DHL Express Shipping – All You Need To Know

DHL Express is a division of DHL International, package delivery and express mail service that began in Germany in 1969 and has quickly grown to encompass a worldwide network. DHL has developed into one of the world’s fastest and most popular delivery service providers, surpassing even FedEx and other well-known courier companies for market percentage.

With 1 million customers worldwide, DHL has over 4000 offices in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. DHL Express is one of the fastest shipping companies globally, delivering in about 1-6 days internationally depending on location.


Why Choose DHL Express Over Its Competitors?

With DHL Express, online shoppers get exactly what they expect: a speedy delivery for the lowest price. DHL Express has developed a great reputation for ensuring all packages are delivered within their specified time. Compared to its competitors, DHL Express is also usually the cheaper option for both domestic and international shipments.

The options that DHL provides are extensive to fit the needs of all businesses, customers, and anyone who needs to send a parcel or piece of mail quickly from door to door. They’re specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services. DHL Express, the fastest delivery option for DHL services, is unmatched.

DHL Express is for critical shipments. This means it is most often used by eCommerce businesses that depend on international customers and usually ship time-sensitive parcels like perishable goods. And, if sending bulk shipments, you’re going to save quite a lot of money over time and meet your customers’ needs efficiently.


DHL Express Domestic Shipping Rates

DHL Express has domestic services in over 220 countries. For accurate domestic shipping rates for your country, check your national DHL Express website. Much of the services are the same as the American ones outlined below.

DHL Express Domestic

Express Domestic delivers urgent, time-sensitive packages within the next possible business day. It comes with door-to door-delivery, end-to-end tracking, and more. Optional services are available to meet the needs of all DHL customers (and their customers as well). These include Direct Signature and Non-Standard Pickup.

If your parcels aren’t being picked up by a DHL Express employee, you can drop them off at one of the many DHL Express Service Point locations.

Prices are calculated based on zones and the weight of the parcel being sent. You can find an extensive list of zones and prices here or estimate a shipping cost on the DHL Express website or on the MyDHL+ application. To give you an idea of the price of DHL Express in the United States, a 1 pound shipment from Zone A would cost $24.99 USD.

DHL Express International Shipments & Customs Documents to Speed Up Delivery

DHL Express offers multiple options for shipping internationally – all within the next possible business day.

  • Express 9:00 – money-back guarantee to be delivered by 9:00 am
  • Express 10:30 – money-back guarantee to be delivered by 10:30 am
  • Express 12:00 – money-back guarantee to be delivered by 12 pm
  • Express Worldwide
  • Express Envelope

Every option comes with customs clearance facilitation, door-to-door delivery, end-to-end tracking, and more. You can find a list of customs documents, services available and offer by DHL, and more on the import/export pages of their website.


Does DHL Express Deliver on Weekends?

DHL does not usually automatically deliver on weekends in the United States. It does provide options for customers to request Saturday or Sunday delivery in some areas for an extra fee. Customers are often willing to choose these off-normal delivery options when they better match their own schedules and timelines. Offering weekend delivery in your eCommerce platform means higher customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In Europe and other areas of the world, DHL does offer more extensive delivery options including Saturday as a normal delivery day schedule. If a DHL Express shipment is started on a Friday, it will likely be delivered on Saturday if shipping between specific major cities and areas.


DHL Express Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

With DHL Express, you have the same amazing features and options available within the Standard DHL platform and DHL eCommerce business accounts. Some extra advantages you and your customers can utilize include:

The On-Demand Delivery app allows customers to track, reroute, reschedule, and more for their Express shipments, whether sending or receiving.

DHL Express also makes it simple to ship multiple packages at once, all going to different recipients but with the same customs clearance. By consolidating many shipments, only one shipment label is required, making the entire process simple and cost-effective.


Using DHL Express to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

DHL has a number of APIs that eCommerce businesses can integrate into their website right from their eCommerce platform by using a developer or third-party application. It provides an excellent user-friendly interface that allows customers to choose multiple options, generates their addresses, views their delivery date and costs, and more.

You can partner with a third-party DHL shipping application or DHL shipping plugin that can speed up the shipping and delivery process by automatically generating shipping labels while utilizing the benefits of offering multi-carriers to your customers.

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