Parcelforce Shipping – All You Need To Know

Effectively utilizing a partner network of international couriers, Parcelforce is a parcel courier service located within the United Kingdom but delivering efficiently to customers around the world. It’s actually a subsidiary of Royal Mail, which is the official mail delivery service in the UK.

With the growth of 54 depots and 3 sorting centres within the Midlands and North West, Parcelforce Worldwide has scaled its shipping service to provide express delivery to all its customers. It has become the top parcel delivery option for businesses and consumers alike.


Areas where competitors outperform or are outmatched by Parcelforce

For competitors who have been strong within the market, such as FedEx and UPS, Parcelforce still hasn’t caught up in terms of usage coverage in website categories like retail and home & garden.

Regardless of a lower amount of website traffic, Parcelforce is still a contender for quick delivery for small eCommerce businesses in the UK.

With low prices almost identical to that of Royal Mail, Parcelforce offers some of the lowest shipping rates for express deliveries that can be expected to reach their recipient within two days domestically.


Parcelforce domestic shipping rates

Parcelforce specializes in express shipments and offers multiple rates based on when you need your parcel delivered. Insurance/coverage of either £100 or £200 is offered on all shipments.

In addition to that, there are other features included such as tracking with each package, free pickup, and the option to have parcels delivered to a post office or depot. Here they are listed from fastest to slowest shipping speeds. 

Parcelforce Express9

Promises delivery within the UK by 9 am the next morning with prices starting from £39.90. 

Parcelforce Express10

Promises delivery by 10 am the next morning with prices starting from £29.82.

Parcelforce ExpressAM

Promises delivery by 12 pm the next day with prices starting from £19.74.

Parcelforce Express24

Promises delivery by the end of the next business day. Prices start from £16.68.

Parcelforce Express48

Promises delivery by the end of the second business day following shipment. Prices start at £12.12.

Parcelforce Express48 Large

This service is for items up to 2.5 metres long. They deliver within 2 days as well but start at £31.80.


Parcelforce international shipping options and & customs documents

The cost of shipping internationally depends on the length of time needed to get a parcel to its destination as well as how far the destination is from the UK. Listed below are the shipping costs beginning from the fastest option.

Parcelforce Global express

Promises delivery starting from the next business day. The prices start at £43.50.

Parcelforce Ireland express

Delivery by the next business day with prices starting at £16.68.

Parcelforce Global priority

Delivers from 3 business days with prices starting at £30.00.

Parcelforce Global value

Delivers between 5 and 8 business days with prices starting at £9.78. 

Parcelforce Global economy

Deliveries arrive typically between 28 and 46 days later with prices starting at £24.70. They must be shipped from a post office and don’t come with any insurance/compensation coverage like every other rate does.

Parcelforce HM Forces

Starts at about £9.00 to ship and must be bought from a post office. The amount of time between shipment and delivery depends on each station.


Parcelforce has multiple guidelines and rules for shipping internationally using its global express shipping options. These include;

  • A local phone number for international destinations
  • For international services, the telephone numbers of the sender and the recipient must be written on the customs declaration (Despatch Pack CP72)
  • Check all documentation is accurately completed to avoid any delay
  • Customers sending to non-EU destinations will need to declare the parcel’s contents and value on the customs declaration (Despatch Pack CP72)

Does Parcelforce deliver on saturday and sunday?

Parcelforce delivers every day within specified time periods. From Monday to Friday, it will deliver between 7 am and 5:30 pm and on Saturdays between 7 am and 2 pm. 

For Sunday service, Parcelforce will deliver between 9 am and 5 pm to 97% of the UK population. For Click and Collect and other account holder customers, Sunday delivery to businesses is guaranteed by noon so your customers can be ready to pick up in the afternoon of the same day. 

Non-account holders can still benefit from Sunday delivery if shipping from a Post Office is made on a Friday. This means that Parcelforce delivers every day of the week, keeping to its two-day promise.


Parcelforce web services to automate your eCommerce shipping process

Parcelforce Click and Collect, a membership offered to small businesses and other customers in the UK makes it easy to ship items from your business online. Pickup is free and parcels are usually collected on the same business day. 

You can also integrate Parcelforce into your eCommerce website shipping process. By partnering with an authorised Shopify application or a WooCommerce plugin within your website, you can automatically print labels without needing to enter any data manually. This speeds up your shipping process, allowing you to reach more customers and get their purchases to them even faster.

ParceForce- Integration

Parcelforce for small businesses

Parcelforce offers business accounts for those shipping at least two parcels domestically or one internationally in one week.

Business accounts get up to 45% off standard contract tariffs, multiple payment options, and other features to make the shipping process as convenient and automated for online businesses as possible.

Find out more about these services and features on the Parcelforce website.


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Awesome support! Didnt even have to wait 5 Minutes to get a reply back!

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Great plugin with many features.
The support is awesome. I’ve opened a ticket and got a reply in less than an hour.

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