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Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Aramex (which stands for Arab-American Express) is a multinational logistics company and shipment carrier founded in 1982. It is the first Arab-based company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Aramex has grown into a globally known and recognized company and brand that is trusted by millions as their top source for logistics solutions.

Aramex Shipping Services

Aramex Shipping for your eCommerce store


Why Choose Aramex Over Its Competitors?

Aramex has core values that have helped it grow into the brand it is today. According to the Aramex website, “instead of investing heavily in infrastructure, we acquire or partner with domestic-focused logistics companies that have strong local networks, knowledge and transportation solutions already in place for efficient and effective last-mile delivery.”

Aramex offers shipment guarantees that set it apart from its competitors. It picks up and delivers within the days and times it sets, offering the fastest delivery on the same day or the next day of pickup for its express delivery shipments.

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Aramex Domestic Shipping Rates

Aramex offers an easy online shipping calculator that will provide you with an estimated cost depending on the shipping location, where the shipment is going, and what you are shipping. You can also choose your shipping option to determine the final price. Aramex offers Express as well as Urgent delivery, which can get a package to its destination same-day door to door if necessary and within the same country. 

All Express packages shipped with Aramex come with a tracking number that can be searched using the Aramex website as well as the integrated web APIs. 

Because Aramex has over 600 offices across 65 countries, domestic prices depend on your home country. Find out the cost of shipping domestically by filling out the shipment form on your home country’s Aramex website.


Aramex International Shipments & Documents to Speed Up Delivery

Aramex offers Priority Express and Value Express as part of their Export Express shipping options. International parcels shipped via Priority Express receive the fastest delivery of their shipments, yet are more expensive than Value Express, which is a standard shipping service that takes longer to reach its destination. It is still considered a secure option, however, to ship to ensure parcels arrive at their destination in great condition. 

An example of costs when shipping with Aramex:

A 4.5 lb/2 kg shipment from the United Arab Emirates to Canada would cost approximately without added fees): 

  • 375 AED using Priority Parcel Express
  • 375 AED using Economy Parcel Express
  • 375 AED using Value Parcel Express
Aramex international shipping

Aramex International Shipping Labels & Customs Documents

Aramex offers a great tool on their website for finding and filling out the appropriate customs clearance documents for your destination country.

Simply choose the country and find customs rules and links to documents on the right-hand side. 


Does Aramex Deliver on Weekends?

Whether or not Aramex delivers on weekends depends on the country in which the packages are being delivered and whether the courier partners in this country deliver on weekends.

Most Aramex offices, however, do deliver on weekends and pride themselves on the fact that this sets them apart from other courier services that do not offer this option.

Many offices are also open for shipping on weekends too, which means you can ship and deliver a parcel domestically within the same weekend and have it arrive before Monday. 


Aramex Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Aramex offers multiple features for eCommerce customers. They provide tracking numbers, online services, as well as Package Collect from any supplier or business. Aramex also offers Cash on Delivery and Return Services for its business customers. 

Aramex also has a popular Drop and Ship Solution Service for eCommerce businesses that utilize drop shipping to get their products delivered to customers.

According to Aramex, prices depend on “Rates from Drop and Ship origins (US, Singapore, India, Turkey, UAE, Hong Kong and China) 45 MYR for the first 0.5 kg and 15 MYR for each additional 0.5 kg. Rates from other Drop and Ship origins (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, UK and South Africa’) 55 MYR for the first U.S kg and 25 MYR for each 0.5 kg.”

What sets Aramex apart from other logistic companies is that they have cultivated their own list of technology partners that have created advanced programs situated with Aramex in their backend.

You can build and create your own e-store using one of their platform partners or your own preferred third-party company or plugin. Some partners such as PluginHive allow for integration with multiple shipping companies.


Automate the Aramex Shipping Process for Shopify


Aramex shipping directly from
Shopify dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your Shopify dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

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Print 100s of Aramex
Shipping Labels

Seamlessly generate and print Aramex shipping labels directly from the Shopify dashboard for more convenience.


Send Aramex Delivery Tracking Updates via email

Send live order tracking updates to Shopify customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

Aramex shipping on Shopify is simple with the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App from PluginHive. With the low-cost app, your business saves the cost of an expensive web developer. Customers gain access to shipping rates from multiple couriers at the time of checkout so they can choose the best option that suits their budget and timeline. From there, tracking is a breeze because customers get notifications by email or SMS and can check up on the status of their orders right from your website.

And, as a business, you can generate and print shipping labels in one click, schedule pickups, and ship multiple orders at once from your platform. To top it off, invoices can be paid directly to Aramex and any other carriers you offer from your website as well.

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Automate the Aramex Shipping Process for WooCommerce


Aramex shipping directly from WooCommerce dashboard

Manage all your orders & shipping from within your WooCommerce dashboard without switching to or logging in to any other website.

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Print Aramex Shipping

Seamlessly generate and print Aramex shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce dashboard for more convenience.


Send Aramex Delivery Tracking

Send live order tracking updates to customers via email as soon as the tracking status is updated by the shipping carrier.

The WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin from PluginHive is available to use and provide Aramex services to your customers. Like the app for Shopify, you pay a low amount and receive multiple rates at checkout, live tracking, and automated shipping label printing. Another feature (also available to other platforms) is the ability to offer multiple carriers like DHL, UPS, and more. Maximizing Aramex on WooCommerce is simple, instant, and streamlines the entire shipping process. You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction and retention by integrating PluginHive into your eCommerce website.


Automate the Aramex shipping Process for Magento, BigCommerce, and More

Is your eCommerce business hosted by another platform such as Magento or BigCommerce? PluginHive’s dedicated team of experts on almost every shipping company can provide you with an app or service to meet any of your business’ shipping needs. Whether you want to optimize the services offered by Aramex or any other shipping company, our support team is here and ready to discuss your shipping needs even if you don’t think you see what you need from your eCommerce platform app catalog.
Learn more about the shipping service apps available from PluginHive by reaching out to our shipping experts now!


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