TNT Shipping – All You Need To Know

Headquartered in the Netherlands, TNT is a subsidiary of FedEx and is an international courier delivery service company with the world’s largest air express network. TNT stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport and has been delivering parcels and mail for over 70 years. It was bought by FedEx in 2016. Both companies coming together meant that customers across Europe and the world have more opportunities, services, and features to meet their needs.


Why Choose TNT Over Its Competitors?

TNT is backed by the global leader FedEx and remains one of the best courier companies with an incredible reputation. The European road network and international and domestic coverage across Europe are unmatched. TNT serves over 200 countries and delivers over a million packages per day. Compared to its competition, TNT delivers reliable, safe, and cost-effective deliveries while sticking to tight schedules.

With over 56,000 team members, their customer service has received some of the top reviews in the industry and they provide a great array of services geared towards eCommerce businesses.


TNT Domestic Shipping Rates

It’s important to note that for some countries, TNT has switched to being fully represented by FedEx only. To find out the rates offered by FedEx, check out the website from your country. Some countries that have switched to being fully FedEx include: Canada, Australia, The United States, The UK, and more. Countries remaining with the TNT atmosphere and brand names include Belgium and China, however most are in the process of becoming fully FedEx or FedEx Express.

The cost for shipping with TNT depends on the shipping type (dimensions and weight), the destination of the parcel, as well as the speed in which you want it to arrive at its destination. 

TNT offers Express options. Depending on the rate chosen, delivery is guaranteed by noon the next business day. 

  • TNT 9:00 Express
  • TNT 10:00 Express
  • TNT 12:00 Express
  • TNT Express (guaranteed by the end of the next business day).
  • TNT Economy Express is a little less expensive than TNT Express. It promises a delivery within 2 or more working days from the day of shipment and the choice to deliver before 12 pm and up to 6 pm. You can also pick up packages during opening hours.

TNT International Shipments and Customs Documents to Speed Up Delivery

Sending internationally doesn’t mean your customers should have to wait days or weeks for arrival. According to TNT Australia, “Our express shipping services give you the possibility of guaranteed next-day delivery by a fixed time — or choose from more economical options for less urgent shipments.”

All international shipments are door-to-door services, with no middle people (unless it’s FedEx). Online tracking is also provided to all shipments. Some services are only offered between major cities of between 40 – 65+ countries.

  • TNT 9:00 Express (delivered before 9 am the next day)
  • TNT 12:00 Express (delivered before 12 pm the next day)
  • TNT Express (delivered before end/close of next business day).
  • TNT Economy Express (economical day-definite delivery)
  • TNT IDE Integrated Direct Express (shipments destined for multiple addresses in another country)
  • Freight options are available to TNT customers by air or by sea.
  • Optional extras include billing in own currency, express import tools, extended warranties with low rates and compensation up to full value, duties and tax advancement, and expertise from a dedicated team.

TNT shipping Labels & Customs Documents

TNT offers numerous solutions for customs clearance. International shipments sent via TNT include the complete customs clearance, on-time customs processing, all documentation and requirements provided and outlined to the customer, and customs declarations. TNT can also help you pre-arrange for payment of any customs duties or charges, temporary export forms, and more. 

TNT has added benefits that lessen the chance of there being issues when shipping internationally, such as address validation, a complete electronic commercial invoice, and door-to-door tracking. Read the basics for customs clearance and view the many tools provided for businesses and customers on the TNT website here.


Does TNT Deliver on Weekends?

Although weekend delivery is not usually provided for most FedEx and TNT shipments, you can pay for an optional Saturday delivery for some Express, Economy Express, and Special Service deliveries.

Other options include the opportunity to have parcels delivered outside of regular working hours, and in some cases, on Sundays. Whether these options are available will show on the FedEx Express or TNT API integration or application. You can also reach out to your local office to learn more.


TNT Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

TNT offers a smartphone application that provides lots of services and features to its customers. These include track and trace, accessing shipment details using an expanded timeline or map, receiving notifications directly to your phone, getting a quote and time estimation, and more. 

TNT2 is an online portal for businesses of any size that ship parcels on a day-to-day basis. It is designed to make shipping easier and faster while providing the tools you need to stay organized – and discounts! Keep a history of past shipments as well as track those that are still on route. You can also print shipping labels, see a history of money spent and more.


Using TNT to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

For most countries, the integration of TNT APIs will need to be changed upon the completion of the FedEx expansion. It may be more logical to have your developer or third-party partner download the FedEx or FedEx Express APIs instead. Services these APIs provide are tracking, address verification, shipment labels, shipping costs per type of rate, and more. 

Benefit from using a third-party TNT application or TNT shipping plugin that can streamline the entire shipping process from cart to door. You can maximize the satisfaction of your customers by automating label generation and offering multi-carrier options. Learn more by reaching out to PluginHive.

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