The Professional Courier Shipping – All You Need To Know

The Professional Couriers began in India’s major metropolitan hubs; Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.. It is a non-government courier service that has been in operation since 1987.

Over the past three decades, it has grown to encompass an international network of courier services, most notably becoming one of India’s top and most trusted courier services, offering delivery throughout India and to over 200 countries internationally.

The Professional Couriers has grown to become a global enterprise since 2009 having added Couriers USA Inc., New York/USA, Professional Couriers LLC., Dubai/UAE, and Professional Couriers Pte Ltd., Singapore.


Why Choose The Professional Couriers Over Its Competitors?

The Professional Couriers has formed a strong and in-depth service standard to which it meets every day. It provides end-to-end logistics solutions to its business customers. They offer services to every type of business audience, from private individuals to corporate companies and financial institutions.

Nationally, they have over 200 Major Hubs, 850+ Sub Hubs, and 3300+ Branches to reach its 70,000+ destinations. The Professional Couriers also serve over 200 countries with 2 international Hubs and 4 International Gateways.

The technology they use to offer value-added services to all their clients sets them apart from many of their competitors.

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The Professional Couriers Domestic Shipping Rates

There are multiple services available for domestic shipments within India using The Professional Couriers.

Professional Courier Express Service

Next day delivery on a priority basis to major metro areas and towns.

Professional Courier Dawn to Dusk

Same day services for deliveries booked in the morning delivered by the evening.

Professional Courier Surface Cargo

Bulk consignments and parcels utilize all modes of transport as well as container LCVs to ensure on-time and safe delivery of shipments. 

Professional Courier Air Cargo

Can be completed door-to-door in as little as 24 hours within India. Typically used for urgent and time sensitive shipments such as fruits and vegetables and other perishables and vaccines. 

Added services and rates offered by The Professional Couriers: 

Logistics Solutions: Warehouse storage including processing and packaging using Pick and Pack. 

Mass Mail: Delivery of bulk mail such as phone bills and notices.

Ad & Add: handling and delivery of bulk printed materials such as magazines.

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The professional domestic shipping rates

The Professional Courier International Shipments & Documents to Speed Up Delivery

According to The Professional Courier, “Our International Gateways at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & New Delhi ensure smooth working for International Operations while co-ordinating with our International Business Associate hubs located at New York, Dubai, Singapore and London.”

Shipping rates offered for international shipping from India to over 200 countries include:

Professional Courier Global Express

Takes advantage of the best mode of transportation to get all international packages to their destination as quickly as possible.

Professional Courier University Express

Delivering university applications quickly and safely. 

The Professional Couriers have a list of items allowed to be shipped internationally from India as well as prohibited items such as, blank checks. 


The Professional courier International Shipping Labels & Customs Documents

Customs duties and taxes are required for shipments heading to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Qatar, and Kuwait. Other taxes may not be levied until arrival at the destination country, so it is important for customers to be made of aware of this as charges will be paid by the recipient.

To ensure a smooth delivery through customs, customers are encouraged/required to:

  • Collect all data on the shipper and consignee 
  • Label shipments with the full address of the shipper including phone number
  • All required documents are filled out properly.

Do The Professional Courier Deliver on Weekends?

The Professional Couriers are closed on public holidays but will deliver to Pro Premium customers every day of the year.

The Professional Couriers do deliver to domestic recipients on both Saturdays and Sundays.


The Professional Courier Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Business membership is available through The Professional Courier’s platform known as Priority Class that offers exclusive features and services geared towards eCommerce businesses with small or large numbers of consignments and parcels. 

The Professional Couriers offers Pro Premium among its business services. It guarantees 100% delivery of parcels within the specified timeline. Pick and delivery is provided every day of the week even in off-hours and holidays.

According to the website, the Pro Premium service has an entire infrastructure dedicated to the assistance of these members. Pro Premium comes with its own alert system, technology-driven services, and international abilities.


Using The Professional Courier to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

Using a developer or an official shipping solution, you can integrate The Professional Couriers developer account into your eCommerce website to optimize the shipping experience. The use of these APIs provides customers with the delivery status and tracking information for their purchases automatically and more. 

Partnering with an authorised Shopify application or a WooCommerce plugin maximizes the shipping experience as they can provide multi-carrier shipping options to your customers while automating shipping labels and more – all from your website. Reach out to PluginHive to learn more.

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