French or German – Easy WooCommerce Shipping With UPS For Non-English Speaking Countries

WooCommerce UPS Shipping non-English

Names are important, even in business. The care you take in naming your company also goes into naming each product you put out to sell.

The names of your products need to be clear and easily understandable by your customers. It helps them in choosing what they want right off the bat. 

While doing so, as a WooCommerce store owner, you may choose to have product names in your language so that it relates well with your customers. However, having product names in your language with special characters may sometimes come in the way of generating shipping labels, and most shipping softwares may not support such names.

For Eg: A product with the name “Tür” (door in german) may end up with the wrong shipping label. This may be because the software does not support the characters. For seamless shipping of your products, the product names must be accurately printed on the shipping labels.

In this article, you can see how to print special characters on your shipping label. Along with the name and product description, you can also see how the other delivery details can be accurately printed. 

The Process of Order Fulfillment

When customers place their orders, there must be no delays in executing that order. Once the order is processed, you need to ship it to the customer’s destination. Using carriers like UPS, the shop owner can be assured that his product reaches the customers as fast as possible. 

But to ensure that UPS correctly delivers the products to your customer, the shipping label printed on the package needs to be accurate. Every detail on the label, such as name, address, product name, etc., needs to be correct. You cannot ensure fast delivery of products to your customers if there is inaccurate information on the shipping labels.

Here is where you may encounter a problem. 

What happens when getting your shipping labels ready, your system fails to recognize certain special characters? 

Instead of printing the details as they should appear, a square or dummy letter is printed on the label. Not only will it delay processing, but it also causes irregularities in shipping your products to the customer. 

Understanding the Problem and an Easy Solution

Here is a simple example for you.

Hans is a German woocommerce shop owner who sells wooden furniture from his online shop. Although his shop is still small, a few strategic marketing activities have ensured new interest in his products. He is now getting international orders from non-German-speaking countries. 

One of his products is a wooden door, called Tür in German. The ü is an umlaut and used in the German language. He has used these alphabets while naming his products. 

His business is growing, and with it, the need for a reputed international shipping partner who will deliver his products to his customers as fast as possible.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping

However, when preparing the shipping label, Hans ran into a roadblock. His product, Tür (door), was not appearing on the print label. Instead, the Ü in the product name was getting replaced with some random character. This caused problems when getting the products ready for shipping.

He wanted something that helped in letting these characters appear as they should on the label. 

After all, the process of getting the order ready for dispatch needs to be seamless. One of the main parts of shipping your products comes with attaching a valid label to your goods. The correct details in the label ensure that your product reaches the destination without delays.

Shipping can be taken care of by UPS or any other shipping company. Your job is to ensure that the shipping labels on the packages are accurate and display the correct product name, description, name, and address of seller and buyer.

Here is where the PluginHive Woocommerce UPS Plugin with Print Label can help you out. 

Ensure Accurate Shipping With The PluginHive WooCommerce Plugin With Print Label

Usually, whenever a special character or a character other than the English alphabet or numbers is detected, any system might see it as an error; and that character is not printed correctly. Rectifying the problem causes a delay in processing the order and getting it ready for transport. 

Woocommerce UPS Shipping

However, with the WooCommerce UPS plugin with Print Label, this situation can be quickly resolved. The plugin has an option that allows the user to let these characters print on the label as they appear. The ‘Enable Latin Option’ in the plugin, when chosen, allows the user to use foreign alphabets like Greek and German in the print label. 

Sometimes your product description may have an ‘&’ (an ampersand), a registered trademark sign ®, or even a copyright symbol ©.

These symbols can be easily filtered out of the product name or description by enabling another option in the plugin. 

WooCommerce UPS Shipping

The Woocommerce UPS plugin with Print Label allows you to enable the option to ‘Remove Special Characters.’ This ensures that your product name and descriptions are free from random dummy letters. Rather than print an incorrect alphabet, the plugin ensures that such characters do not appear in the label.

It is a great way to ensure uniformity and clarity in the printed label. The name of products, addresses, and customer names is printed without errors, irrespective of their special characters.

The plugin ensures that even if you are a non-English speaker, you can still get the product names and descriptions printed on the shipping labels without any issues. 

The Woocommerce UPS plugin with Print Label is a versatile and fully automated shipping solution for all your logistics needs. The plugin works harmoniously with your existing UPS account and gives real-time rates as per your package details. The details uploaded by your customer at the time of purchase are also quickly picked up from your WooCommerce database to ensure the products reach them safely and quickly. 

Explore more about The Woocommerce UPS plugin with Print Label and try it out if you are not already using it.