates & labels, PluginHive doesn’t charge you any commission. You pay according to the subscription plan that you have selected. 

Shipstation allows you to use your own account or go with ShipStation’s carrier account. If you choose to go with their account, ShipStation might charge a certain commission for every shipment along with the subscription fee.

It is recommended to use your own shipping carrier for a seamless experience. If there is any delay or trouble in shipment, you can easily contact the carrier and check the order status. This way it takes less time to resolve the issues and it allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Looking for a specific feature for your shipping needs?

If you need a comparison of each of the features and attributes of PluginHive and ShipStation shipping solutions, we have collated them in the table below.  

Specific Features PluginHive ShipStation
Integrated Platform Specific Solution Yes No
Global Coverage with Shipping Carriers Yes No
Live Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates at Checkout Yes No
Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates for Merchants Yes Yes
Per Label Fee No Yes
Automatic Shiping Label Printing Yes No
One-Click Shipping Label Printing in Bulk Yes Yes
Merchant’s Carrier Account is required Yes Optional
Live Shipment Tracking For Merchants Yes Yes
Live Shipment Tracking Notifications for Customers Yes Yes
Shipment Tracking Email Customization Yes No
Partial Order Fulfilment No Yes
Process Unlimited Orders Yes No
Request Carrier Pickups Yes No
Hold Shipments at Carrier Locations Yes No
Multi Carrier Shipping Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes
Customer Support via Email Yes Yes
Customer Support via Live Chat Yes Yes
Customer Support via Call Yes Yes
Customer Support via Zoom Call Yes No
Partial Fulfillment No Yes


Both PluginHive and Shipstation are the top shipping solutions in the market. PluginHive gives you an end-to-end shipping solution with the best customer service for every subscription. PluginHive focuses on each customer with equal emphasis and  24×7 customer support covering chat support, telephonic support, and zoom call support. You may check out the reviews which talk highly about customer support.

Even though ShipStation suffers in customer support, it covers more eCommerce platforms & integrates with more shipping carriers.

So, based on the detailed comparison above, I hope you will be able to choose the best shipping solution that fits your requirements and offers more value for money.