Landmark Global Shipping – All You Need To Know

Founded in 2005, Landmark Global Inc. is an international division of bpost (Belgium’s national postal service), which provides unique logistics and communication solutions, focusing on eCommerce on a global scale.

Landmark Global handles over 3.9 billion items per year to more than five million customers per day. With this incredible scale. Landmark Global has gained an edge and specialization in ensuring parcels full of products desired by customers worldwide can get to them on time and safely.

How Does Landmark Global Work?

Landmark Global doesn’t complete all its international shipments. When purchases are completed, marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce platforms and businesses hand over their shipments to Landmark Global then ensure the packages make it to their destination countries.

From there, major courier companies (Hermes, Canada Post, etc.) take over to ensure packages get to the recipient’s address. 

Because large companies rely on Landmark Global for their expertise in international customs and transportation, they typically gain the business of Landmark Global over smaller, more expensive competitors.


Landmark Global International Shipment Rates & Customs Documents to Speed Up Delivery

“We give you the expertise, infrastructure and operational capabilities to manage your parcel shipments. You will have full labelling, manifesting, tracking, and EDI compliance at a variety of service levels including both priority and economy delivery services,” says Landmark Global.

International shipments take anywhere from 15-20 days to make it to their destination. There are no guarantees on delivery times, but the cost of Landmark Global offsets the longer wait times. Landmark is quite budget-friendly for customers utilizing only its delivery services without the added logistics services or fulfillment options.

Landmark Tracked Delivered Duty Paid

  • Delivery within 2 to 8 business days from the USA to Canada & EU, and 3-14 days for the rest of the world
  • Taxes and duties are pre-paid
  • Delivery to over 35 countries
  • Door-to-Door tracking
  • Weight allowances 1-66 Pounds

Landmark Tracked Delivered Duty Unpaid

  • Delivery is within 2 to 8 business days Canada & EU, 3-14 days for the rest of the world
  • Delivery to over 135 countries
  • Door-to-Door tracking
  • Weight allowances 1-66 Pounds

Landmark Optimized Postal Delivered Duty Unpaid

  • Delivery is within 4 to 8 business days Canada & EU, 6-14 days for the rest of the world
  • Taxes and duties unpaid by the sender
  • Delivery to 220 countries
  • The maximum weight is 4.4 pounds

Landmark USPS E-Packet Delivered Duty Unpaid

  • Delivery is within 4 to 8 business days Canada & EU, 6-14 days for the rest of the world
  • Delivery to over 34 countries
  • Door-to-Door tracking
  • The maximum weight is 4.4 pounds

Landmark Untracked Packets Delivered Duty Unpaid

  • Delivery is within 7 to 14 business days to major cities but most should expect delivery in 14+ days
  • Delivery to over 200 countries
  • There are no tracking services offered
  • The maximum weight is 4.4 pounds

Landmark Global claims to have hassle-free border services as part of its offerings. They have in-house customs teams that take care of every shipment to ensure it makes it to its destination country without any problems while decreasing the transit time. 

How Landmark Global Uses Technology To Enrich Its Delivery Services

Shipment Routing Services

Landmark Global uses their Shipment Routing Engine to detect and instantly change routes of a parcel depending on which is the quickest and most dependable route. If a specific route is having bad weather or a war breaks out, Landmark can make sure the safety of every delivery is automatically tracked every step of the way.

Mercury Fulfillment Module

Using Mercury, fulfillment becomes automatic and streamlined. Fulfillment includes inventory management, pick and pack, and shipping as well as everything in between.


Landmark Global Features & Options for eCommerce Stores

Landmark is geared towards meeting the needs of eCommerce customers across the globe. Many of the services it provides are the same as those other courier services also list, however, they differ in that an in-house team of consultants are there to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Your team will be able to recommend the right and unique set of services for your business.

Landmark Global provides fulfillment options and services for businesses that can’t store their products to allow them to reach a wider global market.


Using Landmark Global to Automate the eCommerce Shipping & Delivery Process

With Landmark Global, you can utilize their integrated API services to meet the needs of your customers right from your website. These services include:

  • Transaction totals are published in your customers’ currencies, inclusive of shipping, duties, and taxes.
  • Access to 40 currencies and over 150 payment methods used across the globe. 
  • Delivery using Geo-IP detection. 
  • End-to-end document management.

Although Landmark Global has its own integration team that can set up a unique system for its users on any platform, you can benefit from an authorized shipping app or shipping plugin which provides you with a streamlined shipping process that will make both you and your customers happy. Offer multi-carrier options for your customers to meet their needs as well as automate shipping label generation and more. Find out how to get started by reaching out to PluginHive.


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