Pfalz Weinshop, A Wine Business, Uses PluginHive’s Magento Shipping Solution To Save On Manpower


It’s a choice between “investing 300 hours over five seconds.”

An online business specialized in wines is delivering hundreds of orders to customers across Germany and surrounding regions with the help of PluginHive’s shipping solution. Michael Moster, is the owner of Pfalz Weinshop. It’s an online business from the Palatinate area in southwest Germany focused exclusively on wines.  

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“There were lots of wine shops in southwestern Germany. However, none were online and focused solely on the Palatinate region”. Moster is no stranger to eCommerce and running an online business. His initial idea of starting an online wine brand was meant for a local supermarket chain that was new to eCommerce. It was a different marketing approach. “They didn’t jump at the idea so I decided to do it myself.” Says Moster.

With a business growing as quickly as Pfalz Weinshop, traditional methods just won’t work

The online Wine brand (with no storefront) by Moster has grown immensely popular. They have doubled their output each year since 2018. Pfalz Weingshop continues to grow and now sends out approximately 10 orders of wine per day, 300 per month. The idea of doing it all manually just wasn’t working. Thankfully, Moster was approached by PluginHive at exactly the moment he needed them most.


“I was approached at exactly the right time. We were barely able to handle business in the traditional way and were growing very fast, says Moster, “The way we used to work before was not sufficient anymore.”

Basically, the shop was left with two options. They could manually write 300 labels and then update those same orders each month in the online shop. This option took quite a lot of time. “That’s one thing I can do. Or I can use the PluginHive solution. When I have 30 shipments and 30 times I just push a button and everything else is taken care of by it,” says Moster. “It’s investing 300 hours against 5 seconds more or less.”

PluginHive’s Magento Shipping Solution saves manpower that could be used elsewhere

“We are a very small unit and I need to have good and reliable software to take care of the business for every routine job that I don’t want to waste manpower on.”

The best part of PluginHive’s Magento shipping automation is the ease of the label generation. So much time can be saved when the processing of 50 orders can be completed with the push of a button. The entire shipping process, which is reliant on one shipment carrier in the area, needs to work properly. If not, the customers aren’t happy and the job just doesn’t get done. “The automation of the shipping process already is a big load off my chest.”

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The process is easy. After an order has been placed on the website, the customers get sent an automatic notification that their order is completed. When their order has gone out and the package has shipped, customers receive another email with a tracking number for them to stay updated throughout the entire process. 

All of these steps are completed by the extension’s automation and don’t need to be manually done by the already busy employees of Pfalz Weinshop.

Customers are very happy, but it’s not just a question about making the customer happy. In Germany, you don’t do a good job or don’t do your work if the customer doesn’t get informed about [their] shipment tracking.

Michael Moster

When asked if Moster would recommend PluginHive to other businesses and industries in the area, his answer is sweet and crisp as some of the lovely wine he sells: “Absolutely.” 

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