Does USPS Deliver on Sunday or Weekends?


eCommerce businesses are quickly adapting to the needs of their customers. Out-beating the competition and expanding your market is essential to the success of your online business. Customer satisfaction is also key to keeping long-term relationships with your customers and the shipping process has much to do with that happiness. 

Advantages of offering weekend delivery options to your customers

A smooth and easy shopping experience and quick and cost-effective shipping are easy to provide when working with the tools provided by your eCommerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce and the shipping solutions available within its marketplace. There are also many online resources that can help guide businesses to developing a shopping experience that is personalized, engaged – and easy to navigate. 

Weekend delivery options are a huge bonus for most eCommerce brands. If a customer shops on a Friday and needs their important package ASAP, Monday might not be good enough. They may skip your business and choose a competitor that does offer weekend delivery. Not offering some form of weekend delivery, especially when it is so easy to accommodate, could break your business or keep it from growing as others do.

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Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

USPS (United States Postal Service) is the main courier and mail delivery service in the United States. As part of a government official service, working on weekends can become an issue. Although the question of whether USPS delivers on Sunday is typically easier to answer – as we know that it’s still widely known as the day of rest, Saturday is still an often asked question. 

In short: Yes, USPS deliveries are made on Saturdays and there is no added extra cost as Saturday is considered a normal service day. 

Mail and parcels sent via USPS First Class shipping are less concrete as to whether or not they will be delivered on Saturdays. It usually depends on the local service workers and their own discretion. 

USPS Priority and USPS Priority Express both deliver on Saturdays as part of USPS’ guarantee that packages will arrive within 1-3 business days. There is no Saturday guaranteed delivery, however. Whether or not a customer’s package arrives on Saturday and what time it will arrive depends on the busyness of the local postal workers. If there are enough packages and mail that warrant someone going out on a Saturday, then they will. If there is a backlog of deliveries or few deliveries that need to go out, it will determine whether a delivery is made in the morning or evening. 

  • Priority Mail shipments start at about $6.65 
  • They can be managed and finalized from a Post Office online via the USPS portal or through your website.
  • Both Priority and Priority Express offer free pickup from your home, office, or anywhere.
  • Both Priority and Priority Express come with compensation/insurance starting at $50.

For customers wanting to choose Saturday as their only delivery day due to a work schedule or personal preference, you will need to provide an alternative option. Unless Priority Express (overnight) is chosen on Friday, Saturday delivery is not guaranteed. Other shipping companies such as FedEx may be the better option as they can accommodate a customer’s specific requirements more easily. 

Another option for customers who prefer to have their packages delivered on Saturdays and not on any other days is to arrange pickup from a post office. Have your customers reach out to Customer Service with their tracking number and reason for early pickup (it typically needs to be urgent). If they choose to have a signature on delivery, if no one is home, a notice will be left. The package will be brought to the closest post office for pickup. 

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Unlike Saturdays which are a normal workday for most USPS Post Offices, Sunday is not. The only way a customer can have a delivery made on a Sunday is if they choose USPS Priority Express on a Saturday which guarantees overnight delivery. You may need to speak to the postal worker to ensure the package won’t be held for delivery on Monday.

As for what time USPS Priority Mail Sunday deliveries will arrive, most will reach their destination by 10:30 am the next day. 

Note: If a parcel is being shipped via Amazon or an Amazon third-party, then it will automatically be considered for delivery on Sundays. 

Shipping with USPS Priority Mail Express starts at $26.75 and depends on the distance to its destination and the package’s weight. A parcel with a guaranteed Sunday delivery also will have an added fee of $12.50. This may sound costly, but for customers who want their package delivered as quickly as possible, the cost isn’t always an issue. Offering the option is a good choice for providing customer satisfaction. 

Cut-off times for Sunday delivery are typically by closing time the night before, which is usually around 6 pm. Some post offices are open later. 

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