Thailand Post Shipping – All You Need To Know

Thailand Post is a state enterprise currently providing mail and parcel delivery service to the residents and businesses in Thailand. Until 2003, Thailand Post was part of the Communications Authority of Thailand.

Thailand Post has 19 logistical centres across the country, 1,300 post offices, and over 3,000 post office licensees.

Much of their mail delivery has become completely automated, providing streamlined delivery to the country of Thailand and aiding in international shipments of letters and parcels.


Why Choose Thailand Post Over Its Competitors?

Other than Thailand Post, there are other budget-friendly and reliable shipping and courier companies in Thailand, such as UPS and Dwarka Couriers.

Other options do provide their own services and features, however, Thailand Post being the largest courier company in Thailand promises the most reliable services, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to reach the entire country in a timely manner.

When it comes to same-day delivery and logistics networks within Thailand, it’s hard to compete with Thailand Post.


Thailand Post Domestic Shipping Rates

Thailand Post has multiple options for shipping locally within Thailand. Normal mail can be used for parcels up to 2 kg and the cost is calculated by size, weight, and distance of the package to its destination.

There are other shipping methods available for bigger parcels.

Domestic EMS

Send urgent parcels to arrive at their destination by no later than 12 or 4:30 pm the next day to Bangkok and surrounding cities. Other destinations arrive with 2 -3 days. Customers can use the Track & Trace app to via their smartphone to track the arrival of their parcel with 24 hour inquiries. 

The cost of shipping Domestic EMS can be found on the Thailand Post website.

Thailand post domestic delivery

Thailand Post International Shipments and Customs Documents to Speed Up Delivery

Thailand Post offers three main services for international shipping, which include Registered, EMS World, and LogisPost World. 

Registered Shipping

Takes the longest to arrive, yet is the cheapest option for shipping internationally. Limited tracking is available. Parcels should take 10 to 14 days to arrive, are shipped via air, and start at a cost of 1,020 baht. 

EMS World

Express shipping from Thailand to almost all countries internationally within a specified number of days. Major destinations can see the arrival of their parcels within a few days. Parcels take about 3-5 days to arrive, are shipped via air, and start at a cost of 1,550 baht. 


Used when sending parcels between 20kg and 200kg.

The premium service of Courier Post, which has partnered with DHL, is a one-stop international service provider with easy customs clearance, on-demand delivery, and customizable delivery options. 

A customs declaration is required for all parcels leaving the country. Thailand Post will provide you with the form and guidance to complete all necessary forms when shipping online or from a post office. Remember to gather information about the recipient country so you can ensure you have all the documents and tax forms required to get your parcels to their destination.


Does Thailand Post Deliver on Weekends?

Thailand’s working hours are:

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturday
Closed on Sunday

You can expect the delivery of post and parcels on weekdays. If parcels have been shipped via EMS, many residents find their packages delivered on Saturdays and some holidays.


Thailand Post Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Geared towards eCommerce websites and businesses providing online sales, EMS One Price allows merchandise to be sent in flat rate boxes or envelopes. Items can be traced via Track & Trace. Using this service is excellent for businesses sending items abroad especially as there are no fuel surcharges, etc. 

Thailand Post offers Post Family to its customers, provides eCommerce insight, guidance, and more to its eCommerce customers. A plethora of valuable information can be found on this website.

eCommerce customers can take advantage of many other services generally offered by most other courier services. An e-wallet is available to track and pay for services easily. 


Using Thailand Post to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

API Documentation and a Developer Guide for the integration of Thailand Post into your eCommerce website or platform can be found on the Thailand Post website.

You will require a developer or an authorised Thailand Post Shopify app or a WooCommerce plugin to integrate these APIs and provide eCommerce businesses using Thailand Post with multiple options to give their customers. You can integrate features, receive support with any issues, and automate the entire shipping process while offering multi-carriers to your customers. 

PluginHive support team would be happy to help guide you through the process.


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