Starshipit and PluginHive – A Complete Comparison Guide


Shipping products has become a crucial part of an eCommerce business. Likewise selecting a shipping solution based on the business requirement plays a vital role in providing the greatest shopping experience to your customers. If you have a small or medium scale business you need to choose your shipping software solution according to your business requirements. To assist you with this, here is a clear comparison between two shipping solutions: Starshipit and PluginHive.

A complete shipping solution for your eCommerce store?

PluginHive and Starshipit both are complete shipping solutions covering every aspect of the shipping process. Both solutions display live shipping rates at checkout for your customers so that they can choose their preferred shipping services. They also allow you to print shipping labels, request carrier pickup, generate manifests for pickup agents, and track the order deliveries in real-time.

Shipping Process PluginHive Starshipit
Real-Time Shipping Rates At Checkout Page
One-Click Shipping Label Printing
Request Carrier Pickups From Your Store
Live Shipment Tracking With Notifications

Solution with reason

PluginHive’s subscription plan starts at $9 with 100 shipments. Whereas, the Starshipitstarter plan starts with $50 for 250 shipments

PluginHive popular plan costs $29 for 1000 shipments. Whereas, Starshipit starter plus plan costs $99 for 1000 shipments. PluginHive premium plan costs $49 for 6000 shipments. Whereas, Starshipit Professional Plan costs $130 for 2000 shipments. You can check out the detailed pricing for both solutions below:


Starshipit pricing

Shipping solution with committed customer support

Efficient customer support is the principal factor in choosing the best shipping solution for your business. This helps in immediately resolving any issues that you may come across while using the solution. 

PluginHive & Starshipit both provide customer support via phone calls, live chat support, and email support for their customers.

However, PluginHive’s proactive customer support team is available 24×7 and even offers zoom call support for a seamless customer experience.

Need for a shipping carrier account

PluginHive and Starshipit shipping solution lets you use your own carrier account to process your orders. Having a carrier account provides merchants the liberty to get negotiated rates directly from the carrier service. And, if merchants face any shipment delays they can directly contact the shipping carrier to promptly get the issue resolved.

Plugin/App or External Application

PluginHive is an integrated shipping solution where you can complete the entire shipping process in the eCommerce dashboard. It gives you a seamless shipping experience and there is no need for switching between multiple windows.

Likewise, Starshipit is also an integrated app where you can complete your shipping process in the eCommerce platform

Looking for a specific feature for your shipping needs?

Below we have mentioned the comparison of each important feature of PluginHive and Starshipit shipping solutions. Hope this helps you to figure out the best shipping solution according to your requirement.

Specific Features PluginHive Starshipit
Integrated Platform Specific Solution
Global Coverage with Shipping Carriers
Live Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates at Checkout
Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates for Merchants
Automatic Shiping Label Printing
One-Click Shipping Label Printing in Bulk
Merchant’s Carrier Account is required
Live Shipment Tracking For Merchants Optional
Live Shipment Tracking Notifications for Customers
Shipment Tracking Email Customization
Partial Order Fulfilment
Process Unlimited Orders
Request Carrier Pickups
Multi Carrier Shipping
Customer Support
Customer Support via Email
Customer Support via Live Chat
Customer Support via Call
Customer Support via Zoom Call


Both Starshipit and PluginHive have reputed shipping solutions in the market which you can use for fulfilling your shipping needs. Selecting between shipping solutions depends on one’s requirement whether you are running a small or a large scale business according to your budget.

PluginHive gives you subscription plans for every span and range at reasonable prices. It gives you quick and efficient customer support via zoom call, telephone, chat support, and email support. You get an end-to-end shipping solution with all the advanced features to help automate your shipping process.

Starshipit’s subscription plans are expensive compared to PluginHive. You need to subscribe to yearly plans otherwise the price will be even more. You also get customer support via the telephone, email and, chat support.