WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date Plugin Free


Our WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin aids in setting and displaying WooCommerce delivery dates for your orders.


The plugin allows you to,

  • Display estimated delivery date based on the shipping class.

  • Configure the working days of the week.

  • Set the business day’s cut-off time.

  • Customise the estimated delivery message.

  • Customise the estimated delivery date format.

  • Set the time limit for accepting deliveries.

  • Choose the time zone to calculate the delivery date (UTC/Wordpress Time zone).


WooCommerce Delivery Date is displayed on the product page, cart page, checkout page, thank you page and admin order details page.

How Does Estimated Delivery Date Plugin Works?

The WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin provides very intuitive steps to configure the setup. All you have to do is set a minimum number of delivery days for all products, set day’s cut off limit, and select working days of the week, and you are good to go!

In the Shipping Class setting of the plugin, specify the number of delivery days for the desired shipping class. Remember to create shipping classes in the WooCommerce Shipping settings. Once all settings are configured, the WooCommerce delivery date plugin will estimate and display the date in sections, as mentioned in the earlier part of this description.

In addition to this, the delivery date is also mentioned in the order emails.

How is WooCommerce Estimated Delivery date Calculated?

WooCommerce Estimated Delivery date is calculated by taking the estimated shipping date and adding the transit time.

Normally, the transit time is calculated using business days. Holidays are also taken into account when calculating the transit time.

How to start with Estimated Delivery Date plugin?

This WooCommerce Delivery Plugin is easy to configure. In the general settings page, select the working days and set the day’s cut-off time. In the Shipping Class settings page, set the estimated delivery date for all the shipping classes imported from WooCommerce Shipping Classes. Once you are done with configuring, the plugin will calculate and display estimated delivery dates in the mentioned places.

WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin also records Estimated Delivery Date of the order in the admin order details page and the same is added to the order email. Premium version will set the estimated delivery date based on Shipping Method and Shipping Zone.

Why should you setup estimation of delivery dates for your WooCommerce store?

Keeping aside the advantageous features of our WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin, you should first understand the need and the advantage of implementing estimation of product delivery date on your WooCommerce store.

  • Customer satisfaction
    One of the major goals in running a business is to cater to the needs of the customers. When customers see the product delivery date on your WooCommerce store, they will have a sense of belief on the store owner (You!). When you set up product delivery dates with our WooCommerce estimated delivery date plugin, your customers will have an overview of when the product will be delivered. Hence, removing the trouble to contact you for the status of the order.
  • Good Reputation among Customers
    When you have a dedicated shipping service delivering shipments on time, it will lead to happy customers. This will help you gain a lot of trust from your customers, thus increasing the reputation of your business.
  • Increase in sales
    Increase in reputation will lead to an increase in sales of your business. Your customers will no longer be disappointed when you sell a fine product, inform them about the delivery date and time, integrate a comprehensive payment gateway and have a dedicated shipping service to deliver the product on time. Delivery dates can drive shopping cart abandonment: If you do not specify delivery date, customers might lose interest in shopping on your store. They would want to know when their product will be delivered. Therefore, inability to get their product by a preferred time will cause shopping cart abandonment.
  • Delivery dates based on shipping location
    Based on your customer’s shipping address, the delivery date might differ. Some shipments might need more time to reach, while some lesser than expected. Hence, specifying product delivery date and time can result in more customers purchasing your product.

Few insights on estimated delivery date plugin

Few insights on the estimated delivery date based on a survey conducted by UPS and ComScore on “Online Customer Experience”.

“Delivery date and time is ranked among top factors affecting online shopping. About 60% of online shoppers say that an estimated delivery date is crucial at checkout…

Around 25 – 30% of online shoppers say they abandon carts because an estimated delivery date was not provided…

A 58% of satisfaction score (among the least of all the aspects involved) was recorded for flexibility of choosing a delivery date…

The study also says that, customers want the option to expedite delivery, when needed. About 65% are satisfied with all the shipping options that eCommerce companies offer, and the remaining 35% say that the ability to get their order faster (even if they have to pay more) is important…”

The bottom line is, implementing WooCommerce estimated delivery date on your store is an important aspect for an effective customer shopping experience, and shouldn’t be ignored.


  • Estimated delivery date based on the shipping method.

  • Estimated delivery date based on the shipping zone.

  • Define Holidays.

  • Timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.

  • Premium support!

For complete list of features and details, Please visit Estimated Delivery Date Plugin for WooCommerce.

Follow the below instructions to install the plugin on your website:

  1. Download and unzip the latest release zip file.
  2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress Administration.

Estimated Delivery Date plugin settings

Estimated Delivery Dates based on the Shipping Classes

Estimated Delivery Date on the Cart Page

Estimated Delivery Date on the Orders Page

* Local WordPress time will be taken instead of UTC time.
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